Your Lifesaver: Backup

What do you do when you have a very important dynamic website like a blog? Unlike static webpages in HTML, blog keeps on changing content as you insert more data in its database. If you run dynamic content, it\’s very critical that you backup frequently no matter how often your web host backup. After all you are responsible for your own files and databases. You\’re merely renting a web space. So, this is what you get when you don\’t backup frequently — Null. Zero. Nil. Nothing. Empty. And if you do backup, shit happens and they get corrupted sometimes… what a coinsidence. Dead website, R.I.P.

Frustrating, isn\’t it? It happens in real life.

I happened to save the posts of my friends\’ blog using cached webpages crawled by Google Bot. Amazing how you can use this technique to \”backup\” a blog bit by bit, piece by piece like a hundred-pieces puzzle. Good thing his blog was indexed relatively well by Google. Some Search engines like Yahoo and MSN indexed most of recent blog entries while Google indexed almost everything except the the most recent entries.

I couldn\’t blame anyone but myself when the server hardware failed. Who really expected that?! If only there\’s a realtime indicator of a harddisk\’s life that would have save our precious time and data. Oh dear God, help my friends to put up their dearest blogs online again . Help those people who have lost their backup, or those hwo didn\’t have a backup at all. Help them start a new phase. A new hope.

Sure thing, the only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty, and prevention is more effective than cure…

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Happy 20th Birthday Windows

\"Windows®Yesterday, (November 20) Microsoft celebrated its 20th birthday. Twenty years after the initial release of Windows™ 1.0, we have witnessed how Windows transformed from one version to another.

My first encounter with Windows was Windows 95. I was able to play with computers running Windows™ 3.1 back in elementary school days and it was too dull to look at. Windows™ 95 improved a lot of Windows™ 3.1\’s shortcomings. Even though it is slow, it was intuitive (take note it was considered fast during those time)! It has the best support for softwares and games, which I really liked. I installed a lot of kiddie games in my ancient Pentium 1 machine. MS-DOS was still widely used in applications during those days and internet was just on its way. I bought my second PC with Windows™ 98 installed in it, and the GUI of Windows™ 98 is a lot better compared to Windows™ 95. It ships with so many bundled applications and default softwares like media player and internet browser. I was just building my interest in computing back then. I hated Windows™ 98 because it gave my PC a lot of problems. I started using utilities to clean up my PC but it was useless. Apparently, using Windows™ NT was not the best solution as I could not install my precious games in my PC, so I adopted Windows™ ME. And so Windows™ ME came…it was more like a curse than a blessing. It\’s the most bugged Windows ever after all. I was introduced to Linux after several months; my very first distro was RedHat 6.0. Its functionality was still far from Windows but I gained some interest in alternative operating systems. Soon I realized that Windows is unparalleled not only in UI, but also in customer base (of course, it is supposed to be fool-proof OS). With my 3rd PC on its way, running in Pentium 4, I got Windows™ XP soon. I guess I still can\’t use a full-pledged Linux until this very moment. Windows™ XP provided the biggest upgrade since Windows™ 98 and became my prefered OS. It is very stable compared to Windows™ 98 because it boasts new kernel derived from Windows™ NT / 2000. I still think that Windows™ is the best OS for normal day to day computer activities. I reserve Linux for specialized computing.

Windows became part of my life for at least 10 years already; Linux, only 4 years (obviously I have a lot of catching up to do with Linux) but my point here is — the ubiquitous Windows operating system managed to become the number one software I use everyday without me acknowledging it. I\’m probably not in the IT industry today without Windows (well, perhaps Linux would but the chances are very slim).

Now, time for trivia! DownloadSquad has 20 interesting trivia about Windows™ 1.0. It\’s worth checking out.

20 things you didn\’t know about Windows 1.0
Windows Desktop Products History

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No More Dumb Questions

So, you\’re an internet person huh? You spend your time at least 2 hours chatting, sending instant messages and blogging… but you still ask around \”what\’s this\”, what\’s that and \”how do you do that… blah blah\” like a n00b — online. Then people ridicule your lameness and idiocy when you post your inquiries in public forums or chatroom. Guess what… isn\’t it very practical to use Google first before asking any dumb questions? Of course this does not apply to every situation specially when you want a guaranteed and straight-forward answer from a pro… but then… it wouldn\’t hurt to use any search engine to find out the answers yourself, specially when the subject you\’re asking about is not so technical. I\’m not insulting anybody here, am I? If I did insult someone, sorry. It\’s just a bit frustrating to answer questions online most specially in instant messengers (YM, MSN, ICQ), or even IRC for that matter, when the person asking already have the answers under his very own fingertips. Use the damn keyboard. Type your questions in Yahoo, Google or any of your prefered search engine and within minutes you\’ll have all the resources available in front of you (you have to be crafty in choosing the best keywords though). Surely, Google is your bestfriend when it comes to information gathering. You could even use it for homeworks — even a monkey can figure that out. :P



Credit for the Bart Simpson image I used — I picked it up somewhere but I don\’t know where it really came from, who created it and whatnots. Regardless, The Simpsons TM & 2005 T.C.F.F.C. All Rights Reserved.
Official site:
Google, Bart Simpson, dumb

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Robots Building Robots?!

This is scary yet very interesting in a certain way. Robotics advances as new technologies are introduced, and these advances make automation faster and more acurate. Now, for the first time, a robot could assemble itself using parts that float randomly in its environment. It could even correct itself when mistakes occur.

I have posted last week about the Law of Robotics. Let\’s hope that no crazy scientist will ever ignore these laws and start putting armaments to these self-assembling robots; otherwise, let\’s all prepair to be annihilated!

Source: MSNBC via [ Neowin ]

Btw, if you have cable TV, tune in to Ghost In The Shell, Stand Alone Complex: 2nd GIG in Animax. The Ghost In the Shell series inspired the making of the Matrix with all those robots used against humans in terrorism, very cool effects and interesting storyline. :)

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I\’d wish I have a 16x dual layer DVD+RW writer at the moment because backing up all the big files in my hard drive is taking much longer than I\’ve expected… long enough to lose my patience, that is. I\’m using Samsung WriteMaster right now on reliable and tested 8x Philips DVD+Rs, but it is still not fast enough. I could have bought the Imation 16x DVD+R but it costs P10 more, without the guarantee of compatability with my Samsung WriteMaster. Before I could backup all my stuffs from this 180 Gb Seagate Barracuda HD, I think it would take 2 to 3 days more judging from my current pace. :(

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Roundups for Yesterday…

  • I got my laptop back home, with a new motherboard! :) The technician told me that it is the root of all problems I was experiencing before. Good thing that my laptop service and repair is covered by 2 years warranty.
    In relation to my newly repaired laptop, I just discovered that it could actually play audio CDs even if the processing unit is off (no operating system). There\’s a special button just for that, which I normally just ignore, and I just learned how to use it when the technician showed a demo in front of me. Neat!
  • I did a big backup of my hard drive. For the record, I have downloaded more data than what I can store in my hard disk. It requires patience, time and a lot of DVD-/+Rs to back all the data up.
  • I called PLDT MyDSL customer service at 172-375 and I was surprised that my call was answered (Really! I thought that telephone line was always congested or unavailable)! My DSL suddenly dropped speed several days ago, and my neighbor also complained about it. The customer support representative have forwarded my concern to the technical support team stationed on their remote office… I\’m not sure how fast they can resolve the issue, andI don\’t have high hopes. I just wish they could restore the usual speed as soon as possible.
  • Neowin is having their 5th year anniversary and they have good prices for their contest specially for Neowin members. If you\’re a member, join now.

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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, the DVD movie sequel of the famous PS1 game, leaked in the internet instantaneously when it was released in Japan this week. Currently, top Bit Torrent sharing sites have some DVD rips of the this CG film.

Spoilers ahead!


Now, let\’s inspect some of the screenshots I made from the DVD. Here\’s a focused screenshot of Tifa\’s ring. It was confirmed to be Cloud\’s Wolf Ring. Whatever is the reason it ended up on Tifa\’s ring finger, we do not know. Cloud-Tifa fans would simply interpret this as a ring given by Cloud; however, we do not know the motives of Cloud anyway. He\’s always been a jerk when it comes to Tifa\’s affection towards him. Heh :P

Next, we see a gray lone wolf in the film… it\’s definitely a symbolism used in the film… but what is it? It would be Zack or Aeris. Most probably that would be Zack (if Aeris would appear as an animal, I guess it would be more feminine and cute feline, not a fierce and furry wolf).

Now, to spoil it even more… It seems that Aeris bid goodbye to Cloud already. See that? Zack is with her in the Lifestream already. They\’re probably happy now that are together in their afterlife. Looks sweet? Hehehe.


Below is group pic. You see here that most of them have dressed differently except Vincent, Cait Sith and Red XIII. Barret has a good set of gatling guns in his gunarm. Then, Cait Sith appeared without the stuffed mog fortune teller! I hate its voice too! Whatever happened to their ultimate weapons? They should at least use stronger weapons. For instance, Tifa is just using damn leather gloves! I think it\’s cooler if she have used at least Ergheiz agains Loz. She could have won the fight. Yuffie on the otherhand boots her new floral innerwear (she\’s a girl after all). Btw, Cid seems to be on his 20\’s only… I think he should look older for real. :P


Anyway… that\’s some of my comments regarding the characters but there are more criticisms regarding the story. That\’s out of my scope. You should find out by watching the DVD. :)

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