College Days

Problematic Prof = Problematic Grades

Majority of my friends in UP tells me that problematic professor reflects a problematic grade. The reality struck me and now I know how true it is. It\’s not that you can pass with flying colors because you are good in that subject; actually you\’ll pass because of your professor no matter what circumstances there is. He decides if you\’ll pass or not. Who cares if you\’re the top in class. If you pissed him of, you\’re done. What more if your class pushed him to the limit. He might consider failing the entire class. And what if your professor is just plain retarded…. who knows what will happen.

I viewed my grades an hour ago. Great, I didn\’t expect that my grade in Java is quite high. It could have been higher if I had more time to study but I think I slacked more than I studied. I practically didn\’t do well in most quizzes. Actually I didn\’t study at all. I just read. I\’m just interested in GUI design and most of the codes I learned was forgotten during exams. Thesis proposal just made the situation worse because my group\’s thesis is focused on .NET, so I had less time learning Java. I\’m just glad I enjoyed programming our final machine problem. I managed to get all the required features without much help. I just refered to Java API and I have eliminated all the bugs that I have encountered in the program. I\’m glad that my grade in Java 2 is higher than my grade in Java 1. Cisco is a different story. I\’m just glad that I didn\’t hit the lowest grade I was expecting. I have a very low expectation from the beginning because my professor is very problematic. Oh God, here we go again… enough already!!!

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.