Social Network To Shut Down on December

This post is a reminder for those people who have not backed up their content yet. I\’m going to share my sentiments about and how I backed up my data easier instead of using\’s tools and recommended browser extensions.

Do Multiply\’s Long Time Users Matter?

The news had been out for several month already and it all started with \”we are sorry\” note from\’s CEO Stefan Magdalinsk back in August 2012. To be honest, I was indifferent with the announcement even though I have old blog posts and pictures stored in

I have expected Multiply to revamp their website long time ago because I have not seen any new feature in the website for a long time. What I don\’t like with the announcement is how decided to shelve the entire social network feature in one overhaul instead of small increments or several phases. What do you expect from long-time users, wave the white flag peacefully? already knows that the decision will be unpopular but it didn\’t matter because it is a necessary step moving forward (at least for their business).  I\’m glad that I didn\’t buy a premium plan because if I did, I probably have uploaded more than 10 gigabytes of photos and videos, and I\’ll be scratching my head now how to move them somewhere else.

The transition period could have been bitter-sweet than disappointing if only the migration tools work flawlessly.

Until The End of the Year

Initially the plan is to make the export tools available until December 1, 2012 only. After that, there is a very big chance that you will not be able to get your data easily. However, Multiply decided to extend it until the end of the year. What will happen come December 1, 2012 is that you can\’t create new content using Multiply\’s social network features. Below is the excerpt of the update I receive in my email yesterday:

Come December 1st, your site will still be available online for viewing. However, you will no longer be able to create new postings, upload any social networking content (such as photos or blogs) or make any new comments on your existing entries for social networking. However, we will extend the availability of the download tools until the end of the year so you can back up your content at your leisure.

Preserve all content from your Multiply Account


The screenshot above happens when you try to download pictures using the media locker download option.

According to, Media Locker option is already available to all users so that you can download all your content more easily. See the screenshot of the email announcement below:


Apparently, it doesn\’t work. Even if you want to get Multiply Premium account now  just to download high-resolution through media locker (which is silly at this point), the link to Multiply Premium account doesn\’t work. Kind of frustrating if you just want to get all your pictures and videos organized per album.

I have over 1 Gigabyte of pictures in Multiply and to download them all using the download media link ( — is simply ridiculous. The recommended Chrome extension and Firefox add-on will attempt to download all the media linked to all URLs present in the page but you still have to click, potentially, hundred times  if you have a lot of stored pictures in

Multiply has an export tool for Blogger. However, Blogger can\’t fetch photos and videos. Even if you get your blog posts migrated, the old picture URLs will still point to the original content — which is a very bad idea.

Another alternative is to use the Tumblr export tool. However, even if I just want to get my photos  through Tumblr, I won\’t…. because it doesn\’t work. You have to know Tumblr to understand that it has a lot of limitations. Tumblr only support 10 pictures in one photoset. If you import your Multiply albums, it only imports one image. Just like Blogger it points back to the original media in Multiply. Useless! Also, you can only upload 100 items at a time in Tumblr so you have to choose which item category you want to import. You probably want to import only blog posts, reviews and photos anyway. If you can\’t really import photo albums properly, you should at least be able to download them per album right?

There should have been a WordPress export tool but it didn\’t materialize.

If you have tried all these options, you might have lost hope already. Don\’t worry. It\’s not over yet.

The best option I found to download all media effortlessly is to use a download manager such as Free Download Manager (FDM) so that you can download all your pictures and videos without interruption using the media download page.

I don\’t know why did not recommend this approach when it is as easy as downloading all the links using a download manager.

Final Words

I am not disappointed that is transforming their business model to focus on e-commerce. In fact, I am excited to see\’s transformation. What I am very disappointed at is how they made it very difficult to migrate out of Multiply to other blogging and photo-sharing platforms. Without users who supported their social network, would not even exist and find its new direction in e-commerce.

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Google +1 (Plus One)

\"GoogleIf you have not heard of it already, Google has launched a new direct competitor to Facebook Like button. It\’s called +1 (plus one).

I enabled it on my blog immediately after Google released +1 publicly. I want to know if my blog would get more visitors if this button is on my blog since Google is using social signals like recommendations, likes, and tweets. It only requires user to setup their Google account and privacy settings before using +1 button.

Here\’s a short pitch of what Google +1 is for:

+1 is as simple on the rest of the web as it is on Google search. With a single click you can recommend that raincoat, news article or favorite sci-fi movie to friends, contacts and the rest of the world. The next time your connections search, they could see your +1’s directly in their search results, helping them find your recommendations when they’re most useful.

Twitter is used as a metric in link popularity. I\’m not sure about Facebook Like but as Google +1 gets bigger share on link recommendations, the more important sharing on Twitter, Liking on Facebook and +1-ing on Google will be. Just look at how my blog entries appear from Google search:


In my opinion, it is somewhat too late for Google to enter the social media game because Facebook had left Google in the dust already on this space. Remember how Buzz failed? I still hate how invasive it is on my inbox. It\’s still on my Gmail inbox and Reader but I totally ignore it.

One thing I like about Google +1 is there is an opt-out for +1 personalization.

You can choose whether Google may use your +1\’s and other profile information to personalize your content and ads on non-Google websites. Enabling +1 on non-Google sites does not share your information or your friends\’ information with the site you\’re viewing.

On the second thought, if people can +1 links anonymously then a group of spammers or +1 brigade can skew the numbers of +1\’s on targeted links. Maybe Google can still detect abnormal activities but this could be something that is yet to be seen.

To wrap it up I think I like Google +1 so far because it is far more compelling than Google Buzz. Watch the video below after the break.

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Online Presence As Resume

I could not agree more with Dan Schawbel\’s opinion on his article on Forbes blogs. Nowadays, traditional resumes are slowly being replaced by your online presence. Here are the summary of the article on why online presence could replace your resume in the future:

  1. Social networking use is skyrocketing while email is plummeting
  2. You can’t find jobs traditionally anymore
  3. People are managing their careers as entrepreneurs
  4. The traditional resume is now virtual and easy to build
  5. Job seeker passion has become the deciding factor in employment

\"\"One could easily create online presence by owning a personal website or by managing your social networking account.

Managing your online presence can be daunting tasks because unlike your traditional resume, your next employer could easily observe your contribution online or cross-reference your resume on your public online activities.

Creating a personal website is definitely a must because it links all of your online activities to your personal brand. Branding is a very tricky business and one must be creative in order to stand out from the crowd. You can look at these cool digital resumes for inspiration and if you are writing your resume from scratch, avoid overused buzzwords whenever possible. Most of the times, your contributions and public activities online will speak for itself. For example, having answered many questions in and Quora speaks more volume than putting \”problem solver\” on your resume.

A good choice of domain will help you position better on search engine ranking. If you have a common name, it is wise to get your domain name as early as you can. A dotcom domain is still the number one choice. If you have time to create your digital resume from scratch, there are many online tools that helps your create your digital resume, like CeeVee, which can be used for print or web.

Most of the time, job sites force you to create resumes based on their format. This give the employers better facility for comparing candidates. Websites like LinkedIn make use of recommendations, much like a testimonial to make your profile credible. StackOverflow even lets you create a resume from forum activities. Facebook now lets you create a page separate from your personal account which makes it easier to brand your name or website, and easily connect with potential employers or partners.

If you are considering a career change lately, your next employer could easily look you up online. With so many social networking websites and digital resume services, there are plenty of resources that you can use to your advantage.

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