Part-time Job

Yes… finally I got a part-time job. Now, I can hone one of my skill during my spare time so that I can earn some money. :mrgreen:

I was hired as a graphic artist but it seems that what I\’m doing is a job description of a photo editor.

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Got A Yearly License

I finally got an IPB license today! Yipeeee! :mrgreen:

Now I won\’t see the \”Trial\” notice at the bottom of my IPB forums :D

I\’m also planning to upgrade my license within 60 days to a lifetime license… I hope we can get sponsors within that span of time.

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IPB – New Focus

This news was directly quoted from IPS website.

Invision Power Services, Inc. Introduces a New Focus

With its recent version 2.0 releases of its flagship product: Invision Power Board, the Company has refocused its products, services, and offerings. The change started with a successful sale offer on Invision Power Board and will culminate with a new customer-focused company.

\”Over the past several months as Invision Power Board 2.0 neared completion we sought to focus our customer service efforts and stream-line everything we do. Through a lot of work and reviewing customer feedback, requests, and suggestions we have implemented what will be a breath of fresh air to our current and future customers,\” stated Matthew Mecham, CEO of Invision Power Services.

Some of the most important changes include sweeping changes to the customer service process. The Company has introduced live chat support for its customers, more efficient telephone support, and posted expected response times in the support desk. The downloadable free trial of Invision Power Board has been removed and replaced with a free, 15 day demo hosted account to try out the software. This change will allow the Company to focus its complete attention on product development and customer needs.

\”One of the best changes is the introduction of a new Standards of Service policy. We hope by moving our policies out of technical licenses and terms of service agreements into an easy to read and welcoming format it will serve to benefit both our customers and staff. By clarifying what, why, and how we provide service to our customers we will be able to further improve that service,\” stated Lindy Throgmartin, COO of Invision Power Services.

The Standards of Service policy will serve to explain the impressive outline of customer service offerings available. Through a single interface, any customer will be able to quickly see the value of their purchase with Invision Power Services and how to get even more from our varied array of products.

In addition to customer service improvements the IPS Hosting web site and forum hosting division has been completely re-launched. The dedicated server line has been expanded and more benefits added for server customers. All IPS Hosting shared, forum, and dedicated server accounts will come with an Invision Power Board 2.0 license for use on their account at no extra charge.

Invision Power Services, Inc. will be announcing new employment openings, products, services, and promotions in the coming weeks to celebrate its new focus and bright future.

Invision Power Services, Inc. is a leading provider of online community solutions and web hosting. Invision Power Board is used on thousands of web sites around the Internet to power their community

UPDATE: I\’m closing the comments and trackbacks here because it\’s getting a lot of spam.

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IPB Sale

There is an ongoing sale on IPB license! From $69.95 to $40.00 (yearly license) and $199.00 to $ 149.00 (lifetime license)!

That\’s about 43% discount! I plan to get a yearly license on Tuesday because I really want to get this software. :)

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Motivating Myself for This Term Exam

It\’s crap… CRAP.

I don\’t have the motivation to study because my professors aren\’t that good this school term. (I won\’t drop any names, ok?) :roll:

Firstly, my prof in one of science subject is a [email protected]#$ing old lady who does not teach half as effective as the other professors. She rather spit whatever is in the book and does not pace her lesson plan well. Most of the times I find my class boring and our activities insipid… there are lots of senseless exercises. I bet even elementary students can make a perfect score out of her daily quizzes. In other words she\’s very lenient that\’s why I pity myself she became my prof. Worse, she\’s also my professor in Philippine Goverment and Constitution! w00t! I really want to commend my classmates because even if we don\’t have a good experience with our professor, at least, we had a good experience together. The debates and issues tackled inside our classrooms are all awe-inspiring.

Secondly, I don\’t have a problem with the prof in another science subject… she\’s okay and she does not require too much from us. However when it comes to her teaching styles, she really lacks what it makes to be a good professor. She easily gets distracted and because of that, most of her lessons are disoriented and not cohesive. She would give us quizzes with topics not discussed properly and would not give any hints… she\’s either a devil in disguise or she just don\’t know how to give any consideration at all. I feel very unlucky. I envy my friends who are fortunately not in her class. :neutral:

Lastly, because out of four subjects, three of them are handled by \”not-so-good\” profs, I guess it sums up that whatever I do this term, it will only bring disappointment to my grades. But I hope not!

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Short Mild Earthquake

Wow… I felt a very short mild earthquake… that was 3:11 AM on my PC clock :shock: My PC table was shaking a few minutes ago… and I thought it\’s just me. I called my mom and confirmed it WAS an earthquake. Thanks God it\’s only mild.

Ok, I heard this officially on the radio: The origin of the earthquake is tectonic and the epicenter was the fault line that moved in Mindoro, originally part of the Manila Trench (magnitude 6.5). The intensity of the earthquake ranges from 3 – 4 Richter in Metro Manila. :eek: imagine that. :shock:

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Just Forget It

I thought exams and projects are the worst times in my life (so far)… but this morning, pass 12 midnight I felt so exhausted, tired and sick of running community that I just want to stop running it. This is the breaking point. I hate hypocrites. :sad:

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