It\’s Good to be Back

Lately I have been concentrating on programming and writing thesis documentation so I missed blogging for several days (or is it a week??) I had been restless specially in completing our thesis documentation because it seems to be going nowhere this week. Searching for related literature isn\’t easy you know.

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Stuck With Database Design

I\’m stuck with the database design I\’m working on. It has been dragging for several days already… and I don\’t know whether I should consult more pre-existing database or should I just ignore the design patterns and do it my own style.

I\’m not a database designer to begin with. I\’m a programmer. More appropriately a developer (web developer or software developer) so I shouldn\’t be designing our database model. However, we only have one \”database person\” in our team so I\’m also manipulating the model so that we can start with a good database design. Fortunately dealing with database is not new to me. I had several projects dealing with database design but I had never designed a database this big. How will I know if this will scale well with our application? Fine tuning and stress testing is just troublesome.

Everything is troublesome. Argh! Let me vent for a while….

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My Dale Carnegie Certificate

\"DaleAfter 10 months, I finally received my certificate from Dale Carnegie Training. Actually I should have picked this up at P&G office in Ayala as early as September 2005 but I was so busy for the last 2 school terms, I missed every chance to fetch it last year.

Anyway this is a certificate of achievement for \”The Leadership Advantage\” as set forth by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. I\’m proud to be one of the P&G scholar who participated in this training. It\’s one of the best training I had. First of all it\’s paid by P&G. Second, it was held in Manila Peninsula Hotel and lastly, we\’re all pampered by our scholarship officer. I\’m looking forward to our upcoming training this summer. :D I also want to apply what I have learned from this training in the near future. So far I have applied key concepts of leadership in my personal life… and I know I still have to pursue more.

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Code Red

I\’m really surprised this morning when my groupmates in thesis namely Frederick and Jeremiah were wearing red. Hmmm… we didn\’t make any special arrangement but we were all wearing red. Even Glenn who was seating next to us in Cisco lab was wearing a red jacket. Then I saw Jed, who was working on the student module of our thesis, was also wearing a red jacket. Even Edison was wearing red! W00t! So everyone who attended the meating last night was wearing red even though we didn\’t plan on what to wear today. What a coincidence. Everyone was joking about it as if we really planned it. Whatever is the reason perhaps we should celebrate since we\’re all in red. :P

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I just arrived at home from Makati… Quite amazing how I\’m able to keep up even though it\’s too late. Caffeine works like charm.

We were waiting for Edison, our project coordinator, as early as 6 PM but he was caught in heavy traffic so we waited until 7:50 PM. We ate our dinner fast and headed to Starbuck Alfaro where we held our group meeting. We still managed to pull some string and had the initial database plan done even though we started late. I thought we couldn\’t get a decent place to discuss our project because when we entered Starbucks there weren\’t any good seats available. The coffee shop was crowded but we spotted a table at the back. It\’s somewhat confined and separated from the rest of the Starbucks seats; however, there were two foreign students who occupied the table before us. We kindly asked if we could share the table and it was okay with them. I think they were Korean. I couldn\’t recognize any single word they spoke so they definitely weren\’t Japanese or Chinese. They stayed at the table corner until 11 PM, studying and cuddling, so we only had a chance to take over the whole table for one hour.

All of us brought our laptops which really amused me. Everyone\’s mobile. It seems to be the trend in our school now. Or it is just because of our thesis that most students opt for mobility? It\’s logical to take your stuffs anywhere you go so that you can do something whenever you like to.

Anyway, I ordered my Coffee Jelly Frappuccino during our group dynamics and I could still feel its effect hence I\’m still up. Trivia: Don\’t you know that there are 77 Starbucks branches in Metro Manila alone? Makati is on top of the list with 28 branches.

It feels like the effect of Frappucino is wearing off soon… so, I\’m off to bed now. Zzz…

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Where All the DVD Cases Gone?

I\’m having a hard time finding DVD cases for all my DVD-/+Rs — the double DVD cases in particular. Most of my DVDs are stacked in a pudding case (spindle) right now which makes them prone to scratches. I really want to buy DVD cases to extend their life. I don\’t know why most of the CD-R King branches that I know, including three CD-R King branches in Makati, do not have stocks of DVD cases for ages. I can\’t remember the last time they had one. Should I check the branches in Manila? Would that make any difference? I haven\’t check Gilmore. I tried sending an email to [email protected] but I don\’t know if they would reply anyway. Whatever happens I badly need more DVD cases :( I need to burn more file backups soon!

Update: I got this reply from CD-R King support email: they are already sold out and new stocks are scheduled to arrive in a week or two but they are easily sold out. Pls drop by your nearest branch after a week or two

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Help! My Brain is Bleeding!

It\’s hard to study two programming languages when they both suck most of my brain juices. On the red corner — Java; on the blue corner — .NET. W00t! It feels like Pacquiao and Morales boxing in my head. I can\’t seem to grasp everything that I do in Java GUI when I turn my back to .NET… and vice versa. What\’s irritating is that I have to learn advance Swing components in Java to make my Java machine problem as interactive as possible. I just can\’t ignore it because I might suffer the consequences later. On the other hand I have to learn more .NET because my group is jumpstarting an ASP.NET 2.0 web app for our thesis. How ironic that my specialization is Java but my thesis is built on .NET. It feels good to be a multilingual programmer but what\’s the point when you can\’t master one? Beats me like hell. Who needs a jack of all trades these days. I certainly have to forfeit one of them later on to raise my standards. Will it be Java or .NET… I don\’t know yet. It\’s a though choice. To make matters worse, I have to continue mastering PHP regardless of Java or .NET because I love open source. Crap… my brain is bleeding! x_x

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