Maybe I Need an Upgrade, Maybe Not

I really wonder why I\’m still stuck with my old ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card after reading this review. It is already aged and it still uses AGP. Unbelievable. I totally skipped PCI-e version 1 because I\’ve read that new graphics cards are now shipping for PCI-e 2.0 already.

As much as I like to upgrade, I pushed back my computer upgrade this coming Christmas \’07 instead of last year\’s. Then I\’ll ask this question again. Do I really need an upgrade? My cheap-o-meter will instantly tell me that I don\’t need an upgrade soon because my computer is still good for my work. Most of the times I\’m running 3 different web browsers (Mozilla, Opera, IE) and a couple of multimedia applications. Overall, I\’m still satisfied with the speed of my computer in image manipulation and compressing or uncompressing zipped files. I could play games in medium settings smoothly. Maybe I\’m just excited with all these technologies that I am missing so I\’m itching to get my hands on these products. What makes me excited are the following: Intel Core 2 Duo, Nvidia 8800 series, DDR3 Corsair memory modules and liquid cooling system. Man, if I can just buy all these on December, I\’ll be so happy. Then, I\’ll ask myself again. What will I do after 6 months? Will I buy the newer Intel microprocessors? I\’m sure that 8800 series will be cheaper and there might be DDR4 as well. Will I still need to buy now?

I really hate how fast hardware gets outdated. Don\’t let me start with cellphones. It\’s just ridiculous how fast a cellphone with a price tag of P40,000 drops value after 6 to 9 months. Computer hardwares are more forgiving as they decrease in value slower than a cellphone unit but it\’s disturbing if you want to invest on a gadget for a long term.

Nevermind how slow my computer is — the fact that I can still post in my blog using this good-old computer means that I don\’t really need an upgrade yet. I play console games so why would I invest in P10,000++ graphics card when I can use that money to buy a PSP or PS3. The only reasonable thing I have in my mind to buy a new CPU this year is to get a fresh hardware to run my work-related stuffs and use my old hardware to run a local Linux file server.

So will I still buy a new computer this coming Christmas? Maybe.

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This Week: Halloween

I spent a week in \”hermit mode\” to focus on my office work and some other things that kept me busy. For instance, the Halloween costume party that we had last Friday — I spent several days pondering what the hell I\’m going to wear that day. I\’ll discuss the details later on.


To begin with, I feel cheapskate these days because I want to save up more money to recover from my overspending last quarter. I\’m happy that I managed to tune my car\’s fuel consumption to the minimum since the recent oil price hike. I haven\’t refueled for the last 3 weeks. That\’s a record. Either I\’m not using the car too often or the last change oil significantly improved the fuel efficiency of my car. Either way, I\’m not complaining. It\’s good no matter how I look at it.


\"KonanNow for the Halloween party last Friday, I cosplayed Akatsuki — more or less Itachi — since I didn\’t have any weapon or accessory to carry. I didn\’t have the Sharingan. That would be too silly or ricey (baduy)!. Red eyes… sore eyes? Bleh. It was my very first cosplay so I had a mixed feeling about it since I just improvised the costume. I made the cloak out of a black graduation gown (toga) and I put white straw / Japanese paper strips around the cone \”rice hat\” (actually I used bathroom tissue because I couldn\’t find Japanese paper! kukuku!). I had to be creative to patch the symbol of Akatsuki, the red clouds, around my cloak. I used red construction papers and white paint to draw the outline of the clouds. Then I pasted, clipped and stitched the clouds around my cloak. I have 5 red clouds evenly distributed around my cloak and it was not an easy feat because the paper clouds can be ripped easily. If you\’re familiar with toga, it does not have a collar so I had to wear black long sleeves to cover my neck. I also had to wear red shirt inside because the underside of my toga is also black. The underside color of Akatsuki\’s cloack is red. Just use your imagination.

That\’s not the fun part yet. The event took place in Manila Peninsula Hotel. Just imagine what the executives and VIP in the hotel lobby were thinking when I was walking along the hallway. Were all pretending like children there. I was fortunate that other people wore more ridiculous costumes than mine. It\’s just a whim of my mind to cosplay Akatsuki. I can\’t be bothered spending money for a costume so I just made one — and it happens that Akatsuki\’s costume was very easy to create.

Near the end of the event, the organizers nominated best costumes. Since my costume was all improvised, when you inspect it closely, you\’ll agree how overrate my costume was. It\’s just appealing from a distance but the overall quality sucks big time when you scrutinize it. I\’m lucky to be in the top 15 costumes because other people who spent real money on their costumes were not even recognized.

The lesson learned here is simple — it\’s the thought that counts! If that makes any sense at all.

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Glorietta Bloody Friday

After seeing the news over and over again, I still can\’t believe what happened. There was a big blast in Glorietta at around 1:30 PM this afternoon and I was near the vicinity when that happened. At that time I was searching for a book for my little brother in Greenbelt 1. I wanted to search for the book in Glorietta National Bookstore but I decided to return to office soon. Several minutes after I have arrived in the office, someone blurted out that there was a big explosion in Glorietta 2 as one of our officemate called and reported the commotion happening in Glorietta. We initially speculated that it was a bomb or an LPG tank explosion but it was confirmed later on — it is a bomb.

If you can recall the bombing that happened on February 14, 2005 at Ayala MRT bus station. This tragedy somewhat resembles the incident. A lot of people + busy hour + bombing = many bomb victims. This time however, there is no terrorist group associated with the bombing yet.

On my way to bus station this evening, I was very uneasy because I can\’t stop thinking about the possibility of another bombing near the site. Despite tighter security, fear can be seen in the eyes of many passersby. I thank God that I managed to go back home safely. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the office. We planned to dine in Glorietta 3 that noon but luckily chose Greenbelt instead.

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Room Color Affects Your Mood

I think I need to repaint my room after reading this article. I can\’t really blame why our house is boring. My father is an engineer and he didn\’t hire an interior designer when my parents decorated our house. I can\’t even say our house was ever decorated. I\’m the eldest son and our current house was build when I was only 4 years old. No one assisted my father when we moved in the city.

If I can just rebuild our house now and repaint it, majority of the paint would be shades of blue and green. There would be occasional shades of orange and pale yellow. White is still a safe color but it\’s really boring without wallpapers.

Aesthetics can modify the ambiance of the room. Even if you don\’t play The Sims, basic color psychology would explain why the color of your room matters.

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Problems with House Cats

I actually do not have problems with cats alone but my problem is when they are in heat season or in other words — mating season. We own a queen and her name is Kalya (or Kayla). She\’s quite a babe because 3 toms are after her for several days now. Queen is the nomenclature for female cats while tom for male cats. Why would anyone call male cats tom when you can call them with a more royal name such as prince, duke or king after all? I just wonder. Anyway, with 3 toms after my poor queen, our house is set as the battle field for the 3 toms. Sometimes our dogs would participate in our garage and help our very own tom named Cheesecurls to scare the hell out of the trespassing toms. One of our neighbor\’s tom is named Twinkle — sounds gay! The other tom is a hooligan street cat we nicknamed \”Garfield\” for the lack of better alias.

When these toms fight over Kalya, our dogs attack any outsider cats. Cheesecurls has a home advantage. He is one lucky bastard as he does not get any beating from our dogs due to their alliance.

Frankly speaking I do not like the sound they create when they are fighting. I hate the angry high-pitched \”growl\” they create and their irritating distress signal or whatever you call it . It\’s just so fucking irritating! Hell, they even organize triple grudge match on our rooftop which is not nice when you want to sleep peacefully at night. What\’s more irritating is they managed to set a battle stage on my car as well! My dogs, anticipating which tom would fall on the ground first happily peeks and cling their front paws on the hood, too — and the result — ugly scratches above the headlamps and fender. I really wanted to cry when I saw the scratches today but I managed to fix the scratches using my Meguiar\’s car kikay kit. In my despair to save the paintworks of my car, I bought a car cover this afternoon. I feel less troubled now. However, when I checked my cats this evening… they are all sleeping on top of my newly-bought car cover. FTW!!!

I need to re-evaluate my love for pets. I hate them now. Grrr. Maybe I\’ll just pet a bunny.


We currently have 8 cats but there\’s only one true house cat of them all. She\’s toilet-trained but a sleepyhead. She\’s so behave and composed we can lock her in the house and she won\’t make any fuss about being trapped inside as long long as she can sleep and eat. Her name is Lulu, named after the gothic black mage in Final Fantasy X, as she is almost entirely black except for few white spots on her feet and belly.

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Last Two Stickers

Here we go… last 2 stickers and I feel like NOT completing it…. I think it\’s too early! I would miss the coffee addiction.


:: sigh ::

I\’m supposed to complete the sticker yesterday but that didn\’t happen so I guess my expected completion date would be extended.

Another update
I actually managed to complete another one by January so I gave the other one away.

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iPod, CCNA & Fashion Ability

I couldn\’t come up with a good title so I just mashed-up the 3 main topics I\’m going to discuss.

First of all, iPod. I don\’t own an iPod but my friend encountered a problem. The iPod suddenly decided not to communicate with Windows. I tried to troubleshoot the problem and looked up several forums but every information I got didn\’t fix the iPod. It won\’t show up and it is not detected by iPod updater. So, I told my friend to go to the nearest Apple Center in order to claim warranty for the defective iPod since it is still covered by warranty. Lucky!

Next, CCNA review. Hmmm… I\’m sacrificing a fraction of my weekend for the review for Cisco certification and it\’s going pretty well. However, I am thinking if I would take the exam as soon as the review is over. Having a weekly review doesn\’t seem to be enough because during weekdays what occupies my mind is all about SAP, Unix and business. Whatever happens to my CCNA exam, and whatever is the result, I\’m not yet sure if that will be a turning point of my career.

\"FashionThen, Fashion Ability. It\’s an Animax fashion show, complete with real ramp models and cat walks held at Ayala activity center last Saturday, inspired by Paradise Kiss anime. I didn\’t know how would the models and designs look like but I still waited quite long just to watch the fashion show. I was impressed by the designs, specially the 1st, 2nd to the last and the last entry. It\’s a pity that I didn\’t take pictures of the fashion show. My phone camera can\’t zoom far enough and clear enough to capture a decent shot. I stood more than 2 hours starring at nothing just to watch this fashion show. After the ramp modelling, I already left even if the fashion show is not yet over because it was too late already… and I was already hungry.

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