No Street Lights

The officers of our home owners\’ association are pathetic — our subdivision had not paid Meralco for 3 months already and they didn\’t do anything to catch up with the delayed payments. So yesterday, Meralco disconnected the electricity from all our street lamps. Now, darkness consumes our village and as the night goes deeper the sense of foreboding escalates. Our subdivision is very eerie at night without street lights. Many of our neighbors fear that thieves might take opportunity of these unfortunate event. Hopefully the street lights will be operational again soon.

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Because of my eagerness to reformat my PC…. again, I did a very stupid mistake this morning…. I forgot to backup my bookmarks! T__T that\’s really really dumb! Nevermind, no point crying over spilled milk.

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Fra Lippo Lippi

If you\’re a fan of new wave music in the 80\’s then Fra Lippo Lippi would ring a bell in your ears. Yes, it\’s a new wave band in the 80\’s. I found some FLL\’s mp3s in my 2nd hard drive while doing some \”house keeping\”, so I took some time browsing to know more about their songs… What interests me is the fame that this band had achieved in the Philippines whereas their music were not really famous in the US during that music era. If you read Fra Lippo Lippi\’s biography in, they were \”largely unknown throughout most of the world\” yet they managed to get in the Philippine radio. It really amused me that their music topped the music charts in the Philippines. Actually I didn\’t know they sang some of the familar songs I know by tune — I just found out today that they sang \”Upside Down\”, \”Angel\”, \”Light and Shade\”, \”Everytime I See You\” and \”Beauty and Madness\”. I\’m sure my parents know this band.

I like some of their music especially the piano instrumentals but I\’m not really a big fan of new wave music. However, I virtually like any music when it has a catchy tune or rhythm. :) Some of FLL\’s songs have a jazzy melody that I appreciate more these days.

Regarding the name Fra Lippo Lippi, I did a small research about their band name and apparently it was taken from Robert Brown\’s poem of the same name.

Who will see the beauty in your life?
And who will be there to hear you when you call?
Who will see the madness in your life?
And who will be there to catch you if you fall?

- taken from the chorus of \”Beauty and Madness\”

Sail on the wings of a cloud
Where to, well nobody knows
And cry, cry if you want them to see
Die every day to be free
Be proud to wear the colours that you call your own
Be loud, speak out when the world to know
Be strong, hold the flame for everyone to see
Be weak, if you want to love.

- taken from the chorus of \”Light and Shades\”

Familiar? :cool:

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I think this picture has been floating in the internet for quite sometime but I only saw this picture few days ago.


I don\’t think it applies to everyone specially in the Philippines where majority of the people are still conservative. I\’m sure that some people will be offended, but then let\’s be open-minded. This picture is true to a certain extent.

Anyway, I find it quite funny. :P

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Dream of The Fine City

No, I\’m not refering to a paradise or something like that. I\’m refering to Singapore, well known as the Fine City because of strict legislation. Their government takes serious implementation of laws and most violations includes fines. When you get caught selling or importaing chewing gum – S$1000, littering – S$1000, dancing in public – S$5000, jaywalking – S$500, skateboarding – S$500, smoking in restricted public places – S$1000, selling food/hawking without a license – S$5000, public speaking without a permit – S$2000, etc… Get it now?

Let\’s get directly to my topic. This morning I dreamed about going back to Singapore to continue my tertiary education there. ( ~I didn\’t exactly know why~ ) According to my dream, I went there with my father. Oddly enough he brought our family car with him. Eerrr… ( ~I was asking myself… how in the world did he ship our car from Manila during the flight? Is commercial flight big enough to carry vehicle cargos?~ ) My mind wandered and I found myself roaming Singapore for no apparent reason. Then, according to my dream, my father and I shopped for groceries. ( ~What the… ~) After that, we passed Orchard road and we went to my previous secondary school. Suddenly, I realized that I didn\’t have the complete requirements to continue my degree in Singapore. ( ~What a waste, isn\’t it? I still asked myself why I was there to begin with~ )

I woke up.

What a weird dream. I have no plans of going back to Singapore and study there… again. I was relieved. Perhaps I was just missing the old times but continuing my tertiary education in the Fine City is far from happening… (unless someone sponsors me!) :D

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