Fake Birthday Celebration

\"\"I was really embarrassed yesterday because my colleagues plotted a fake birthday celebration at Pizza Hut Bistro. It was already 1:00 PM and most of us were already hungry. We lined up at the 2nd floor of Insular Life building watching out for the next group of diners to come out. We only wished that more diners finish up their meals as soon as possible because it was getting late.

I couldn\’t believe that we waited more than 30 minutes outside and I had no idea why we have to eat in Pizza Hut anyway. Well, it\’s not really required but it was an opportunity to know more about my friends and co-workers. I shouldn\’t miss the chance to know them better. There were 16 of us in 4 tables. We ordered 6 pasta meals and 4 pizzas. The price was split equally among all of us.

It was very untimely that I wore my red t-shirt and so they teased me as the \’birthday boy\’ even though my real birthday had passed already. The amusing part was they were trying to convenience me to treat them all and most of them were kidding around that I really have to pay the bill. I insisted we go Dutch.

I didn\’t not know what went inside their minds and I really disliked the idea. They signaled to the waiters that it IS my birthday. The props were complete: birthday hats, singing choir of waiters and waitresses, and miniature \”cake\” with a candle. Just to watch the whole crew of Pizza Hut Bistro singing for me was crazy. I felt really awkward because I was pretending it was my birthday. I was embarrassed, touched and at the same time very amused.

I don\’t know what\’s going to happen on next Friday. Another fun weekend awaits!

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Lunch @ Kitchen

\"Kitchen\"It was a great experience eating with 16 of my officemates. Yesterday, our team went out to Greenbelt to have our lunch at Kitchen. It was my first time eating there so I was a complete n00b at choosing what to eat. Someone suggested that the \”recommended\” dishes were marked with the red \”inverted K\”, the logo of Kitchen. I ordered On Barbie\’s Cue. I forgot the description but it\’s like a mix between kebab and sea food cuisine. It looks creative and delicious. Then I ordered the bottomless pandan drink which tasted like sago and gulaman without the pearls. The minted water looks cool but I didn\’t try it. Actually it was my first time seeing a bottle of water with \”mint\”. Someone joked that inside the bottle was oregano. I was not sure if it was true since most of those guys are a bunch of jokers. I refused to try it! LOL.

The serving was quite fast. The waiters only took several minutes before all of my officemates got their order. The cozy ambiance of Kitchen Greenbelt fits the surrounding so well. The ceiling of the room is very high which gives an impression that the room is very big as well. I have to highlight that the over-sized plates and utensils attributes the ambiance so well. It made my first experience in Kitchen so awkward yet so memorable. For the record, the size of the plate is about the size of an 18-inch supreme family pizza while the spoon and fork is about three times larger than the norm.

The food was tasty, just right to satisfy your taste buds. You won\’t be disappointed because apart from big plates, the food has big taste as well. I guess it won\’t be the last time we\’ll eat at Kitchen ;)

Greenbelt, Kitchen

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Firefox Crop Circle

I always thought that crop circles are fake. They are created by humans — NOT aliens!

A team of Firefox fans made a good example on how crop circles are made. From planning to execution, the Firefox Crop Circle team even spent a great deal of time documenting the process on creating the crop circle just like any good open source project.

And the result is awesome…


It\’s actually my first time reading about the process of creating crop circle and I\’m not surprised that it needs a lot of teamwork to complete.

For the complete details of the Firefox Crop Circle project, click here.

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Behavior-based Interviews

This week, I had several interviews and what really challenged me were behavior-based interviews. One stupid answer could ruin all your good points. The interviewer would throw a lot of questions to you in order to analyze your background and tendencies to behave in work environment. The questions were designed to know how you have behaved in your past experiences and activities, so you ought to know what you did in college if you are a fresh grad, or what you have contributed in your present or previous company if you\’re an experienced applicant.

According to my father, who took several behavior-based test and interviews before, behavior-based interviews is based on the principle that people hardly change — Old habits die hard. From what I understood, the point of the test is to know how you have behaved in the past to tell the recruiter how you will act in the future. For example, if you answered consistently with positive leadership contribution in group work and projects, then it tells the recruiter that you have a potential to be a good manager. If you tend to be uncooperative, or you consistently prefer being a lone-wolf, it tells the recruiter that you are not suited for team projects. However, I do not know exactly what happens to those people with inconsistent behavior.

Probing questions can also be hypothetical. The interviewer can give you a situation or scenario which you have to answer honestly based on your own values and character.

If I only knew this earlier I could have answered the chain of question given to me with more ease. I had interviews without saying \”aaah\’s\” and \”uhmm\’s\” but during this particular interview, I mumbled a bit. I think I was able to pull through anyway. I do not know whether my next interview is still behavior-based… what scares me is the topic: salary discussion. (Baka dito nila malalaman kung sino yung mukhang pera… hehe)

Time to reflect about myself until monday…

\”Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.\” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ghost in the Shell

\"GhostI\’ve been watching Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (GITS: SAC 1st Gig) for several weeks now and I am enjoying it. For several years I\’ve been yearning to watch the animé series of GITS but I could not a get a copy of that series. I also failed to watch GITS: SAC 1st Gig ang GITS: SAC 2nd Gig in Animax because my family is not subscribed to that cable channel.

I\’m a fan of the original movie \”Ghost in the Shell.\” Originally filmed in 1995, it\’s one of those classic animé film that every collectors should have… well at least to all science fiction fans.

GITS inspired the producers of Matrix trilogy. Read the transcript of an interview. It\’s so damn obvious. Whether or not the Wachowski Brothers ripped the whole idea from GITS is already an old debate and I don\’t want to fuel another debate here. You can watch the YouTube video: A Matrix and Ghost in the Shell Comparison. Watch it carefully and decide for yourself. If you can\’t watch the video, just go here. I\’d prefer that The Matrix crew gave proper credit to Masamune Shirow, the author of the GITS manga, anime and films. If you\’re a Matrix fan, you might as well watch Ghost in the Shell. I\’m a fan of Matrix too so there\’s no problem. ^_^

\"BatouTrivia: after reading several Wikipedia entries, I learned that San Miguel Pale Pilsen was shown in the first movie of GITS. It\’s the scene in the yacht after Motoko Kusanagi and Batou had captured the Ghost-hacked agent of the Puppet Master. I didn\’t notice it at first. Here\’s a screenshot. :D

I\’m looking forward for the 3rd GITS movie in the last quarter of 2006. I don\’t know if that will wrap up the epic story of GITS. I\’m trying to avoid all the spoilers available in the web so I\’ll just have to wait until it\’s available in DVD.

Before I end this entry, one of my favorite crime scene story in GITS: SAC 1st Gig is the Laughing Man case. If I were the Laughing Man hacker, I would look like this:


Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell (film)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1st Gig)
MonkeyGoD Presents: Matrix and Ghost in the Shell Comparison
YouTube: A Matrix and Ghost in the Shell Comparison
Ghost in the Shell, GITS, Stand Alone Complex, Matrix, San Miguel Beer

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Quirky Optical Mouse

I don\’t know what happened in my optical mouse. It suddenly became quirky. It would suddenly stop responding in the middle of dragging or clicking. It\’s too troublesome when I\’m trying to navigate the internet or do some meaningful task in my computer. I don\’t have a spare mouse right now so I just use my keyboard to navigate menus and links. Pressing tab too many times is really tiring and irritating. I think I have to buy a new mouse really soon. The earliest would be tomorrow if I have some money to spare, which is very unlikely.

I really hope that my mouse would behave properly. However, I think the problems lies inside the circuit board because it automatically clicks randomly sometimes. It\’s not as easy as wiping up the accumulated dirt in the mouse ball. Besides, I don\’t know how to clean an optical mouse. I\’m also afraid to use it now because it may suddenly fire up and click on something I do not intend to click. The result may vary and it could be dangerous if I am working on something important or sensitive.

It\’s becoming more and more inconvenient now because I have been depending on mouse for most of my computer works. Who would not use a mouse today anyway? *sigh* Remember the days when there\’s no GUI. Who needs a mouse? Classic.

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Silly Bug

I can\’t resist to post this one for comic relief… God, I\’m so stressed. An OJT and thesis combo is only for the brave ones.

Now look at the picture below. It was taken from Yehey error page. I didn\’t know bugs could be that silly — cute but annoying at the same time. And it looks like a peanut mascot!


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