TV Goes Mobile: Apple TV & iOS Power Up!

As a leader in technology innovation, Apple makes the news when it changes its products. So devoted to the company are its users that even rumors and speculation tend to send the digital media into overdrive. And when Tim Cook, Apple\’s CEO, starts hinting of upcoming changes to operating systems and products, the media hype machine kicks into full effect and ears perk straight up.

iOS 7

Apple fans are fully aware that the next generation of iPhones, iPads and other Apple products are likely to feature a new iOS system. Tim Cook remarked in an All Things D interview that the latest iOS system will improve the relationship between hardware, software and customer service, something Apple customers expect. Although the previous generations of the iOS system were innovative, the expectations for the latest software and hardware are much higher than before since the late Steve Jobs stepped down and Cook hinted the next system will have major improvements.

Apple TV Sales

The most interesting aspect of the interview concerned Apple’s plans for television. Apple has sold roughly 13 million Apple TVs since it was originally developed, noted Since Apple TV is not the primary innovation from the company, the large number of sales and the rapid growth over the last year was surprising.The company did not realize that the hockey-puck sized television attachment would generate a high level of interest.

Due to the growing number of Apple TV sales, it is not surprising that the CEO hinted about big plans for the future. suggested that Apple plans to take part in the changing dynamics of television that companies like Netflix and Amazon are working on now.

The Future of the Products

Cook stated that the TV is long overdue for an upgrade and the company has a vision for the future of TV, noted Business Insider. While he did not give specifics about the innovations the company is planning to unveil in the future, he did give enough hints to tantalize Apple customers. The vision for television and the improvements to the iOS system are only a part of the grand scheme that will result in a greater television experience. suggests that video streaming has changed the television viewing experience, but Apple’s CEO noted during the interview that it is still possible to make improvements. The current Apple TV provides the opportunity to enjoy iTunes movies and works with video streaming companies like Netflix. According to, it also syncs with the iOS systems via AirPlay, so it is possible to enjoy games and apps from an iPhone, iPad or other Apple products on the larger screen of a television.

The future of the television experience is likely to improve on the current AirPlay system and the streaming options. According to USA Today, voice and gestures might be an upcoming feature of the newer system. It is possible that the newer iOS system and Apple TV will work on adjusting the Siri system for better voice control. The publication suggests that gestures might be an option, but it would need reworking the entire system to include sensors, which might make it a little bulky.

Watching television on the Apple TV might be a better experience than using voice commands and gestures to communicate with the system. USA Today suggests Apple TV might incorporate apps into the television viewing experience. Instead of watching cable or flipping through a large number of channels, the system will offer only the channels that viewers are most interested in watching.

Innovation is a key part of Apple\’s approach to reaching customers. Although the details are not yet available, hints on the technology are giving a clear image of the possibilities.

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Ozaki O! Photo Gear: iPhone Case for Photographers

If you\’ve always wanted to take photos in iPhone like a pro, there are few iPhone 4S phone cases out there that takes iPhone photography seriously. Now, there\’s one more from Ozaki - Ozaki O! Photo Gear.


Ozaki O! Photo Gear is an iPhone phone case with standard tripod screw thread hole at bottom so it can be attached to all tripod with or without a base plate.


It also comes with an anti-drop lanyard that connects to the screw thread hole. Now you can wear your iPhone 4 or 4S proud and with confidence as the lanyard has a 15kg load-bearing strength. You can wear it onto your neck like how you would wear a typical camera. With Ozaki O! Photo Gear, there\’s no more worry dropping or slipping your iPhone off your hands.

Watch the demo below after the local press release.

Capture Perfect Photos With Your iPhone

Everyone loves using their iPhone as a camera to capture beautiful scenes and anything under the sun. Now that iPhone 4s has upgraded to an all-new 8MP camera and more cool photography apps are available, it has become a favorite past time of everyone. Impress your friends with fantastic photos using Ozaki O! Photo Gear for iPhone 4 and 4s.

The integration of the case and the omnipotent lock-hole is designed so that people can easily attach it to a tripod. Be worry-free as it comes with a lanyard to avoid hand slippery. This can also be ideal for your active lifestyle. Say no to blurry photos as you can now catch better scenes with faster speed. It retails at only Php 1,895.


  • Connects to all tripods
  • Gives your iPhone with a soft and cozy hand feel
  • Prevents your iPhone against dust and damages
  • Secures your iPhone with anti-drop lanyard with a 15kg load-bearing strength
  • Offers complete front and back protection
  • Comes in red, white, grey, yellow, and black

Ozaki is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information and other inquiries, email [email protected], or call 688-3180 to 83.

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No Gphone Yet

\"OpenThere\’s a lot of buzz going in the internet about the so-called \”Gphone\” since late December 2006. Google is yet to reveal a true Google phone. For now, we get the Android platformwhich is part of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) that was announced yesterday.

What is Android? From what I know so far, it is an OS, middleware and key mobile applications. In other words, it\’s a software stack. It\’s open source. It\’s based from Linux kernel. It should be able to optimize and maximize the potential of the mobile phone\’s hardware resources. There\’s an SDK to be released so users (more or less developers) can customize the phone in different ways they can imagine. It will enable the phone to access the web. It can combine information from the web with the individual\’s mobile phone to create relevant user experience. Android can also provide access to many libraries and tools that can be used to develop rich applications such as a P2P social application on your phone.


Now that you have a platform, partner that with a stunning touch-sensitive mobile phone and you\’ve got a true iPhone competitor. Way to go Google. I\’m not a fan of Apple iPhone so Android is definitely welcome. It\’s just disappointing that after all the hype, news and raves about Google finally releasing the \”Gphone,\” that we only get to see the tip of the iceberg. If Android becomes a success, and if the Open Handset Alliance lives up to its expectation, I\’ll buy it.

I think what\’s more exciting is how many enthusiasts will create application for OHA, and will OHA create a new revolution in cellphone industry much like how Linux competed with Microsoft in desktops and servers? Only time will tell.

Open Handset Alliance
Google Blog: Where\’s my Gphone?

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