Goodbye Dear Laptop

I have been using this sleek 15-inch laptop for a couple of months now and I am very happy with its overall performance. It runs on an Intel i3 processor and it can play decent games like StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty thanks to its dedicated mobile graphics card. The generous amount of 4GB memory is also an added advantage for multi-tasking.

It\’s not defective; in fact it is still very smooth and it looks new.

So why I am bidding goodbye to this ideal laptop?

It will be sold soon. (sob)

Maturity played a lot in my decision to sell this lovely laptop because more important things await for the coming weeks and I have no emergency fund. Life could be a surprise to most of us, isn\’t it?

The reason I\’m quite touchy about this laptop is because I named it after a girl\’s name. I usually name my gadgets generic-sounding names. This laptop is actually the first gadget I ever named after a girl. And now, I am selling it!

You could now imagine how pathetic I am…

Of course I\’m kidding. Sure, there is a very important milestone in my life soon and I need a ready cash for that but I really intended to sell this i3 laptop because I want to buy a new desktop. I still have a decent Core 2 Duo laptop and an older Core Duo laptop which are more difficult to sell so I sold this one instead. It was fun owning this laptop but first things first. I need to dispose it.

I couldn\’t think of a better way to end this so I\’m leaving you with a sad photo…

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This is the start of a new beginning. From here forward, you\’ll see more content, both serious and not so serious stuffs.

A lot has changed and I need to adjust quite a lot in this blog. I feel sorry that this blog had been in hiatus for about two years already but I\’m going to revive it again from the ashes.

Now, let me welcome you to a new decade. Welcome 2010! :)

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Wind Chime Outside the Window

\"\"There are times that I want to hang a wind chime outside the window of my bedroom to call for The Haitian, a fictional character on the NBC television series Heroes, who has the ability to manipulate memories and suppress power.

Don\’t you want to forget your enemies, forget that you\’ve done something terribly wrong, embarrassed, publicly humiliated, traumatized, or even heart-broken? I\’m sure everyone has some kind of bitter memories that he or she wants to forget entirely.

There\’s one episode in the series that dealt about this idea when Claire wanted to forget his father (I won\’t spoil the details). I can connect and sympathize in Claire\’s character in that episode (Truth & Consequences) because It\’s really hard to lose someone you love dearly. Sometimes, the pain is so much to bear that you wish you have no memory of that person anymore.

Foolish thoughts…

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My first reaction was \”w00t!\” and I was really surprised that it was voted as the #1 word in Merriam-Webster\’s Word of the Year 2007. I\’ve been using that word since 1998 — and it has been made popular only this year? It is noteworthy that the word is spelled with two zeroes but not with O\’s. Yes, numbers are now welcome in the middle of a word. Maybe we should have lolcats, h4x0r and l337 in the dictionary soon. D\’oh!

The runner-ups are facebook, conundrum, quixotic, blamestorm, sardoodledom, apathetic, Pecksniffian, hypocrite & charlatan.

Check out the details of Merriam-Webster\’s Word of the Year 2007 here.

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M/S Explorer Puns

If you\’re reading the news yesterday, it was reported that an Antarctic ship called M/S Explorer hit an iceberg and nearly sank at the Antarctic ocean. Luckily, all the passengers were safe and were rescued.

I know that this sort of accident is not funny. However, you can\’t help but notice the name of the ship. What a coincidence! People across the internet made puns out of the ship that \”crashed\” at the Blue Sea of Death (BSod).

It\’s typical that MS Explorer (as in Microsoft Explorer) to crash once in a while and that is NOT unusual when you use Windows. IMHO, these comments are generally inspired by unhappy Windows experience and some of them (certainly not all) are made by Linux enthusiasts.

Some of the jokes at Digg:

  • MS Explorer crashes. Outlook not good.
  • One Note, Access to such treacherous waters should be limited to ships which Excel at breaking through icebergs.
  • I wonder if the penguin had any thing to do with this?
  • This story made the Frontpage of, their Publisher added it last night.
  • Luckily no-one ended up in the Blue Sea Of Death
  • This is what happens when you try and take M/S Explorer into penguin infested territory.

… and at Reddit:

  • The captain gave the Word to Excel, but they crashed. Now they have no Access to shore.
  • This Explorer crash may not be on the FrontPage of reddit yet, but it\’s all over the .NET. I saw it on MSNBC too – according to their anchor (a hot male), the Outlook looks pretty grim for the ship: the Sea is very Sharp this time of year in the antarctic.
  • Him and his Entourage obviously weren\’t heading to the right MapPoint

M/S means Motor Ship.
All puns about penguins are pertaining to Linux.

Stricken Antarctic ship evacuated [ via Digg and Reddit ]

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Sticker Happy… NOT!

I really can\’t fathom why the Lancer badge/sticker/decal at the back cost more than the side window visors. I bought the 4-piece visors this afternoon for only P1,500. Then I asked how much is the \”Lancer\” sticker at the back because I wanted to replace the worn-out letters. To my surprise, it costs more than the visors! P1,900.00 for a damned simple sticker. Then I asked if I can just buy the \”L\” and the \”E\” — nope, it\’s impossible. One must buy them as a set, told the sales person. Whatever material that sticker is made off, I\’m pretty sure that the reflective shiny material makes it expensive or it rather makes the sticker look expensive. But then, it is still a sticker for crying out loud! Why does it costs more than a set of 4 visors? Is it because the stickers have 6 letters? Six is greater than 4. Yeah right.


Why bother replacing it when I can just peel it off…

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Still Waiting for Gmail 2.0 Beta

Where is the Google love? I still haven\’t seen the new UI for Gmail in my inbox. Apparently, my account has not received the upgrade yet. Maybe it\’s randomly assigned. I\’m using my Gmail account everyday — an avid user — why I haven\’t seen the new version yet? I\’ve been waiting for it ever since the first rumor came out.

While everyone is discussing the new features and showing off screenshots, I\’m still here, waiting anxiously. I really hope that the new UI will be activated in my account soon.

I\’m surprised to see that the \”loading…\” message in my account in Gmail had changed from red to yellow so I knew right away that my account is already using the new version. From what I have \’felt\’ so far, what I\’ve read is true. There is a slight slow down when scrolling page. However, I noticed that there opening email from inbox listing is now faster. I think that the javascript is pre-fetching the content of the listed email so it now loads faster.

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