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Delicious Bookmarks: Always Mark As Private

I was thankful when Delicious introduced private bookmarks on March 2006 but until today, the functionality is still lacking more controls or options.

\"\"Delicious bookmarks, originally, has been around for years already. It revolutionized the way we share content in the internet, especially on how we use bookmarks. Social bookmarking suddenly became a hot trend and many alternatives popped up.

Competition is good. It should drive innovation and give more freedom for users but nothing really beats the original, most of the times.

For those people who are stuck in Delicious bookmarks, many wishes that we  get an option to filter what we share publicly. For instance, I like to opt out some tags as public because I want to keep some bookmarks private. I was thankful when Delicious team introduced Delicious private bookmarks on March 2006 but until today, the functionality is still lacking more controls or options.

Fortunately there are two ways that I know to make all new bookmarks in Delicious marked as private by default.

Note: From my last test, this works with Firefox 5 using the official Delicious add-on.

  1. Use userscript. You must have Greasemonkey, then install this nifty Private checkscript.When I tested this, it only works with bookmarklets but it does not work with the official Delicious add-on.If you are using the official Delicious add-on, then I suggest you use the next option.
  2. Configure about:config
    1. Go to about:config, right click somewhere then add a new integer
    2. Then, type [email protected] and enter 1.After adding that, you should see something like this:\"Private

So now that you can bookmark privately by default, you only explicitly choose which bookmarks to share.


Update (2011/07/18): as you may know already, AVOS bought Delicious from Yahoo. Acording to their timeline, Delicious migration to AVOS management will be in transition until July 2011. If you have not allowed your bookmarks to be moved outside Yahoo your bookmarks will be gone.

For the complete details read this post and the FAQ.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.