Shaving More Often

Lol, I think I need to remind myself quite often that I\’m a young man and I need to groom myself quite often. I spend most of my time on bed sleeping or in front f my computer, doing work on my PC, so I didn\’t notice that my facial hair is already growing fast. I felt aged this week because of my haggard look and because of that I shaved this morning not because it was obligatory but because I felt I need to take care of myself more often. But who cares about my facial hair anyway. Do you? :)

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I Had A Fever

I was sick for two days, thankfully I recovered quickly… :) Now, I\’m back to work again.

Here\’s what making me busy right now: Mambo skin and Simple Machine Forum (SMF) skin.

I just finished the Mambo skin before I got sick while the SMF skin was delayed because of my illness. Anyway, I\’ll continue the skin making tomorrow.

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Year 2005!!!

These are the highlights of my new year celebration! I didn\’t light any fireworks at all, I just took pictures :P

I took all these pictures using my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P8 digital camera.

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Dedicated Server?

:neutral: Good choice or bad??? I\’m still undecided but the price are very tempting. :???:

CentOS or FreeBSD??? I would go for CentOS most probably since it\’s Linux, FreeBSD is somewhat different UNIX and I don\’t want to risk anything I don\’t know yet. I really hope things will get ironed out fast after new year.


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I can\’t believe Christmas has just passed by.

I\’m always here in my room so I didn\’t realize that time was fleeting.

Anyway… what should I do now? :???: Lemme see… I\’m doing some modifications in IPB, as well as with SMF. SMF is one of the best free forum board around. It\’s fast and simply good for building online community so I\’m giving it a try. :mrgreen:

My PearPC Mac OS X emulation would be a reality tomorrow. Ok, what else…? :neutral: I guess no more.

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The King of Filipino action movie has died. December 14, 2004 12:01 AM, RIP FPJ

During the election I really dislike his candidacy. The tides of fate really surprised everyone when FPJ was suddenly hit by stroke. Too bad he didn\’t recover. :???:

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