Create Your Own Art @ Artpad

I bumped to this website and found this cool Flash program that enables you to create art instantly. Look at my abstract painting below. That was finished in 5 minutes. You could probably paint some nice illustrations using that program or abstract painting in seconds. Try the brush tool and paint splash tool for different effects. There are different levels of brush thickness, splash volume and opacity. There\’s also a text tool that adds funky writings on your artwork. :)

You can use the undo command whenever you want to make changes. That\’s very useful when you accidentally clicked the wrong tool. Then you can send your art to you friend and let them watch the replay of your masterpiece.

To view the replay of my art, click here


Link:\’s Artpad

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Destroy The Internet!

Visit and have fun!

Basically, Netdisaster is absolutely useless, as you may have noticed.

Netdisaster is a web filter; it\’s a fun toy only. The user chooses a target website. Netdisaster overlays an animation that simulates the destruction of the target-site by a disaster. The animation can go on automatically, or via mouse-control.

Hehe, I had fun destroying some websites. :P

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Finally… Mambo\’s homepage became more friendly and easier to navigate. I really like the new design. It somewhat resembles Mozilla\’s rollovers and rounded-edge CSS design. It\’s also a good idea that the segregated the different sections of Mamboserver into 5 different sections namely,,,, and The only sub-site that wasn\’t changed aesthetically was (

Kudos to Mambo web design team! :)

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