Linksys BEFSR41


Yesterday I bought my first DSL Router (with 4 port switch) so that I can use all of my 3 computers in the internet (the 3rd PC is actually my laptop).

It is the same router that my friend Enye owns. It\’s not a new model. It\’s rather aged because it was released since late 2001. Only the firmware was updated. Mine is the 4th and latest version. I\’m supposed to shell out more bucks to buy a Linksys WiFi router but the store has no stock. Anyway, this wired router would be good enough to handle my small home network in my room. I setuped the router as soon as I arrived and it took me 3 hours because of IP conflicts in the network. I didn\’t know that the default IP of my DSL modem was also, which is also claimed by Linksys router. To make it more complicated my DSL modem was actually a router too (with two ports, one RJ45 and one console port). Since I have no rollover cable here to configure my DSL modem/router, I tried my luck and headed to Linksys online support. I was relieved when the support agent told me that there IS a tool to solve IP conflicts in my DSL modem/router and Linksys router. After several trials I was able to fix the IP configuration both in my DSL modem/router and Linksys router. Now, the IP of my DSL modem/router is, which finally solved the IP conflict. :)

Now, considering I have a DSL modem/router and a router with four port switch, NAT becomes a problem. I have to disable IP filtering in my DSL modem/router because NAT just don\’t work with my Bit Torrent client, Azureus. Azureus cannot connect to peers after I installed my Linksys router. Then, I configured the IP forwarding of Linksys BEFSR41, specifying the ports that I permit my Bit Torrent client to use and it worked! So, by 9:00PM everything was working fine, thanks to my troubleshooting skills I managed to setup my small network. I also think that my CCNA classes helped me understand how IP network/host works. :P

To see the 3D view and detailed view of Linksys BEFSR41, Click here.
(courtesy of Circuit City)

Here\’s the picture of my DSL modem/router (ZyXel 631R)

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Smart (?) Wifi

\"SmartTaken from the website: Smart Wifi is the revolutionary high-speed broadband internet service of Smart, the leader in wireless innovation. Smart WiFi brings broadband internet into your home by using the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly connect your computer to the Internet! So now you can surf the Net at broadband speed even if you\’re beyond the reach of a phone line.

The service works by simply installing a Smart WiFi antenna at your home which is directed to the nearest Smart cellsite to give you the strongest connection signal possible. And once the antenna is cabled to your home computer, you\’re instantly connected and ready to chat, e-mail & surf up to 2x faster than the speed of dial-up!

For P788, it\’s ok.. but then having heard feedbacks from Meridian wireless internet I really doubt it is that smart. The signals are quite unstable from time to time. Meridian wireless internet happens to be an umbrella company of PLDT, and since PLDT owns Smart, there\’s no doubt Smart Wifi IS Meridian wireless internet. It\’s just a name change, but I cannot confirm whether this is a better version of Meridian wireless internet service. Judging from the feedbacks from some Meridian wireless internet users, if not unstable, this wifi service is going to have a bad reputation for its lack of good support. If my speculation is correct both Meridian and Smart Wifi is just in BETA phase. If not, why would there be so many problems? There are so many times that their radio signals went off for days, leaving the poor customer no option but to go back to 56k dialup until the service resumes. I heard so many version of these stories, and they are all real stories how unlucky some subscribers can be.

Well, I hope that for this repacked version, Smart wifi will address the common complains of Meridian users. Luckily I didn\’t choose Meridian wireless internet as PLDT MyDSL just got installed in our area when I\’m about to give up with DSL already. :)

Update 4/26/2006– I\’ve written an entry about SMART Bro, the new branding of Smart WiFi. If you want to comment about your concern please leave your comments there. I also appreciate if you stop spewing vulgar words. ^_^ This is my personal blog and I\’m not affiliated with Smart or PLDT at all. Thanks!

Go to Official website
Update: SMART WiFi Rebranded, SMART Bro
Smart+Bro, Smart+Wifi, PLDT, Meridian

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Former Linux Architect Moves to Microsoft

I was amazed by this news from eWeek.

The leading Linux figure, Daniel Robbins, the founder of Gentoo Linux and its former chief architect, has announced that he has accepted a position at Microsoft Corp.

In a brief note to the Gentoo Foundation Inc. community, Robbins said he was leaving Gentoo and that he will be \”helping Microsoft to understand Open Source and community-based projects.\”

Well if Microsoft will open an ear, they might eventually learn from this dude about open-source. I don\’t if that\’s a bad thing but it definitely looks awkward that they are hiring Linux expert.

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SMF Skinning

This is my experience on SMF skinning.

I was designing a skin the whole day… and it\’s more of an experimental experience.

The skin is totally embedded inside the PHP code, as a result you cannot preview it inside WYSIWYG editor in anyway. You have to dig the HTML code to make sense out of it. I think it\’s quite simple to edit the theme as long as you know how to extract the HTML codes but it can be very problematic if you get lost in the big pile of codes. PHPBB has done template simpler by separating the design template and the logic but it seems SMF combined the logic and template together. It\’s somewhat between the template engine of Invision and PHPBB. Of course, PHPBB template system will always be the easiest to edit, but I admit it does not have powerful base code inside the template itself. IPB has it\’s own simple logic in templates while SMF has it\’s built-in PHP code in the template. It\’s true that SMF has made a powerful template system but it\’s not really easy to modify. I wish that they will provide skinning tools that can easily extract the HTML out of the PHP codes? Maybe it\’s just the learning curve working against me.

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IPB – New Focus

This news was directly quoted from IPS website.

Invision Power Services, Inc. Introduces a New Focus

With its recent version 2.0 releases of its flagship product: Invision Power Board, the Company has refocused its products, services, and offerings. The change started with a successful sale offer on Invision Power Board and will culminate with a new customer-focused company.

\”Over the past several months as Invision Power Board 2.0 neared completion we sought to focus our customer service efforts and stream-line everything we do. Through a lot of work and reviewing customer feedback, requests, and suggestions we have implemented what will be a breath of fresh air to our current and future customers,\” stated Matthew Mecham, CEO of Invision Power Services.

Some of the most important changes include sweeping changes to the customer service process. The Company has introduced live chat support for its customers, more efficient telephone support, and posted expected response times in the support desk. The downloadable free trial of Invision Power Board has been removed and replaced with a free, 15 day demo hosted account to try out the software. This change will allow the Company to focus its complete attention on product development and customer needs.

\”One of the best changes is the introduction of a new Standards of Service policy. We hope by moving our policies out of technical licenses and terms of service agreements into an easy to read and welcoming format it will serve to benefit both our customers and staff. By clarifying what, why, and how we provide service to our customers we will be able to further improve that service,\” stated Lindy Throgmartin, COO of Invision Power Services.

The Standards of Service policy will serve to explain the impressive outline of customer service offerings available. Through a single interface, any customer will be able to quickly see the value of their purchase with Invision Power Services and how to get even more from our varied array of products.

In addition to customer service improvements the IPS Hosting web site and forum hosting division has been completely re-launched. The dedicated server line has been expanded and more benefits added for server customers. All IPS Hosting shared, forum, and dedicated server accounts will come with an Invision Power Board 2.0 license for use on their account at no extra charge.

Invision Power Services, Inc. will be announcing new employment openings, products, services, and promotions in the coming weeks to celebrate its new focus and bright future.

Invision Power Services, Inc. is a leading provider of online community solutions and web hosting. Invision Power Board is used on thousands of web sites around the Internet to power their community

UPDATE: I\’m closing the comments and trackbacks here because it\’s getting a lot of spam.

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IPB Sale

There is an ongoing sale on IPB license! From $69.95 to $40.00 (yearly license) and $199.00 to $ 149.00 (lifetime license)!

That\’s about 43% discount! I plan to get a yearly license on Tuesday because I really want to get this software. :)

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Template Madness

I swapped one of my Gmail invitation to Dan. I don\’t know him personally but he gave me a good offer so I gave him an invitation to Gmail. He offered me an access to more or less 1000 templates, where 150+ of them are \”professional\” (premium templates). The packages include Photoshop Files (PSD\’s) and HTML graphics & codes. If I find a good deal I\’ll swap it for a Gmail invitation… that\’s how desperate some people are just to get Gmail\’s 1Gb storage . :mrgreen:

Years had passed and I am reading this again which makes me say \”lolwut!\” over and over again. Gmail has probably pioneered what they call \”invites trading\” which is illustrated well in this entry

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