Google Black Navigation Bar: Remove, Disable or Change It

Google Black Menu Bar (codename \”Sandbar\”) is a toolbar that attempts to unify all Google properties. Don\’t want the black bar? Remove, disable or change it.

\"GoogleOver the last few weeks, Google rolled out black navigational bar in Google search and it  got mixed reactions. A lot of people started seeing this when Google+ grand beta invitation draws nearer so people started questioning the change in Google search UI. No one really knows what the black menu bar is for, not until recently when Google officially announced an evolved design and experience across Google products.

Long story short, the Google Black Navigation Bar (codename \”Sandbar\”) is a toolbar that attempts to unify all Google properties according to this article and if you read between the lines, it have stemmed from the Google+ social project.

You might consider it ugly or distracting but the black bar reminds you that you are using Google products. To make the design more consistent across Google products, there is also a new Gmail theme available for preview and Calendar was already redesigned to give the same look and feel.


Now that you know how the black bar came to be, it\’s really up to you if want to get rid of it. Personally I would keep it black but the best part is you are not constrained to that color thanks to browser extensions.

For Firefox users, you can use this userscript available for Greasemonkey  to go back to classic Google Bar.


For Chrome users, you can also go back to the old white Google navigation bar by installing this Chrome extension, Remove Black Bar from Google.

Alternatively, you can try this Google Plus bar color changer extension so that you could change the black menu bar to any color that you prefer.


For other browsers, it seems that your only option is to run Greasemonkey userscripts in those browsers.

So now that you know your options, will you remove, disable or change the color of Google black navigation bar? Let me know.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.