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StumbleUpon Redesign: New Look, Rebrand and New Feature

StumbleUpon redesign features a new look, a new logo and a new feature — channels.

StumbleUpon New Look

\"StumbleUponStumbleUpon revamped their website today and it looks better than ever. I actually find the old StumbleUpon website hard to navigate but now, the new website is easier to look at and discover new content.

The new color pallet gives StumbleUpon higher contrast because it now uses dark orange, black and white, a big departure from the old blue, green and white theme.

The new logo is also simpler now even though it still sports the StumbleUpon initials SU. I somewhat miss the old green and blue logo because I think that the new SU logo looks like a sine wave but maybe that\’s just me.

\”We\’re doing a complete relaunch of the site, and a lot of it is inspired by our mobile experience,\” says CEO Garrett Camp. \”

Since the primarily driver of the redesign is StumbleUpon\’s mobile traction, the new design needed to be more streamline and more organized.

I believe the design team succeeded on their goal because looking at the old design, the new design looks more modern and  more user-friendly.

Explore More Interest

Before StumbleUpon redesign, \”Explore an Interest\” is just a beta feature.


With the new StumbleUpon, the Explore box out of beta and is now part of the StumbleUpon bar, at least when using the web version of the SU bar (not in the plugins yet). Eventually the new \”Explore an Interest\” box may soon become part of the Chrome and Firefox browser plugins as well.


To use \”Explore\” box just start typing a word or phrase and you can Stumble through related web pages. You won\’t get exact match results like in Google but that is intentional due to StumbleUpon\’s serendipitous nature.



StumbleUpon New Feature: Channels

Apart from the design, logo and the explore box, StumbleUpon new look features channels.

Channels are totally new feature in StumbleUpon.


Before, there were general topics to stumble but now users can customize the experience based on a specific brand.

For example, you can only follow history as category or topic before but you can follow History Channel now in the new channel section. Before you can only follow sports. Now you can follow ESPN and get streams from whatever ESPN recommends. It gives you a new way to stumble and it allows more control on what content the user can consume in their StumbleUpon stream. More importantly for StumbleUpon it also opens up the opportunity for more ad space but that is still uncertain at this point.

There were more than 250 brand partners signed for the launch of StumbleUpon\’s new look and there are more partners to come.

I wish StumbleUpon could make it more open to other brands just like how Facebook and Google+ handle brands. If StumbleUpon is really open to business entities it should make it painless to let these brands join the StumbleUpon channel.

Same Old Excitement

Even though StumbleUpon undergone redesign, the venerable discovery engine remained true to its roots. The functionality hasn\’t changed and that\’s a good thing because that\’s what I like about StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is different from social news and bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg because it has a \”stumble\” button that randomly sends you to a new site with just one click. It adds uncertainty and a bit of surprise element on every single click.

Check  out the new promotional video below featuring the new site.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.