Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R Stylus for iPad and Tablets

Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R is a stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and tablets with replaceable tip design. It comes in different colors that you can mix and match.


When I saw Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R at first I thought you can assign different colors on your iPad for each stylus because the video ads (as seen below) shows different stylus color for different digital pen color. It is a bit misleading though. It can also do what your finger can do on  a flat surface; only better.

\”Color your rainbow with refills\” is a little vague as a marketing slogan but It could only mean you can replace the tip of the stylus and you can choose different colors from different body colors available. It\’s really just a stylus that comes in different colors and you can color your rainbow with matching colored stylus tip. I\’m not sure what inspired \”color your rainbow\” thing because the choice of stylus colors are not ROYGBIV colors at all from the website.  It comes in pink, purple, sky blue,  brown, yellow-green, white and black. However, the other images from the marketing materials that I got tells me otherwise so maybe there are more colors available. You can also buy 10  colorful tip refill in different rainbow colors instead of the standard black stylus tip.

What you will get in Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R are 2 extra replaceable stylus tips so it\’s like buying 3 stylus in one package. You can even buy refills if you need more replacements. You will get 1 stylus body with triangular prism body shape for easy grip. It\’s great for children learning to write.

This is a great stylus and one of the very few stylus that offers tip replacement. Instead of buying a new stylus when the tip is worn out, you just buy a new refill.  Refer to the press release below for more information about the availability in the local market.


O!tool Stylus-R, Colors Your Rainbow with Refills

Enjoy drawing on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with Ozaki’s O!tool Stylus-R. The new replaceable tips design will help you create your idea and splash colors into your life.

Having a hard time to control your conventional stylus? OZAKI understands your concerns, and that is why they designed the O!tool Stylus-R with a triangular prism shape. Its unique design can help you manipulate the stylus more easily, drawing ideas as you want. Worrying about kids who like to damage stylus while drawing? Don’t fret as it has a durable replaceable refill tips to extend the life of the stylus and provide an excellent experience for drawing and writing.

According to research, traditional stylus users usually purchase a whole new stylus within half year because of the fast degradation of the stylus’ tip. Although the other parts of the stylus are still new, users still have to throw their stylus away. That is why Ozaki, a company with a mission to create products that have the least amount of impact on the environment, came up with O!tool Stylus-R and refills package. Now, users only need to change the tip, and then they can have a brand-new-like stylus gliding extremely smoothly on their iOS devices.

Unlike other conventional styluses, O!tool Stylus-R comes with 10-color matches just like your crayon, so that you can color your rainbow with the beautiful color matches. Furthermore, you can purchase additional refill tips package in your favorite colors. With O!tool Stylus-R, you will find that drawing and writing could be so enjoyable.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Smoother and more accurate tip
  • Up to 10-color choices
  • Buy 1 get 3 replaceable tips
  • Triangular prism shape design for easy and full control
  • Lightweight

OZAKI O!tool Stylus-R retails at Php 995. Ozaki is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more inquiries, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.