Old Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2

I have two (2) Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 DVDs right now. I fetched it from Microsoft Philippines this afternooon to test it at my own risk. Quite outdated since there\’s already a final version of VS 2005 but it\’s the best way to get it free of charge for our thesis. That\’s really annoying because the .NET 2.0 framework might conflict — of course there\’s no guarantee that two conflicting versions will work in harmony specially when the former is \”beta\” and the latter is \”final\”. I actually don\’t want to install Team System Beta 2 right now because having Visual Studio Express edition of Web Developer does the job… for now. I just want to use the load testing and profiling feature of Team System edition of Visual Studio for our beta testing phase. And one more thing — this beta release of Visual Studio 2005 is intended for evaluation only. It is time-sensitive and will cease functioning after May 1, 2006. We still have some time to play around with our codes, so hopefully we can use Team System beta 2 to test our web application before it expires.

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Farewell Ernie Baron

Ka Ernie died this morning at the age of 65. He was declared dead on arrival at 9:30 am at Medical Center Muntinlupa. Click here for details.

He will be remembered as \”the walking encyclopedia,\” the famous weather reporter of ABS-CBN and host of the TV show and radio program Knowledge Power.

It\’s really sad because we lost an icon for science and educational TV program. His brilliance and charistmatic personality is one of a kind. I think it\’s very hard to replace the position he had embodied in the media because no one has ever followed his footsteps yet. It will take some time before somebody eventually takes the TV personality Ernie Baron had emptied.

His place is just one ride away from my house so we are technically \”far neighbor\”. (His 5 storey mansion is one of the most prominent building near our vicinity so we all know it\’s Ernie Baron\’s). Condolence to his family and friends.

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Atlas V Launch Successful, 10 Year Journey Begins


The first mission to Pluto has launched successfully on January 19, 2006. The Atlas V 551 rocket carries the New Horizons spacecraft on its one-way mission to the outer edge of the solar system. Unlike some missions that return to the Earth, New Horizons will be a one-way journey to the Kuiper Belt and beyond, conducting flyby studies of Pluto and its moon Charon in 2015. It is scheduled to meet Kuiper Belt objects around 2016 to 2020.

Back in August 2005, I registered for a web certificate on New Horizons mission so that my name will be included in a compact disc bearing all the participants. Apparently, the space craft won\’t come back to Earth so the compact disc will never be seen on Earth again unless retrieved hundred years after, if it is still in one piece. At least I have my name enlisted on that disc. LOL. :lol:

NASA: New Horizons Mission

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Computer is Bad to your Health

That\’s true… and you might be killing yourself slowly if you don\’t take extra precaution.

Perhaps I\’m not the best person to give advice on how to make your life healthier but I do take care of myself nowadays. I am a self-confessed workaholic. I feel really guilty when my goal is not achieved in a day\’s work. However I don\’t want to make my life more miserable because of computers so I try to organize my schedule to avoid additional stress. As Lifehacker.com puts it, \”Don\’t live to geek; geek to live\”.

If you read this article from informationweek.com you better start believing that computer can hurt not only your body and mind but also your environment in general. Fortunately there are ways to minimize the damages.

Now, it even makes me wonder why I like computers. Computer is evil. :roll:

computer, health

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Google Pack Not Impressive

ZDNet UK reports that Google Pack fails to impress. I\’m not impressed either. From the report: \”Google\’s bundle of disparate applications has been described by one analyst as a \’ragtag package\”.

In my point of view, Google Pack is targeting beginners or web n00bs and because of this, corporate consultants will probably be unimpressed too. With regards to Google Pack improvements, I think that Google should include more open-source alternatives to commercial applications.

ZDNet UK: Google Pack fails to impress
Google, Google+Pack, ZDNet

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The Challenge

For my thesis I need to study and fully understand the following:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • ADOdb
  • AJAX
  • CSS 2.0
  • XHTML transitional

I also need to fully exploit Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 for scripting and Adobe Photoshop CS2 for graphics and GUI design. Our group barely have 2 months in order to complete a working solution for our thesis problem because we have been assigned in one of the most demanding project in our research group… whatever that is — it\’s still classified. All I want to do is to beat the challenge.

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Messing Up MyDSL DNS Settings

I was about to sleep last night when I tried to configure the DNS settings of my router at home… I don\’t know what pushed me to do it even if I\’m too sleepy already.

By default my router gets the DNS information from PLDT servers — and Previously my DNS settings were and After acquiring and IPs, I started to experience \”limited\” web surfing experience. For instance I couldn\’t access multiply.com. I ignored it for months because I don\’t have anything important to look at multiply.com anyway. I just realized that I\’m not the only one who experience this problem. Some PLDT MyDSL subscriber couldn\’t access multiply.com as well. After researching I have identified the problem: The default DNS of PLDT MyDSL.

It was nearly 12 midnight. I looked up some public DNS to replace the default DNS settings and I have found several usable public IPs. I used it for primary and secondary DNS addresses, while reserving the original DNS for my tertiary DNS address… and when I was about to save it in the router\’s ROM.. *poof* the router stopped working. It just stopped working. WTF! In the verge of panic I reset the settings of my modem. Ooops… bad decision — the modem was working fine — the router was not! I should have reset the router, not the modem! Now the router is not working too so I have two screwed-up hardwares. But I didn\’t lose hope — I just have to configure the router and the modem to their default settings. Unfortunately the modem that was provided by PLDT won\’t work with the default settings so I played with several combinations before it worked again. For future reference I noted these settings:

Mode: Bridge (this mode needs username and password for PPPoE connection)
Encapsulation: RFC1483
Header: LLC
VPI: 0
VCI: 100

I think this will only work for \”routed mode\” MyDSL connection in Metro Manila.

After my modem worked again, I setup my DSL router and with several clicks my home network is back again. Now, back with customized DNS settings here are the IPs I\’m using right now:

Primary DNS: (Initial primary Name server of MyDSL)
Secondary DNS: (SpeakEasy Name server)
Tertiary DNS: (ORSC Public Access DNS Name server)

This setup took me awhile to complete. Thanks to my Cisco background in networking it wasn\’t too bad an experience. Now I can easily access multiply.com and other websites that I find extremely difficult to access before.


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