Digg Bury Button Returned

After launching the fourth iteration of the popular news website most users revolted against the new Digg.com. In particular, many missed the bury button.

The bury button serves us the opposite of \”digg\” and when someone bury a story, it actually make the story disappear off the front page when certain amount of votes are tallied. Even silly stories get promoted to front page if they get enough votes but they are easily countered by groups dedicated to mass burying unfavorable stories. The new system created a bias to users with more followers and it left no option to demote stories.


The return of the bury button is one of few steps made by the new Digg CEO Matt Williams to stop the decline of traffic and to win back the disappointed community that made it one of the best social news website.

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M/S Explorer Puns

If you\’re reading the news yesterday, it was reported that an Antarctic ship called M/S Explorer hit an iceberg and nearly sank at the Antarctic ocean. Luckily, all the passengers were safe and were rescued.

I know that this sort of accident is not funny. However, you can\’t help but notice the name of the ship. What a coincidence! People across the internet made puns out of the ship that \”crashed\” at the Blue Sea of Death (BSod).

It\’s typical that MS Explorer (as in Microsoft Explorer) to crash once in a while and that is NOT unusual when you use Windows. IMHO, these comments are generally inspired by unhappy Windows experience and some of them (certainly not all) are made by Linux enthusiasts.

Some of the jokes at Digg:

  • MS Explorer crashes. Outlook not good.
  • One Note, Access to such treacherous waters should be limited to ships which Excel at breaking through icebergs.
  • I wonder if the penguin had any thing to do with this?
  • This story made the Frontpage of cnn.com, their Publisher added it last night.
  • Luckily no-one ended up in the Blue Sea Of Death
  • This is what happens when you try and take M/S Explorer into penguin infested territory.

… and at Reddit:

  • The captain gave the Word to Excel, but they crashed. Now they have no Access to shore.
  • This Explorer crash may not be on the FrontPage of reddit yet, but it\’s all over the .NET. I saw it on MSNBC too – according to their anchor (a hot male), the Outlook looks pretty grim for the ship: the Sea is very Sharp this time of year in the antarctic.
  • Him and his Entourage obviously weren\’t heading to the right MapPoint

M/S means Motor Ship.
All puns about penguins are pertaining to Linux.

Stricken Antarctic ship evacuated [ via Digg and Reddit ]

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