Drifting Tagaytay

I attended my cousin\’s wedding in Tagaytay, Batangas this morning (actually isa ako sa mga abay). On our way, we had a very foggy driving experience. It was until about 9 am that the fog was cleared. Anyway, here\’s a picture of Taal Volcano from Max Restaurant where we held the reception.


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Power Cycle

Since I bought my Linksys router I have dealt so many disconnection error on my DSL connection. So, I dig the Linksys documentation and knowledge base to address my problems. It seems to be that whenever there is a problem on my router, it would usually need a \”reboot\” so I have to turn it off and wait for about a minute… but the rest of network devices should follow as well. The interesting part is that you need to turn them on in this order: DSL modem – router – PC. The process of turning them off and on is called power cycle.

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Room Cleaning

Yup, that\’s right… I finally cleaned my room. I guess I can breathe more air now that the dusty corners of my room are more tidy. I also arranged the bookshelf near my PC. Now, all my reference books are organized and neatly arranged. They are all easily visible when I need them (most of them are programming references).

I wish I could post a picture of my room, but then it would be less fun. I\’ll leave that to your imagination. :)

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For those of you anime lovers out there, you might have heard this catch phrase \”Datte-ba-yo\” in some animes. The most recent and probably the most popular anime that I can think of is Naruto. Naruto overused dattebayo like hell. He puts dattebayo in almost all sentences that he utter.

I did a small research about this word and to my surprise it does not have a concrete meaning. It only give more emphasis to the sentence. For instance it\’s like giving a strong stress to that sentence like if i say \”Kore wa hon datte ba yo\” it would translate as \”How many times do I have to tell you that this is a book?\” or \”This is a f*cking book!\” :P Hehehe. So now you know why Naruto is quite rude and annoying dattebayo.

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VCD.. Burn… Burn…

I\’m burning some DivX videos here, and the encoding of DivX would take around 30 minutes already. The actual writing of the videos in the CD is less than 4 minutes, so I\’d wish that the encoding would be faster… darn. :(

I\’m using Nero Ultra edition… with all the plugins enabled. I really thought it\’s fast enough but I wonder if there\’s any converter out there that can burn the DivX videos into VCD faster?

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T1 ^_^


The Peninsula Manila consists of 498 rooms, including 46 suites, which are elegantly furnished in a classical style, yet with all modern and technologically advanced conveniences, including complimentary broadband Internet access for all guests. The Club Floor has been designed for the special needs of business travelers.

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