Tom Hanks earned the Best Actor Academy Awards from this movie. Have I told anyone he\’s one of my favorite actor? :P

Anyway, I did this movie analysis for my Philippine Constitution subject. Lame work… :neutral: Really lame.

Philadelphia (1993)

No one would take on his case… until one man was willing to take on the system.

Andrew \”Andy\” Beckett (Tom Hanks), a new law graduate with a lot of potentialities was hired in a firm headed by Charles Wheeler (Jason Robards). Choosing not to tell his mentor at the firm of either his disease or his sexual orientation, Andrew moves forward with his caseload as a senior associate, intending to fulfill his duties for as long as his handicap permits. He has a promising career ahead of him but was inflicted by AIDS. Soon, lesions on his face appeared and his colleagues suspected he acquired AIDS. Many people alleged that Andy got the deadly disease from his gay partner Miguel (Antonio Bandera).

Andy regarded his mentor as role model but the very man he admired fired him out of the firm. He was sabotaged by the company to make his performance below average soon after they discovered his disease. After a while, Andy finally hired a homophobic small time lawyer Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) who helped him get through the case.

Both parties\’ lawyers defended their client skillfully. Joe Miller doesn\’t like homosexuals, but agrees to take the case, mostly for the money and exposure. He appeared in the court with a sense of pride being the lawyer of Andy and he showed confidence within the court room. His tag lines are very witty. They usually elicit the truth behind Andy\’s experience. Generally, this gives Andy an upper hand over the old firm. Later on, the story falls into the familiar patterns of a courtroom confrontation with Belinda Conine (Mary Steenburgen) playing the counsel for the old firm. Her character has no appetite for what is obviously a fraudulent defense, and whispers \”I hate this case!\” to a member of her team.

In this movie, the provisions exposed regarding the rights of the accused were evident. (Art III. Sec.14) No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without due process of law.  There was due process before the firm group was penalized. (Art. III. Sec 16) All persons shall have the right to a speedy disposition of their cases before all judicial, quasi-judicial, or administrative bodies. There was a speedy and impartial due process of law since it was processed in less than a month.

Basically Andy filed the law suit because he was discriminated. The following rights were neglected in this movie: (Art III. Sec 1) No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws. Andy was denied of his job, so he lost his ability to make money and support himself. They cut down his work, his character, and his abilities as an employee. Andy\’s firm does not have any rights to destroy his living. The denial of fair treatment forced Andy to take charge of his old firm. (Art. III, Sec. 17) No person shall be compelled to be a witness against himself. Some witnesses were bought by firm to support their side. Some evidences were only pretences. Some where made-up ahead of time to protect the firms internal interest so as to shield its reputation from damage. Nonetheless, it was unlawful.

In between court proceedings, the movie gave an impassioned translation of the aria \”La Momma Morta\” of Andy. Bewildered by silence, Joe looked on Andy. Andy expressed his acceptance of death even as he acknowledged his continuing passion for life, and Miller felt fear as he recognizes that his client no longer disgusts him. This scene had made me anxious. It gave me a leap of faith. I felt deeply sorry for Andy because he portrayed a different perspective on the victims of the disease in the real world.

In our country, the Police have to impose power laws to protect the public health, public morals, public safety and general welfare and convenience of the society. Per se, it would be the responsibility of the Police to isolate the HIV positive and AIDS-infected people; however, the Police is limited to providing segregation of these people to keep them from the Public. They may not take the lives of the victim nor completely regard them as risk to the society. They should not be prejudiced. In fact they should encourage these people to take medications to prevent the deadly virus taking over their body. Therefore if the Police would take care of these AIDS afflicted people, the society would benefit at large.

The due process of law was finally finished after several court trials. The case was closed. Andy won the case. The powerful story of Philadelphia gave moral and political lessons that will not immediately vanish into obscurity. It is a great film that everyone should not miss.


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My First Book Purchased Online

Yesterday I bought E-Commerce Workshop Book for as low as $5.00 plus $2.00 for door-to-door delivery. I couldn\’t find this book anywhere in my favorite National Bookstore so I had no option but to buy it online… oh well. :roll: I immediately recieved the invoice and hopefully the delivery will be sent as soon as possible. I\’m eager to study e-commerce already! I bought that book simply because I find my meager knowledge in e-business inadequate. :???: I hope that by reading this book I\’ll be able to propagate my entrepreneurial skills properly. :smile:

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Review Sections

This section is meant for my personal reviews. I hope you give feedbacks to what I write. If I need to be correct just post your comments… but you don\’t need to argue much. I always try to be impartial as much as I can so everyone will be happy. :wink:

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Credit Card Gateways

:neutral: I\’m trying to get a Merchant Account to conveniently process all my Credit Card purchases on the internet. As a newbie I don\’t have any idea how to get one. I\’ve tried Paypal but it\’s unavailable in the Philippines. Oh my…. I don\’t know if it\’s good to use other Credit Card Gateways. Most of them are rather more expensive compared to Paypal. I\’ve tried 2Checkout and Ikobo. I\’m seeking help through community forums to choose the best one I can get. If I remain unconvinced, then I think I need to toss the coin and choose which one would be more practical. :wink:

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Locked Out

:mad: Duh!

I was locked out of my own blog for more than a week! What a shame! I forgot my password so I have to dig the tables of database just to look up the username and password I used in this blog. Oh well.. now I learned my lesson.

The whole week wasn\’t that fun. First of all, my quizzes aren\’t that great… I just don\’t feel like I am doing my best right now.

Things are getting complicated. I have two pending projects and these projects need careful planning and management. These projects are both web deployment project. The first one involves e-business. The second project involved open-source technology. Right now I\’m focusing my attention on the first project because that\’s going to be the backbone of the second project.

Although starting a business may sound easy it\’s really harder than initially ad imagined. Making e-commerce works is not as easy as constructing a webpage. It\’s more that than, way far from what most people think (or rather, what I thought). You need to be business-literate so I\’m sort of literating myself right now. I\’m learning as I go forward.

Based on my readings and researches, there are so many things you need to complete before you can setup a business. To make everything legal you need to register your it to Department of Trade and Industries (DTI). Registration requires some legal papers and that includes the Article of Incorporation if it\’s a corporation. For our situation, since we are going to be have more than 10 people we might set our structure as non-stock corporation. We are going to get a lawyer to iron out this problem. Once the Article of Incorporation is duly signed we need to verify it in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), yet another processing fee…. and so on.

As far as the cost of getting started is concerned, we needed to spend a humble amount of start-up money. Filing fee of Articles of Incorporation is worth P210, filing of By-laws – P210, Membership Book – P320 & Stamping – P50. The registration of business name for corporations under Bureau of Trade Regulation and consumer Protection (BTRCP) is worth P500 and additional P15 Documentary stamp for each application. And that\’s not finished… I need to secure my Tax Identification Number (TIN) for income tax, too. \’Doh! I\’ll be taxed!  I don\’t even know how taxation works so I need to know how! I seriously need an accountant, too. Thanks God, I have a good network of contacts who are ready to help.

That\’s only the beginning… after all I need to design the front-end and back-end of the websites. This will be kept secret for now. The front-end would be easy. The back-end is more complicated. Designing dynamic website has never been a piece of cake anyway. You need to put in some effort. I need to integrate ATM/Credit Card gateways and provide a secured shopping storefront. It\’s all spinning in my head. Finding a decent Credit Card gateway is already a big challenge since very few 3rd Party gateways offer their service in the Philippines. One perfect example is Paypal. I am so disappointed that their service is not available here in the Philippines. Maybe I have to contact some of my friends in the US so that we can take advantage of Paypal\’s servive; otherwise, I will get 2Checkout since it\’s the most convenient alternative.

We need to simplify things because the way that I see it now, they are getting complicated.

For now, I\’m going to sleep… zzz.

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These smilies…

:mrgreen::neutral::twisted::arrow::shock::smile: :???: :cool::evil::grin::idea::oops::razz::roll::wink::cry::eek::lol::mad::sad::!::?:

Haha… a phletora of smilies there… These smilies are the default smilies included in Phpbb. This 15 x 15 pixels smilies pack is one of the most aesthetic mini emoticons you can find in the web.

Since I used Invision Power Board I left these smilies in my storage folder. I miss this smilies. Luckily these smilies are the default smilies included in WordPress package.

IPB uses the nomicon smilies made by Nominell (Oscar Gruno). Although I like the IPB smilies I have no permission to use it outside IPB forums so at this moment I\’m still using the default smilies. Perhaps I\’ll use these smilies permanently because the Phpbb smilies are smaller in size; thus, I find them more appropriate to use in my journal.

Updated 2010-01-02T01:36:41+00:00
As of now most of the original smilies are not working anymore and I might be replacing them soon, too. I was fond of these smilies but I realized that I need to minimize their use so that my posts won\’t be as cheesy and as informal as they were before.

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Invision Power Board

:cool: I\’ve been using this incredible forum software since 2002. From it\’s early development stage I\’ve seen Invision Forum Board (used to be IBF, now IPB) version 1.0, then 1.1, tranform into a dependable and manageable forum script. Back then I\’m only aware of forum softwares like Vbulletin, PhpBB, IkonBoard and the likes. I learned how to hack IPB and create small code modifications. At that point I wanted to learn PHP to create my own complex mods but until now I have not done that. LOL.

When IPB released version 1.2 I decided to use it in my high school online community forums. Now at version 1.3 I still use IPB to run forums.

Version 2.0 is currenly in pre-release version 2 with a new twist in licensing… the user must acquire a license for permanent use. I guess it\’s only true that \”what you get is what you pay for\” but then — the best things in life are free! Isn\’t it?

Invision Power Board is a great software and I also think that it is just fair for Invision Power Service to change its terms of service to be more stable and competitive. I just wish I have the fortune to buy a license. :(

For the past few days I\’ve been active in IPB forum spotting bugs and making suggestions. It\’s my pleasure to participate in bug-hunting to make IPB better. More power to IPB developer, Matt.

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