Create Your Own Twitter Client Using Triberr

Create Your Own Twitter Application

After following these simple steps I was able to create my first app in Twitter.

As you can see below I have my own application icon. I authorized it to read and write to my Twitter profile with OAuth and every time I share post from my Twitter buddies, those tweets are tweeted from my custom Twitter client, which happens to be my website also.


You can do this with PHP or any other programming language using Twitter API but if you don\’t have time or the technical skills to do it, you don\’t have to worry. Triberr branded Twitter app is very easy to set up that it took me less than 5 minutes to set it up.



Why would you like to create your own Twitter client?

  • It\’s cool.
  • It drives more visits from curious tweeps
  • It\’s branded
  • It links back to your blog!

SEO Benefit

While the custom Twitter app links to our blog, it is debatable whether it helps on search engine optimization. Either way, a link is still a link and you can still get the benefit of more visitors clicking on your custom Twitter client.

New To Triberr?

If you\’re new to Triberr and you want to start a tribe, let me know and I\’ll help you get started.

The community discussion (known as bonfire) is usually a good place for beginners, and you can find the best practices in the Triberr blog.

Find me in Triberr and happy twitting!


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Tweetdeck for Chrome: 7 Features That Disappeared

Tweetdeck for Chrome

First of all, this is not a comparison of Tweetdeck for desktop Air vs. HTML5 versions. If I\’ll do that comparison, I can innumerate more than 10 missing features but this post is not about that.

This is a comparison of the new Tweetdeck for Chrome vs.  old Tweetdeck for Chrome.

1. Horizontal scroll bars

Instead of  horizontal scroll bars what we have are these rolling columns that hides some streams if there is not enough room on your browser. The navigation provided to move to the hidden columns are these nasty looking \”next page\” arrow.


What\’s more disappointing is leaving behind the \”previous page\”. You are now forced to use the little column navigation on top to move to the previous columns because there\’s nothing to click on the left edge of the browser.


If Tweetdeck retained the horizontal scroll bars this won\’t be an issue in user experience.

2. RT (old-school Retweet)

Previously you can retweet the tweet internally or click edit your retweet to use RT. Now you are only given an option to quote tweets.


Quoting gives you curly quotes enclosing the original Tweet.

You can remove them manually but it\’s tedious to remove them one by one on each retweets. Why can\’t Twitter just embrace the old RT convention like it used to be?



3. Merged / combined columns

I don\’t know if anyone noticed but the merged columns for \”me\” and \”inbox\” seems to be missing and there is no immediate option or setting to create such column.

However, if you were using the old Tweetdeck for Chrome, there is a chance that the old merged columns are still working… or maybe not. The point is, it\’s not there anymore.


4. Translate

You can instantly translate a foreign language right in Tweetdeck for Chrome before. Now, that feature is totally gone. I wish they\’ll put it back soon.


5. Shortened link preview

This is one of the most common complain from Tweetdeck for Chrome users. Before, you can instantly get the shortened link preview even if you have not sent the tweet you have composed. Now, you have to send the tweet first before you\’ll get a shortened link.

The character count will not count the length of the long link but instead use the length of the shortened link. It is a bit misleading for first-time users because they will think that Tweetdeck is still counting the characters of the long links but it works just fine — you just don\’t get the preview of the shortened link.

If it works so well before why change it?


6. In-line picture preview

Before you\’ll get a small thumbnail in your timeline and get a preview of whatever picture or video is attached on a tweet. Now you have to click on the body of the tweet to get the preview. Clicking the link will lunch a new tab or window for the picture hosting or the actual picture itself.



7. Foursquare (and defunct Google Buzz)

Well, obviously Google Buzz is a no-go but Foursquare is missing. Maybe Twitter will add it later or sooner but right now, it\’s missing.



Small fixes rolling out

Since last week, there some small features that Tweetdeck team fixed or changed like the context menu– it\’s already back:


There are minor tweaks like how the username will appear when retweeted. Before it gives you an option to choose between the full name or the Ttwitter  username but now it shows both to avoid confusion.

Trends only show Worldwide trends. I hope that local trends will be back soon.

I\’ve seen some improvement since the new Tweetdeck was first release so this is not the final version of Tweetdeck for Chrome or the HTML5 client for desktop.

Let\’s just hope that Tweetdeck will address the concerns I\’ve mentioned here as soon as possible.



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Social Media Noise Filtering Made Easy with Bottlenose

I received an invite to Bottlenose this morning and I gave it a try. It claims that it is the smartest social media dashboard that lets your surf the stream and prevent you from drowning in it. It is supposed to make your effective and productive using intelligent social media noise filtering.

At first I thought Bottlenose sounds funny and unusual. However after seeing their dolphin mascot, it makes sense now. Bottlenose is a type of dolphin.


Bottlenose is not just a Twitter or Facebook client.  You can add \”Assistants\” and  from there you can add Popular feeds, Suggested for you, feeds by People You Like, Suggested reposts, breaking news, messages by influencers and news by influencers.


Having these streams let you choose a particular topic that you like and skip the rest of the noisy streams from your social network.

For example you can have a stream of Tech News (Content Type) and skip all the Gossips and 4Square checkins. It saves you time looking at posts you are not interested.


With Single column view, there is a Sonar feature that lets you dissect related topics and hashtags. Dolphins use sonar for navigation — that\’s a clever way to represent intelligent surfing rather than paddling your way out of the water helplessly from social media noise.

You can choose from a single column as well as multi-column view.  If you are using multi-columns view, you can\’t use Sonar feature.


I have trouble managing multi-columns because there seems to be too many of them. Also, there is no way to organize the order at the moment. Also, if you really want to prevent social media overload, I suggest using the single column mode only.


Each streams can be edited and you can create your own rules and conditions. For example you can show desktop notifications, play sound and set color. Also coming soon — the ability to auto-repost messages, auto-like, auto-reply, auto-forward and auto-tagging.


Also worth knowing is the language analysis technology  enables the platform to understand semantically what kind of information you are sharing and gives you a tag cloud  of all these information related to your interests.

Watch the introduction video to understand more about Bottlenose.


If you like an invite, please share this post and drop me a message with your valid email.

If you have access to Bottlenose now, do you agree that it makes social media noise filtering much easier?

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TweetDeck for Chrome Updated, Complements New Twitter

\"TweetDeckMany people are talking about the new interface for Twitter which you can find here. While everyone is talking about Twitter, I got the new interface for TweetDeck for Chrome and it looks very similar to the latest TweetDeck desktop version. Previously, TweetDeck desktop is available in Adobe Air version only but now Twitter released an HTML5 version that is virtually identical to the latest Chrome version.

You can see below the new looks of TweetDeck columns. I\’m not sure if there is still a combined column just like the old TweetDeck for Chrome. Apparently the combined columns are still working but looking at the add column feature, there seems to be no combined columns for mentions and messages anymore.

Notice that you can browse the columns at the top now similar to the desktop version. You can also click the rightmost area to go the the hidden columns.

With the TweetDeck for Chrome update, the yellow TweetDeck icon is now blue. The TweetDeck bird looks identical to the Twitter bird now and it makes sense because TweetDeck is part of Twitter now.


The individual column setting, notification sounds and popups stayed the same but you can see that the color of the links changed to light blue.


The text area for composing a tweet looks similar, and again just a new color theme


Here is the add column options. Looks similar but I can\’t find the \”combined\” columns for mentions and messages even if the existing columns in my TweetDeck for Chrome seems to function the same. If you have combined columns, don\’t dare to remove it because you may never get it back.


Here is a an example search. Looks the same.


Then for the application settings…


If you don\’t have TweetDeck for Chrome yet, you can get it from Chrome Web Store. If you don\’t use Chrome you can still get the same thing when you install TweetDeck for PC or Mac which can be downloaded here.

Let me know if I missed anything.

What do you think of the new TweetDeck for Chrome?

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StumbleUpon Redesign: New Look, Rebrand and New Feature

StumbleUpon New Look

\"StumbleUponStumbleUpon revamped their website today and it looks better than ever. I actually find the old StumbleUpon website hard to navigate but now, the new website is easier to look at and discover new content.

The new color pallet gives StumbleUpon higher contrast because it now uses dark orange, black and white, a big departure from the old blue, green and white theme.

The new logo is also simpler now even though it still sports the StumbleUpon initials SU. I somewhat miss the old green and blue logo because I think that the new SU logo looks like a sine wave but maybe that\’s just me.

\”We\’re doing a complete relaunch of the site, and a lot of it is inspired by our mobile experience,\” says CEO Garrett Camp. \”

Since the primarily driver of the redesign is StumbleUpon\’s mobile traction, the new design needed to be more streamline and more organized.

I believe the design team succeeded on their goal because looking at the old design, the new design looks more modern and  more user-friendly.

Explore More Interest

Before StumbleUpon redesign, \”Explore an Interest\” is just a beta feature.


With the new StumbleUpon, the Explore box out of beta and is now part of the StumbleUpon bar, at least when using the web version of the SU bar (not in the plugins yet). Eventually the new \”Explore an Interest\” box may soon become part of the Chrome and Firefox browser plugins as well.


To use \”Explore\” box just start typing a word or phrase and you can Stumble through related web pages. You won\’t get exact match results like in Google but that is intentional due to StumbleUpon\’s serendipitous nature.



StumbleUpon New Feature: Channels

Apart from the design, logo and the explore box, StumbleUpon new look features channels.

Channels are totally new feature in StumbleUpon.


Before, there were general topics to stumble but now users can customize the experience based on a specific brand.

For example, you can only follow history as category or topic before but you can follow History Channel now in the new channel section. Before you can only follow sports. Now you can follow ESPN and get streams from whatever ESPN recommends. It gives you a new way to stumble and it allows more control on what content the user can consume in their StumbleUpon stream. More importantly for StumbleUpon it also opens up the opportunity for more ad space but that is still uncertain at this point.

There were more than 250 brand partners signed for the launch of StumbleUpon\’s new look and there are more partners to come.

I wish StumbleUpon could make it more open to other brands just like how Facebook and Google+ handle brands. If StumbleUpon is really open to business entities it should make it painless to let these brands join the StumbleUpon channel.

Same Old Excitement

Even though StumbleUpon undergone redesign, the venerable discovery engine remained true to its roots. The functionality hasn\’t changed and that\’s a good thing because that\’s what I like about StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is different from social news and bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg because it has a \”stumble\” button that randomly sends you to a new site with just one click. It adds uncertainty and a bit of surprise element on every single click.

Check  out the new promotional video below featuring the new site.

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Google+ Brand Pages: Sign Up Guide For Local Businesses and Others

Google+ Pages Now Open!

Google finally allowed businesses, products, organizations and other entities or brands get their pages in Google+ social network.

So now that Google+ brand pages are available, what do you do?

Please bear in mind the differences between Local Business and other Google+ Pages category.

  1. Sign-up for Google+

When you login to your personal Google+ account, you will see a link to Google+ Pages at the right side.

It goes to



or if you can\’t see it you can just go directly here:



  1. Pick a category for your Google+ Page

If you don\’t know what fits your Google brand pages, you can just always go for Product or Brand or Other.

Choose Local Business or Place, if your page will be hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services or something similar.

Choose Product or Brand, if your page is related to apparel, cars, electronics, financial services, etc.

Choose Company, Institution or Organization if you\’re one of these, including non-profits.

Choose Arts, Entertainment or Sports if your page is about movies, TV, music, books, sports and shows.

If  none of these fit your page, choose Other


Local Business is different from other categories because it has an option to include a phone number and specify the country if your local business.  According to Google help pages:

Local Google+ pages are unique from other categories of pages because they have features that allow customers to easily connect with that business’s physical location. For example, local pages include a map of the business’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation.




If you choose to go with Local Business, you have to put a contact number. You can\’t proceed without one.

With that number, you should be able to find your business on Google Maps. If you can\’t find it, then you can add your business on Google for the first time.


If you found your local business using the telephone number, or if you did not find your business you will end up with the last step in creating Google brand pages. Businesses already in Google Maps will have pre-populated fields. If you are adding your business for the first time, you should preview the map to make sure it looks correct to your customers.


Then, you have to select the sub-category of your category. This applies for all types of Google+ pages except Other.

  1. Customize Google+ Brand Pages

Here comes the fun part.

You can add your tagline and Google+ brand page logo. Be creative.

Here\’s the catch if you choose Local Business earlier on. You don\’t get a tagline. I\’m guessing that Local Businesses are optimized for Google Local or Places wherein you will be found using location search so you don\’t need keywords. On the other hand, other Google+ brand pages still rely heavily on good-old method using keywords.



  1. Share in Google+ and Spread the Word


Using your personal Google+ account circles, you can share your Google+ brand pages or local business to your friends, families, colleagues or whatever kind of circles you have.


  1. Do the Finishing Touches for your Google+ Page


You\’re basically done but you want to make sure you have set up your page in cool fashion.

Other than taglines, here are the other differences between Local Business Google+ pages compared to other Google brand pages.


With Local Business you get a map because of the location you provided. You also get to enter the hours of operation.  With other Google+ brand pages you don\’t get that.

While you are not prompted to include a website when choosing a Local Business you can still include a link to your local business website.

Also, all the contact information you can add in Local Business will always be public.


In other non-local business Google+ pages,  you can include an address by adding contact info but that address will not be mapped. However, you have an option to limit who can see your contact information. You can make it visible to public but you also have an option to limit it to your circles.

Google had prepared a Get started page to guide users on how to start the conversation and build circles.

Did Something Wrong on your Google+ Page?

Now, if you think you\’ve done a mistake and you want to change from Local Business Google+ page to another type of Google+ brand page, it seems that the only way is to delete your page and start again.

It is as easy as clicking the drop-down link below your name and click on Manage your Pages. There, you can manage and delete the pages if you wish.



I hope  that clears up the differences between Local Business Google+ Page with other Google+ brand pages.

Don\’t forget to add my blog to your circles.

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Top 14 Social Media Apps for Smartphones

This guest post is by Spencer Hogg of Broadband Expert.

Social networking has taken the world by storm and the combination of smart phones plus mobile broadband deals has made it easier than ever to stay in touch. The following list highlights the top apps and their platform availability.

Social Media Apps for Smartphones


Facebook\’s app is available on nearly all smart phones and is free of charge. The app allows for updating status, uploading pictures and sending messages, making it simple to keep up with friends and family while on the go.


Of the many clients available for Twitter, the official app is still the most used. It has all the features of Twitter and is also offered free for all platforms.


Skype broke new ground with its desktop VoIP client and has now expanded into mobile territory. Using either a Wi-Fi network or 3G, this free app provides video or voice calling.


Yelp started out as a review site and is now more convenient as a free mobile app. Also available in the UK, it offers the ability to create instant reviews and ratings.


This app innovatively allows the exchange of information, photos and contacts by bumping two smartphones together. It is an excellent tool for networking and is free for the iPhone and Android.


The iPhone\’s popular Visual Voicemail migrates to the Android with this free app and simplifies access by eliminating tiresome menus.


Much like Skype, Fring brings VoIP to the iPhone and Android platforms, with the added bonus of popular IM networks, such as MSN and Yahoo. This app is free and goes well with mobile broadband deals.

\"What\'sWhat\’s App

An easy way to stay in touch and save money while traveling, this app allows for the exchange of SMS messages, including those with pictures. For all platforms, it costs a low $.99 US and £.59 UK.


A free IM app that is extremely easy to use, it also connects with Facebook chat, available on all platforms.


Designed for those frustrated with small mobile keyboards, the free Swiftkey app predicts commonly used words for Android users.


Designed specifically for Blackberry phones, this free Twitter app intelligently organizes timelines, notifications and unread messages.


This Twitter app is built for the iPhone and is one of the few that allows multiple account management. It also offers push notifications. The cost is $1.99 US and £1.79 UK, with a free Lite version that has fewer features.


Seesmic is best known for its desktop Twitter client, which is now available as a free app for the Android platform. It offers management for multiple accounts, as well as posting to all accounts at the same time. It also utilizes Oauth, which is a much more secure way of using Twitter.


This interesting and free app for Symbian allows for management of Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. It also gives access to weather, sports and news all within the app. This is a battery saver, as the user does not need to keep switching apps.

No matter what platform a smart phone is using, there are many apps available for the savvy social media user. The addition of mobile broadband deals makes smart phone plus social media even more attractive.


Article written by Spencer Hogg from Broadband Expert where mobile broadband deals can be found.

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