Seventeen Million US Dollars

I received this email and at first glance I was confused what I was reading. I soon realized that this is one of the more obvious scam that I found in my Gmail spam filter. :roll:

Dear Sir,

I can imagine how you will feel receiving a sudden business letter from a remote country in far away Africa and probably from someone you are not closely related with. But all the same, I believe we do not need to be of blood relatives before we can establish cordial/business relationship. I think it is very important at this juncture to introduce myself to you . My name is Mr KHALID ABDUL ALI. I am the district(Foreign operations) manager of the United Bank Of Africa. I got your email address from a search on the Internet and It is my pleasure to solicit your assistance in this business proposal. I am contacting you because I do not wish to transact the business with anybody who is known to any staff of this bank or anybody around here to avoid any possible BLACKMAIL or LEAKAGE at the end of the transaction.

THE PROPOSAL:- There is an ACCOUNT in this bank (United Bank Of Africa) which was opened in 1982 by one Mr. Carison Hogarth, an Australian National, who worked in a Scottish owned Petro-Chemical Company and since the year 2000 nobody has operated on this account. I have had a very careful study of the account files through which I carried an extensive investigation about the holder of the said account and found out that Mr. Hogarth died in a plane crash in 1999 thereby abandoning the account, having been fictitious regards the information he submitted to this bank at the time of establishment of the account. The account at this moment has no inheritance since the name Mr. Hogarth filled, as his relations has no contact information in the form he submitted to the bank.

I have secretly removed all the relevant files to the account from the dormant section so that bank auditors will not verify the abandoned money and refer it to Federal Treasury via CBN. Credit balance of the said account is about (SEVENTEEN MILLION US DOLLARS). My Dear Friend, the deal here is that the money in this account will be approved and remitted to any foreigner who shows up as relation to Mr. Hogarth provided such person has correct information to the account. I have such needed information and will hand it over to you as soon
as we commence the transaction. I will source all necessary documents and forward them to you for direct submission to the bank. With my position as the foreign operations manager we will quietly remove this money from the bank without hitches. I don,t have any problem in regularizing all necessary documents and transferring the credit balance of the said account to your nominated bank account in overseas, but the problem is TRUST !!

I have spent months in trying to get an overseas reliable contact. It is worthy to note that people are unreliable these days and even derive joy in telling lies. On this ground I request your unreserved but sincere cooperation devoid of greed in carrying out this transaction so that no one amongst both of us shall defraud each other at the end. I am prepared to split the fund 70%-30% with you, provided that mine will be intact at the end. Your soonest response is anticipated.

Best regards


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Got A Yearly License

I finally got an IPB license today! Yipeeee! :mrgreen:

Now I won\’t see the \”Trial\” notice at the bottom of my IPB forums :D

I\’m also planning to upgrade my license within 60 days to a lifetime license… I hope we can get sponsors within that span of time.

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Short Mild Earthquake

Wow… I felt a very short mild earthquake… that was 3:11 AM on my PC clock :shock: My PC table was shaking a few minutes ago… and I thought it\’s just me. I called my mom and confirmed it WAS an earthquake. Thanks God it\’s only mild.

Ok, I heard this officially on the radio: The origin of the earthquake is tectonic and the epicenter was the fault line that moved in Mindoro, originally part of the Manila Trench (magnitude 6.5). The intensity of the earthquake ranges from 3 – 4 Richter in Metro Manila. :eek: imagine that. :shock:

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Just Forget It

I thought exams and projects are the worst times in my life (so far)… but this morning, pass 12 midnight I felt so exhausted, tired and sick of running community that I just want to stop running it. This is the breaking point. I hate hypocrites. :sad:

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Dear… (oh dear!)

Wed, 8 Sep 2004 16:26:31 +0800

Dear sir,

Thank you for your email. We would like to apologize for the delay in the processing of your DSL application. Based on the latest feedback we received from our Central Office, several technical configurations are still needed from our end to activate the DSL service in your area. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any particular date yet as to when will this be completed. Nevertheless, your application remains to be active in our files and the moment the said configurations can already be implemented, we shall put your application into our priority list for DSL installation.

We will keep you posted on further developments.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused you. Rest assured that PLDT is doing its best to continuously find ways to serve you better. Thank you.



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Troll Madness

Since I was exposed to the internet, I was very interested in community forums. I have joined different board with themes starting from animes to movies, computers to teen-talks and back. I have learned so much from, one of the most active anime community back in 2000. It is rule of thumb not to let forum members flame each other; otherwise, the community will be in total chaos. I remember back then two factions emerged in the forums and the admin (Tom) couldn\’t handle the pressure from different parties. That\’s the version I know, but even if the details I know are incomplete, I know he closed because of personal and online community problems. is now just a history…

It all started with trolls picking and flaming others. A lot of bashing was happening back then but I stepped aside and didn\’t side with any group. Sometimes it\’s cool to be neutral. :)

After years of troll-free posting in forums, yesterday in one of the forums that I administer, a troll claimed that I don\’t know proper netiquette. :neutral: and that I was rude when in fact I was only asking a question on my previous reply to the original question. The question is \”What\’s your point\”. :neutral: It\’s very common in everyday English language. In other words, \”What do you really mean\” or \”Can you highlight your subject\”. It was misinterpreted by a troll in my forum and he reacted violently by posting a page of insulting words addressed to me. I was stupefied. People are getting too sensitive, harsh and rather unintelligent because they put themselves in a very shameful position. I pity them. As long as my conscience is clean, I have nothing to explain about. I can simply ban them from the forums whenever I like because they are breaking several rules already. After all, trolls are better left out of our online community.

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Fake Address!???

It\’s so ridiculous! :evil: I applied to get my PLDT MyDSL about a year ago and I was hoping to get mine as soon as 3rd Quarter of 2004. My application was pending for more than a year and when the DSL data center has become available in my area, they notified that they have sent a work order to check my area. Then my father went to PLDT this morning…. just to find out that the address in my application was NOT ours but someone else! :shock: What the…?? :evil: The personnel told my father that because of this, they misinterpreted that we lived on that fake address. The truth is, our true address is not yet DSL-capable! For the record they didn\’t check the address registered on our telephone number. That is rubbish! Totally rubbish. Why they didn\’t check my address and who the hell supplied that fake address? I had two application in MyDSL within a year (2003) and I submitted the same (true) address. This disappointed me so much because now I have to wait until November. :mad: For @#$% sake, improve your customer service PLDT…. :mad: I wish our area will be DSL capable before December. That will be the best Christmas gift this year.

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