Firefox Tweak Guide

\'Firefox\'Whether you are a newbie or a veteran Firefox user, you might be interested to learn more on customizing Firefox beneath the hood. After all, Firefox is well known for its extensibility. To fully customize your own copy of Firefox you need to have a better understanding of each and every feature of Firefox. Fortunately, Techspot has posted a detailed guide on Firefox which covers basic interface customization to numerous advanced settings adjustment to suit your needs. Finally, you don\’t need to be a geek to enjoy and harness Firefox\’s true power.

You should be running Firefox 1.5 in order to fully take advantage of this tweaking guide although some sections are still applicable in Firefox 1.0.x.

Techspot\’s Firefox Tweak Guide

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My Next Desktop will be AMD-powered

\'AMDDo you know why? Because AMD trashes Intel out of the competition in 64-bit dual-core processor match up. I\’ve been waiting for years that AMD surpasses Intel processors and now that it is a reality, I\’ll be more than happy to buy a new AMD-powered PC next year.

Whatever is the task, from day-to-day software applications to gaming, multitasking, photo editing and multimedia, AMD Athlon X2 is the winner. Intel is not even close. I\’m also convienced that AMD gives the best value for money even if the prize fight claimed Intel\’s Pentium D 820 as the best-valued processor.

To see how AMD knocked-out Intel, click the link below (courtesy of ZDNet Australia).

Dual-core desktop duel: AMD vs. Intel

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Thoughts About PLDT MyDSL-W

\'MyDSL-W\'The entire week, an old friend of mine had been complaining about Smart Wifi\’s very high latency and frequent slow downs. Yesterday, my classmate was ranting about his frustrating experience on his PLDT MyDSL plan 999 subscription. Meanwhile, I am experiencing intermittent connection on my MyDSL plan 1995. Lame isn\’t it? I may continue ranting about PLDT\’s bad reputation but it won\’t help the situation.

Several weeks ago, PLDT announced their new wireless internet service called MyDSL-W (wifi / wireless). It\’s uncunningly similar to Smart Wifi, albeit sugarcoated with MyDSL branding. In fact it uses the same facilities of its predecessors — there\’s an external antenna pointed at the nearest cell site and an indoor subscriber unit (SU) which connects the antenna and PC together. This setup had been used since Meridian.

Meridian wireless internet earned a bad reputation not only for bad customer support, but also for its bad performance that would flactuate from one geographical location to another. Some customers where satisfied, while some customers have gone at their wits end just to make their connection stable. It seems that Meridian customers were the guinea pigs in this wireless internet offering, and when the service was rebranded to Smart Wifi, there\’s still a number of people experiencing the problems that plagued Meridian. Hopefully, these problems were already solved in its latest reincarnation.

The new MyDSL-W packages offer faster speed than its Smart Wifi counterpart. Off course, it\’s also more expensive. Initially, the plans for home subscriber are: Plan 999 – 256kbps; Plan1995 – 512kbps; and Plan 3000 – 1mbps. For SMEs: SME Micro Plan- 512kbps – Php 3,300 and SME Small Biz – 768 Kbps – Php 4,400.00.

Now, I asked myself why they named it ridiculously as MyDSL-Wireless whereas DSL is a wired WAN physical layer standard! The most obvious reason is marketing. Some people think that DSL is synonymous to broadband, which is wrong! I understand that PLDT wants to capture the provincial market with MyDSL-W but to name a wireless service \”DSL\” is quite insulting to knowledgeable users.

What\’s your opinion?

PLDT, MyDSL, Smart Wifi, Meridian

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VS 2005 Express, Free for 1 Year

\"VisualYup, that\’s right. It is free for one year. :)

This information was taken directly from Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) .

It does not mean after one year the product will expire or something like that. It simply means that the software will be entirely free if you download it before November 6, 2006.

The best thing about VS 2005 Express is its compatability side-by-side with other versions of Visual Studio 2005. So, you can install VS 2005 Express and VS 2005 Professional at the same time. Everything that you made in VS 2005 Express can be used in other versions of VS Studio 2005 too.

Visual Studio 2005 Express includes:

  • Visual Basic 2005 Express
  • Visual C# 2005 Express
  • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express
  • Visual C++ 2005 Express
  • Visual J# 2005 Express

More info
Visual Studio Express:
Visual Basic, C++, C#, J#, Web Developer, .NET, MSDN

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System Path Workaround for javac

I\’m writing this short guide for reference. This is only applicable for Windows 2000, XP Home/Pro and 2003. I\’m still digging how to do this in Linux though. :P

To get started, by default you cannot use javac on the console / ms-dos, that is because the java compiler is part of jdk directory structure and is not added automatically in windows system path. Typically you want to compile anywhere in your machine, so you may want to add the jdk bin directory to your system path.

In order to do that, right click My Computer and click Properties. Go to (1) Advanced tab and click (2) Environment Variables. Then add new user variable by clicking (3) New. Supply the variable name \”path\” and the variable value. If you are using J2SE 5.0 Update 5, the default would be \”C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.5.0_05\\bin\”. Use the exact path where you installed the JDK. For reference, use the figure below.


Now, you can compile your Java code anywhere. This is applicable for single user only. If you are going to logon in a different username on the same machine, then you have to repeat this process again. Please, be careful NOT to delete or edit the default system path. You don\’t want your PC to screw up, so be careful.

Java, javac, JDK, n00b

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Mystery Behind Reserved Names

I got this forwarded email that tells me you can\’t name a folder called con in Windows and even at Microsoft, the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn\’t answer why this happened!

Now, before believing this urban legend, read below…

Actually, there is a reason why you can\’t name any folder or file con simply because there are some restriction in file names in Windows, including Windows XP. You\’ll think that this is a glitch at first, but it\’s not. Luckily, those people not using Windows would not get this problem.

Here are the list of several specially reserved file names in Windows:

  • CON
  • AUX
  • COM1
  • COM2
  • COM3
  • COM4
  • LPT1
  • LPT2
  • LPT3
  • PRN
  • NUL

CON stands for Console, the combination of keyboard and screen to handle input and output. AUX or COM1 are first serial communication port; COM2 to COM4 are other communication ports. LPT1 or PRN is the parallel port. Lastly, NUL is a dummy port.

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