New Gmail Themes

Have you seen your Gmail inbox lately? There are new themes made available last week.

Take a look at the following:






Love these themes? You can change your Gmail theme by going to Settings -> Themes while logged in your Gmail account.

I find Gmail themes particularly useful if when dealing with several Gmail accounts.

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Try The New Yahoo Mail Beta


Yahoo had finally done something with Yahoo Mail with their latest beta of the popular free email service.

The new version highly resembles desktop email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. The inbox, folders, tabs and buttons are still placed on their familiar spots. While this may appeal to some, users who have already got accustomed to Gmail may not likely favor the new interface.

Purple dominates the screen and there\’s no option for customization yet. While it is still in beta, it would be more fun if you can change themes to give your inbox some personalization just like in Gmail and Live.

Under the hood, the new Yahoo Mail sports more speed and better spam protection. Even though I am sifting through hundreds of emails, the UI is very responsive. Yahoo claims that this version is 2 times faster.

Like in the previous versions, you can see who among your contacts are online. You can chat with them by instant messaging (IM) or SMS. It also integrates with social networks like Facebook and Twitter so you can see, post and join with your friends\’ conversations. Yahoo also conveniently added viewing of pictures and videos right in your inbox which make sharing multimedia easier.

Watch the video below to learn more about the new Yahoo Mail beta.

Try the new Yahoo Mail beta

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Google Map Terrains

I love landscapes so I like the new Google map view, terrain, which highlights physical features of landforms like mountains, valleys and even the vegetation.

Using this view, you can appreciate the elevation of the mountains and highlands even more. Looking at the Central Luzon area gives you more idea how flat it is. I think that the darker the green patches are, the more vegetation or forestation there is. At Central Luzon, looking at those darker green patches gives you a bird\’s eye view of a large agricultural farm around San Luis, Pampanga. In mountains — the darker the green area, the denser the forest.


Just looking at how jagged the road and mountains surrounding Baguio City gives you more trill especially when you haven\’t been there.


After seeing a number of mountain terrains in Google maps, I suddenly had an urge to go hiking!

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Blog Presence

If you are a blogger, you probably want to read your friends\’ entries and put some comments in their entries, or perhaps spy on their entries and see if they have some interesting topic. :D I tried to hop from one blog to another, but it is just very inconvenient. Visiting 10 – 15 blogs each day is quite troublesome. I try my best to blog-hop once in a while but I really can\’t visit all of my friends\’ blogs. Worse, I forget their blog address or I do not remember to use my bookmarks, especially when I have so many things occupying my mind. The only practical way to \”visit\” all of my friends\’ blog everyday is via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). I get an overview of what they have added in their blogs every time I open my favorite RSS reader or AJAX desktop / homepage.

Below is a screenshot of Netvibes. It\’s my prefered AJAX desktop / homepage because it is very easy to use and it has growing numbers of developers creating and updating modules each week. I have added my friends\’ blogs here so that anywhere I go as long as I have internet access, I can check their entries in one location. It\’s very convenient and gives me more presence in their blogs.


The idea is simple. You treat their blogs as \”news\” source. Using RSS, you can easily syndicate their entries and digest them like any other RSS entries.

Now it\’s more fun to read other people\’s blog. :)

If you are my friend and would like to update me with your latest blog address, please contact me immediately. Thanks!

netvibes, blogs, rss, ajax, friends

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Measure Map “Week In Review” Feature

I was reviewing my Measure Map today and I just noticed that Measure Map has enabled Week in Review on \”What\’s Happening on your Blog\” section. As far as I know this is not publicly announced but I have this feature enabled in my account so let me show you what\’s in it.

When you click the featured week of \”what happened on your blog\” you\’ll be able to review the statistics of your blog on that week including the number of visitors who visited your blog, number of web sites made links to you, number comments posted, and number of posts that were read on that particular week.

On Week In Review you can also view your dashboard from the week you are currently reviewing and view all posts from that week as well. Further down, Weekly Numbers are presented neatly, displaying brief statistics per day.

Here\’s a screenshot of my Week In Review for 20th – 26th January 2006.


Measure Map
Measuremap, measure+map, blog+statistics

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Ta-da List Collaboration

We are writing the documentation for our thesis right now and I find it really convenient to share to-do list with my peers. Using shared to-do list can streamline our work much better than we do it traditionally (round-robin) because shared to-do list provide us preemptive approach. We could have used a project manager tool but Ta-da list provides a simple interface to manage our tasks — good enough for organizing small group of people and short term goals.


Ta-da makes it easy to…

  • Keep track of all the little things you need to get done
  • Make lists for other people (co-workers, friends, family)
  • Share lists with the world (\”My favorite movies of 2004\”)
  • Subscribe to your lists in RSS so you\’re always on track
  • …and more!


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Measure Map Bug?

I\’m beta testing Measure Map, a web application that helps people get to know their blogs. It collects and analyzes blog-specific traffic statistics and present them in an intuitive interface beautified by Flash and AJAX. It\’s really cool. :)


When I looked at my blog statistics this morning, I was surprised to see negative visitors and links. Not nice. I immediately e-mailed the team of Adaptive Path to tell them about my problem so they can look at it as soon as possible. However, it seems that I won\’t get any feedback soon. It\’s weekend after all…

It\’s sad to get this bug but I feel fortunate that I\’m not the only one seeing negative statistics in my blog. Some users have reported this bug in Measure Map forum too. I\’m not sure if this is related to the recent database migration that happened last wednesday. I just hope that this problem will be fixed soon.

UPDATE: (1/23/2005 3:55 PM) I think that the bug had been fixed. My blog stats is back to normal.

Measure Map
Measuremap, measure+map, blog+statistics

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