New Mac Pro – Small, Radical and Innovative

It is debatable whether the new Mac Pro has elegant design but its radical cylinder design is practical for a compact workstation

New Mac Pro (2013)

For a long time I thought Apple is not making new Mac Pro anymore but in WWDC 2013 Apple revealed an entirely new Mac Pro with radical cylinder design. It is a big departure from \”cheese grater\” Mac Pro and much smaller too.

Apple considered all the elements that makes a \”pro\” computer such as graphics, storage, expansion slots, processing power, memory and so much more.


Only 9.9 inches tall and 6.6 inches wide (diameter). You\’ll be surprised that it has a lot of expansions available. It has 802.11ac and bluetooth 4.0 ¬†wireless connectivity as well as numerous I/O connections including 6 thunderbolt ports, an HDMI 1.4 port, 4 USB 3 ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports.


If you remember the \”sunflower\” iMac with a hemisphere base, this doesn\’t look very odd at all. There are varying opinions with the design but you either love it or you hate it. Some people makes fun of its shape — that it looks like a vacuum cleaner.

However, when I first saw it the first thing that came to my mind is R2-D2 and other Star Wars astromech droids.

I\’m sure there are several people out there planning to mod this new Mac Pro into R2-D2 already.


The new Mac Pro has dual GPUs, PCI Express-based flash storage, Thunderbolt 2, new-gen Intel Xeon processors and 4k video support.

The processor can support up to 12 cores and compared to the old Mac Pro, the new Mac Pro is 2x faster in floating-point performance, delivering up to 40GB/s of PCI-express 3 bandwidth. The memory supports 4-channel DDR3 memory at 1866MHz bus speed and could delivery up to 60 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Graphics is not neglected in the new Mac Pro as it can deliver up to 7 teraflops of computer power thanks to Dual AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs with 6GB of dedicated VRAM. With its arsenal of dual GPUs it can power 3 ultra HD (4k) resolution display.

The black aluminum enclosure gives the new Mac Pro an odd shape but for a practical reason. It houses a unified thermal core which enable the unit to use a single piece of extruded aluminum in triangular shape that maximizes the airflow as well as thermal capacity using only a single fan. It looks very neat and is one of a kind.

When looking at the thermal core design, I could not help but notice the resemblance it has with Darth Vader\’s mask. I don\’t know if Apple is inspired so much to push the boundaries of computing that it is getting design cues from sci-fi movies like Star Wars. I am excited with this new development and I think Apple did a great job here.


May the force be with you!

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.