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Next: Thesis Binding!

Today is such a big milestone to our thesis. We have finally come to the stage of binding our thesis, thanks to the blessing of our BELOVED school research coordinator.

It feels good to come this far because only around 5% of our remaining batch is ensured to graduate this July. That is 8 out of about 220 students. Some of my friends are still trying to beat the deadline on July 21. Keep on fighting guys!

I have scheduled my group today to come to school by 11 am. To my shame, I came there around 3:30 pm. Let me redeem myself. I was very late due to several reasons: (1) I tried to finish the installation documentation and soft copy of our thesis documentation. I compiled the soft copy of our thesis in PDF with bookmarks. It took sometime to compile them because I have to insert/delete/update the PDF pages from the latest revisions. (2) I was clueless on how to do the installation manual because we are using a script. There\’s no program installer so I wrote a step-by-step procedure. The idea of \”user manual\” didn\’t sink in my mind until I was half way typing the document. (3) Moderate to heavy traffic to school(well that is not unusual anyway). So, if I just knew that the soft copy and the installer are not really required today, I might have gone to school earlier. Sorry guys. ^_^

My printer is critically low in ink; same with Maiah. P4\’s printer is hopeless. He told me it didn\’t even spew a single drop even with a new black ink cartridge. Thanks goodness I did not let him print our documentation; I decided to take my printer at school so that we can print there on-the-spot. We have agreed to contribute for the new ink. I paid 50% of the price, and they give 25% share each. Unfortunately, the expensive Vaio laptop of Maiah didn\’t cooperate very soon. It had gone quirky for a while because the dude installed two virus scanners. Bad. Very bad. Never install two anti-virus unless you want to screw your PC. When the laptop was already functioning quite right, my printer won\’t work because it could not be detected by Maiah\’s laptop. I really don\’t know why I left the printer driver at home. I trusted that my printer could be easily detected by Windows XP so my printer not being detected by Windows XP really disappointed me. Our friend saved the day because she brough her printer with the printer driver CD. What\’s more surprising is that we have the same printer — HP 3745! Thanks Divine! That was so cool. Then, my printer has Type B power plugs — flat blades with round grounding pin (American 3-pin). Someone actually brought a multi-adaptor power extension but the owner had to go home. Fortunately, the power sockets in our school actually support Type B plugs! We thought that we could not print the second copy of our thesis documentation. That was really close.

To my amazement, I was really surprised that my authentic HP 27 black ink cartridge had printed more than 150 pages even if it already warned me that I need to replace the ink cartridge. That\’s the advantage of buying original ink. You get your money\’s worth until the last drop of ink.

Tomorrow, we will be binding two copies of our thesis. :) That is sooooooo sweet!

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.