New Delicious by Youtube Founders Now Live

The new Delicious is now online, and just like traveling back in time, it\’s back to beta.

After acquiring the service from Yahoo! in April, we realized that in order to keep innovating over the long term, the eight-year-old site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up.

The new Delicious now has a new homepage and easier-to-use interface. It used to have a geeky look-and-feel but now it seems to be more social and open.

Applying the idea of playlists, the Youtube founders saw an opportunity to introduce this concept in the new Delicious website and they called it stacks. Watch the video to get started.

Stacks are collection of links that you can group together and share just like a Youtube playlist. You can customize it by choosing the image to feature, you can arrange the links and add description for the your Stack. It is a curator\’s bestfriend. When you visit Delicious you are presented with popular stacks first, and on another tab, popular links. The focus now is curation of related links, not just links.

Bundles are gone but your old links and tags are still intact provided you agreed to opt-in to let AVOS export or transport your Delicious bookmarks to the new Delicious. Fortunately, I did not organize a lot of bundles so I\’m not affected. If you are a heavy bundle user, give stacks a try. They are so much more intuitive to use.


Fans, networks and subscriptions are now gone as well. Delicious adopted the concept of following. Basically you can follow stacks or users just like how you follow lists and users in Twitter.

I was surprised that adding a profile picture is not supported in Delicious before but now the new Delicious already supports this feature!

Multi-word tags also works in new Delicious so you can tag links with \”social media\” or \”to do\”.

As for the browser extensions, I tested Firefox and Chrome its the basic functionality in saving links are still working. The removed features are not working obviously and the new features like stacks are still not available. Right now, I advise users to use the new Delicious bookmarklet. It looks like this:


Since Delicious is back in beta, we should wait for further developments. Stacks is a clever new feature and I like it. Whether Delicious will gain more fans, we still don\’t know but the new version might get Delicious new followers.

Delicious was originally made by Joshua Schachter and was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. Youtube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen bought Delicious last April this year when it was put up for sale by Yahoo. The new Delicious is the first major overhaul of the popular social bookmarking website after several years of stagnation.

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Facebook Timeline and Other New Features, Love it or Hate it

I have tested Facebook Timeline since Friday and I really enjoy the new profile presentation. It sports dual columns for regular items, full-width (2-column width) highlighted items, aggregated friend lists for each month or year, maps, photos, videos, likes, apps and many more. It\’s like a digital scrapbook that tallies your milestones in life and easily commemorate significant events.

Scroll down at the very bottom and FB Timeline prompts you to add baby photo for your birth day. I didn\’t upload any wedding pictures or videos in Facebook and it also prompts me to upload those pictures.


Facebook also reminds users to remember loved ones who passed away. Adding the emotional events in your life makes Facebook unique because no one has ever done this before. I am not sure if many people will use this to remember their pets\’ death anniversary but this status will surely get the most sympathy.

You can now tell your life story from cradle to the grave.


The creepy part is that a new breed of Facebook applications can use Facebook to tally everything that you do on the web simply by visiting a webpage with Facebook Connect.

You don\’t have to Like something. Just visit a video page and it will post your activities on your Timeline. This evolved Like button is called Facebook Gestures.


These new breed of Facebook applications using Facebook Gestures could easily put you in awkward situation when you clicked something that you don\’t want people to know and it goes to your Timeline automatically.

Facebook should offer users granular control on what can be published to their walls or timelines and users should be more careful on what website applications they allow to access their information.

If you also enabled check-ins, your friends could access a curated list of locations on the map and it could be easily exploited by stalkers if you have one. I am not a fan of publicly announcing my whereabouts in Facebook but some people needs to expose their location for whatever reason. If I need to share my location, I choose to share my location elsewhere because I feel that Facebook already knows too much about me.


Facebook apps have a new OAuth permission. You will authorize the application for the first time and it will warn you that it is going to share something. Afterwards, the app will never ask you again.

If you don\’t want any of these, logging out of Facebook is not enough.

Some cookies are persistent so you have to clear cookies out of your browser if you want to control what you share. You may have to deactivate application permissions manually as well.

For some people, \”frictionless\” sharing is something to look forward to. You don\’t have to bother on choosing what to tell or what to post. Just let Facebook do all the job for you.

This passive sharing creates noise. Personally, I don\’t care if you are reading an article or if you have just finished an e-book. What matters to me is your opinion or reaction to a story. So you have watched a new movie. Then what? I want to know from my friends if the movie is worth to watch not just a status that tells me they have watched a movie. \”Frictionless\” sharing kills taste and some might say it is going too far.

And with all the new features that automates sharing, Facebook can easily  produce your digital identity — in other words, your digital fingerprint. Facebook knows too much about us; probably much more than Google.

Timeline is in beta right now but you can start using it now by following these steps outlined by TechCrunch or Mashable.  Take note however that only your friends who enabled their FB Timelines will see your new Facebook profile while it is still on beta so don\’t take the trouble on activating it now when you can wait for the public release soon.

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Globe Keeps on Spamming Twitter

I don\’t know why Globe can\’t clean up their Twitter account. I still see them twitting spams to customers. This is not the first time. I\’m sure they have budget to buy security suites to remove malwares on PC and their technical team should be knowledgeable enough to remove unwanted Twitter applications, but they are not doing any action.

Every company should have a standard policy on security. This should include social media policy and how to protect the assets of company including workstations and mobile device access.

If Globe can\’t secure their own Twitter account how can I be so sure that they can secure my Globe account?


Twitter spam is very visible to customers and it is painting Globe a bad corporate image. Not long ago, Globe was dragged in a messy co-branding issues with Tonino Lamborghini and it became a hot topic on corporate ethics.

If Globe is not careful, social media might play against them as well. Social media can be very viral and if they will not act on spam soon, this might damage their brand.

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Google Plus Games Hands-on

We all know Google Plus Games is coming soon because of  the press coverage lately and this morning everyone seems to be surprised that Google Plus Games is already activated on their account. I also got access in Google Plus Games this morning and I already tried some games like Angry Birds and Bejeweled.  Here is a quick look on what\’s inside Google+ Games.


The difference that I immediately noticed in Google Plus games is that Google+ games give you control on whom you can play and share experience with. It is also not distracting unlike Facebook games.

Here are the games available on launch:


When you click on any game, you will get a notice on what information are shared with 3rd party developers. Here is an example below:


The permission request is quite straight forward and it presents more information than the usual Facebook permission request.

So going back to the games, at first I thought all the games are all HTML5 but there are some games that runs on Flash like Bejeweled. You can find in-app stores and additional social features. For example in Angry Birds, you will find a team work level.


When you unlock a special level, get a badge or high score, you get to select the circle where this message will appear. At least you get to choose which group of people you can brag about the most difficult stage in Angry Birds where you top the scores. I am quite happy when I usually get pass the scores of Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Anderson and Robert Scoble.

Here is an example of sharing a high score in Angry Birds in Google Plus Games:


Overall I like what Google has done on Google+ games even if it is still on early beta stage. I am sure there will be more developments to come.

You can read more info about Google Plus Games on the official announcement.

How about you? Will you play Google+ Games?


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Free Facebook Mobile Access (Philippines Promo)

Facebook is running this campaign to let you install the latest Facebook Java mobile app and this can be done to any phone that can run Java applications.

To make the deal much better, you can get up to 90 days of free access from Globe or Smart. Yes you read that correctly. Globe and Smart let you download and use the Facebook mobile application for up to 90 days without paying for data.

The app includes all the core features of Facebook like account creation, news feed, photo upload, friend finder and more.

You don\’t need to own a smartphone running iOS or Android because the Facebook application can be installed to almost any phone. This can run on 2,500 low-cost phone like series 40 Nokia models, MyPhone and Cherry mobile.


The only catch here is what will happen after 90 days — so you have to make a mental reminder or a calendar note that this will incur cost after the promo period.

For Globe you can use it for up to 90 days starting from August 1 to October 31, 2011. For Smart the promo is a bit shorter. It is only free to download and use until October 14, 2011 according to their website.

You\’ve been informed so don\’t get carried away.

To get access to free Facebook mobile just go to and put your number. You\’ll be asked to add your number on your profile so be careful if you do not want to share it to all your contacts.  You will receive a message with a confirmation code then you will need to activate your mobile account at with the confirmation code.

Alternatively you can also get the Facebook app by sending FB to 2910 for Globe and 211 for Smart.

For the list of support phones, Smart has put up a list of compatible phones to set the expectation straight.

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Globe Twitter Account Promoting Viagra?

Not sure what is wrong with Globe Twitter account Talk2Globe awhile ago. I read a random tweet about Viagra from the official Globe Twitter account and right after I\’ve read it I thought that their Twitter account got hacked or a malware infected their workstation. I don\’t know and I am not sure if this is the first time it happened. What I know is tweeting your customers about restricted drugs without prescription is quite awkward specially if you have a few thousand Twitter followers.

This happened on early Wednesday morning at 4:38AM so only a few people saw it. I tweeted Talk2Globe about the incident but I didn\’t receive any feedback. However, it seems that Talk2Globe is still in control of the account because they  are still actively tweeting to customers with meaningful response.  The offensive tweet was deleted almost immediately and is nowhere to be found on Talk2Globe\’s Twitter timeline anymore.

I know you are curious so here are the screenshots taken from 2 different computers:




The 2 screenshots were not Photoshopped. If you are not convinced I am not kidding, someone else saw it. For real.


I hope that companies and people active in social networking will be more proactive about security to prevent incidents like this. Now imagine if this happened on prime-time or peak hours. Many people might have read this unwanted tweet. Would you not be offended if Globe is selling you Viagra?


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\"\"I\’ve used Klout and PeerIndex for a while now and they are very useful. PeerIndex evaluates my social capital while Klout measures my influence and assign a style according to my social graph. Both services give you better understanding of your social network based on different factors but they don\’t really help you directly on increasing your engagement within your circle of influence. Now here comes which addresses this gap.

Unlike Klout and PeerIndex, is a  Relationship Marketing platform that helps online businesses to build meaningful, personal relationships via social media. It can give focus on the highest-value relationships. It doesn\’t figure which topic you are good at unlike Klout or PeerIndex but it tells you where who are your influencers, supporters and most engaged connections. You can even manage and discover leads by means of mention or keywords.

Although doesn\’t give you any score or metric, it gives you an actionable list which is better than numbers. It gives you a hint who to unfollow when your connection\’s engagement level, influence level and relevance is lower relative to you. It even tracks who unfollows you. Brilliant.

However, I think that needs more  polishing. For example, it is recommending me to follow someone who is inactive for 7 months already. I won\’t follow someone who is inactive for that long.  I also don\’t understand how determines supporters because if I would follow Klout or PeerIndex,  one of my supporter is my brother but he\’s not included on the list.

Overall, I think that is better used together with Klout or PeerIndex to confirm your most engaged connections. I like their CRM-like approach because it is very easy to understand but there is still room to grow. Since it is only in private beta, I don\’t expect the product is perfect.

(Thank Ms. Janette Toral for the invite).

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