Protection Against Check Washing

I had an interesting read about check washing, a process of removing pen ink from a check that\’s already filled out, then re-writing the new amount of money and the recepient on the check.

In the experiment, 4 pens were used for testing — a gel pen, a generic cheap pen, a pen with a felt tip and a roller pen. Two solvents were also used, an 91% isoprophyl alcohol solution which is polar and nail polish remover, a non-polar solvent. If you still remember your Chemistry subject, polar substances only dissolve in polar solvents and non-polar substances only dissolve in non-polar solvent. Different pen inks contain different substances; this experiment tested several combinations to dissolve each kind of ink.

The result is very interesting: If you want to protect yourself from check washing you should use gel pen because gel pen ink is the most difficult ink to wash out from checks. However it\’s not guaranteed as there might be a method to wash gel inks soon. For more information and tips you can read the conclusion of the experiment.

Links: projects: Check Washing Experiment [ via Digg ]
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Welcome 2006

Like last year, I\’m posting some pictures I\’ve taken while celebrating new year\’s eve. I wish I went to World Pyro Olympics fireworks display at The Esplanade last Friday to watch the event and take some pictures but it was too far from our place. Nevermind, these photos are good enough for my photo album.




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2005 Year-end Report

I don\’t think I\’ll have much time tomorrow to write entries because of new year\’s eve preparation so I\’ll do this now…

Facts and figures of my blog for 2005

Top 5 popular posts (by no. of views):

  1. Thoughts About PLDT MyDSL-W
  2. Smart (?) Wifi
  3. Rizal Stuffs
  4. Konfabulator 3.0
  5. Ending Microsoft’s Cowboy Spaghetti Code

Top 4 commenters:

  1. me!
  2. P4 – 21 comments so far, including trackbacks
  3. Glenn – 11 comments so far
  4. April – 7 comments so far

Top 5 referrers by country:

  1. Philippines – 42%
  2. United States – 20%
  3. Canada – 8%
  4. Japan – 3%
  5. United Kingdom – 3%

Top 5 search strings:

  1. gundam seed wallpaper
  2. smart wifi
  3. cheese
  4. pldt mydsl plan 999
  5. pldt mydsl-w

Top 3 referrers by domain:


Top 3 browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer – 58%
  2. Firefox – 39%
  3. Safari – 1%

Most number of entries by month: November

Most number of entries by category: Insights

Overall I\’ve made 190 entries since January 1, 2005 which is equivalent to an entry every other day.

All numbers are aggregated using and Webalizer.

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Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Within seven days, it would be another new year. :D Wow, that was fast…

Anyway, what is Christmas? I\’m going to quote this beatiful message from a friend: It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.

I\’ve been consistent in my wish every year and it\’s always peace on earth.

Have a happy holiday! :D

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Credit Card

\'Citibank\'Several days ago I received my pin number from Citibank, without the credit card itself. This afternoon the credit card arrived. I thought it was weird that the pin number arrived without the credit card but the postman told me it\’s really meant to separate the mailing of the card and the pin number so that when one is lost by the post office, the credit card holder is still able to use his credit card number.

Ok, now that I have my own credit card I would not be using my father\’s credit card anymore; however, I\’m worried that I might be spendthrift because, historically, I\’m not good in financial management. I promised myself I won\’t be using this credit except for online purchases. It is a little scary why I have a credit limit as high as P75k when I\’m only entitled for supplementary card… or is it a full credit card account? I\’m not sure since my father did all the paper works for me. Anyway, having a credit limit this high shouldn\’t be taken as a joke. You can get in-debt easily when you don\’t record your credit card usage.

I\’ll be hands off this plastic card as much as possible.

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Test How Well You Know HTML

Another good link from

After you\’ve answered all 10 questions, you\’ll be taken to an evaluation page where you\’ll see your score and can learn more by reading each correct answer to the questions.

Let\’s see if you get a perfect score. :)


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The Scent of Christmas

I can finally smell the scent of Christmas. Today marks the start of Simbang Gabi, a tradition that many Filipinos never fail to practice. Many children go from neighbor to neighbor and sing their christmas carols and hope for early pamasko. Unfortunately, you\’ll rarely see our neighborhood welcome carolings nowadays… they say, \”mahirap ang buhay ngayon,\” which is true anyway. I miss the old times when I was a kid — my cousins and I could gather more or less P200 in one night singing carols around the neighborhood. I pity those kids who sing christmas carols; it just shows how hard to earn money these days.

Anyway, it is Christmas season and we should be all happy about it. Nine days to go! :D

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