Canyon Woods

\"CanyonI\’m really running out of luck. I have to spend a little more money last Saturday. Our team has to threat our Belgian boss to tourist spots as part of his visit in the Philippines. Tagaytay is one of the more accessible places we could bring him. Of course, we want him to remember his visit in the Philippines as one of his most memorable and heart-warming experience.

Canyon Woods is an excellent choice because it is in touch with the nature and has complete amenities for group activities such as bowling, badminton, mini golf, basketball, swimming, etc. Our team leader is so resourceful that even if we did not have membership, we still got a decent package for the trip.

Our group has to split into several smaller groups. Five (5) people drove their car and carried passengers. I\’m just a passenger and I was assigned to ride inside my boss\’ car. She drives a Honda Civic 2004 model. There were three (3) Civics altogether and 2 other cars. The plan was to meet at 6750 Ayala Bldg between 8:00 to 8:30 AM but most people arrive between 8:30 to 9:15 AM. I really thought that most of them would be punctual. Apparently, they were not. I arrived 3rd out of 25 people!

So now that the attendees were complete, we rode inside our respective cars assignments and headed to Tagaytay immediately. I\’m not sure how the organizers delegated the car assignments I wasn\’t sure enough why I was riding the car of my boss — and with the Belgian guy as well. It was pretty challenging to keep up with the conversation. There were two more passengers at the back seat. During the entire trip going to Tagaytay, the conversation centered around music and iPod because my boss have this kind of iPod transmitter accessory that creates local radio frequency so that you can tune in to your own custom radio station. You won\’t plug in your iPod to the car stereo; the music is played back as if you are listening to normal radio station. It\’s quite cool and my boss has a wide variety of songs from that everyone can listen to. She let us play with her iPod so that everyone gets to play his or her own type of music while we were on the road.

And so we arrive at Canyon Woods. We were not the last group to arrive, but we were second to the last. We arrive there at around 11:30 so the day snacks and lunch were prepared at the table at the same time. I did not appreciate the day snack and practically everyone did not eat it. What a waste.

The first activity was \”Nature\’s Trail\”. I thought we were going to ride an elephant or something along that line but I was greatly mistaken. We were supposed to walk on the rocky trail. So we took the nature\’s trail around Canyon Woods. It was quite exhausting since the tracks were quite steep and hard to hike. There were also hanging bridges to add adventure. We walked more than 30 minutes and at the end of the trail, everyone was sweating and panting like dogs. It was really exhilarating. We ended up at the other side of Canyon Woods and we did not want to walk back at where we started so we called the bus service to fetch us from our location. Very convenient indeed.

We had our delicious lunch and within minutes, people started to do their own stuffs. I chose to play Bowling with the majority of the group. I must admit I suck at playing bowling now since I didn\’t have any practice for the last 3 years! All along I was really eager to play bowling but I did not have chance. I like bowling and I really hate it when I couldn\’t get a strike.

After bowling, I decided to be alone for a while and paddle the boat at the pond. The boat should be run by two people but since I do not have a partner on the boat, I paddled the boat all alone. It was fun hanging around with the solitary duck in the pond. That duck became the center of my attention. I tried to catch the duck but even if I paddled the boat as fast as I could, I could not come closer to the duck! How pathetic. My muscles were already aching due to excessive paddling so I stopped.

The afternoon snack was served by 4:00 pm. Together with our boss and some of my colleagues, we played Taboo at the lobby. It was exciting because it was my first time playing the word guessing game. Later on, the group decided to play badminton so borrowed rackets so I could play doubles with them. The more interesting part is when my boss participated the match and she was a complete beginner.

While we where enjoying our own stuffs, some guys played basketball and billiards. I could not track what the rest of the people did but I\’m sure we were all having fun. We had to leave Canyon Woods already and we were way late to our schedule time of departure. Some people went to massage parlor while the majority waits. For the record, we are not yet done even though we were all exhausted already.

To call it a \”day\” we have to eat our dinner outside. All of us dined in together just like one big happy family. It was like a festive season. We ordered a set of meals that was good enough for 25 people. We ended the night with picture taking and farewell to our Belgian boss. It was a day full of sporty activities, team building and bonding.

Canyon Woods:

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.