The Importance of Credentials

Have you ever doubted your professor\’s credentials? Do you think that your professor does not have the capability of teaching your class properly? How about not respecting your professor because he or she is not certified to teach your IT subject? In any case it\’s a bad image for your professor and too bad if you\’re enrolled in his or her subject.

To happy-go-lucky students out there it may not be a big deal but if you\’re the type of student who really wants to get the most out of your tuition fee, you probably want a decent IT learning experience. Well, I care about my learning experience and if rumors are true, my professor in CCNA 4 is not a certified instructor. For anonymity and protection of the professor I won\’t reveal his/her name. Respect should still be there but I don\’t know how far our class can handle it. Some of my classmates are already circulating nasty jokes about that particular professor. I keep myself neutral. Nevertheless, I\’m beginning to doubt if he/she can really teach our class effectively. If first impression really lasts then his/her subject would be a boredom…

Whatever happens in my final CCNA course there goes the online reading materials. RTFM and use Google if in doubt.

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Earphones Might Damage Your Hearing

I recently read this article about ear buds causing hearing loss and it\’s very alarming as MP3 players are so popular today. So you own an iPod or Zen? You probably want to change the earphones / ear buds that comes with it. The article suggests using ear muffs / headphones because they have noise-cancelling which eliminate background noise unlike ear buds. This prevents the user from stepping up the volume of the device, possible for causing hearing loss after just about an hour of listening.

Links: Ear Buds Cause Hearing Loss?
ear buds, earphones, headphones, audio, mp3 player

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Firefox Tweak Guide

\'Firefox\'Whether you are a newbie or a veteran Firefox user, you might be interested to learn more on customizing Firefox beneath the hood. After all, Firefox is well known for its extensibility. To fully customize your own copy of Firefox you need to have a better understanding of each and every feature of Firefox. Fortunately, Techspot has posted a detailed guide on Firefox which covers basic interface customization to numerous advanced settings adjustment to suit your needs. Finally, you don\’t need to be a geek to enjoy and harness Firefox\’s true power.

You should be running Firefox 1.5 in order to fully take advantage of this tweaking guide although some sections are still applicable in Firefox 1.0.x.

Techspot\’s Firefox Tweak Guide

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My Next Desktop will be AMD-powered

\'AMDDo you know why? Because AMD trashes Intel out of the competition in 64-bit dual-core processor match up. I\’ve been waiting for years that AMD surpasses Intel processors and now that it is a reality, I\’ll be more than happy to buy a new AMD-powered PC next year.

Whatever is the task, from day-to-day software applications to gaming, multitasking, photo editing and multimedia, AMD Athlon X2 is the winner. Intel is not even close. I\’m also convienced that AMD gives the best value for money even if the prize fight claimed Intel\’s Pentium D 820 as the best-valued processor.

To see how AMD knocked-out Intel, click the link below (courtesy of ZDNet Australia).

Dual-core desktop duel: AMD vs. Intel

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Rising Force Online Love Song

I\’ve been playing the open beta of Rising Force Online – Philippines a.k.a. RF Online – Philippines or RFO-Ph. Whenever you launch the game there are 3 music that play randomly when you open the login interface and one of them includes lovely lyrics in english. The other 2 music are instrumental renditions — a piano solo and a symphonic version. I was intrigued so I searched for the title of the song. I transcribed the lyrics that I could understand and I googled it. Alas, I found it! The name of the song is \”One\”. In fact the title is already in the filename of the MP3 background music that comes with the game under C:\\Program Files\\RF Online\\Snd\\Bgm\\1_RF_Online_ONE.mp3. (Maybe it\’s not there anymore. It could have changed.) It was sung by So Jung Lee and it was originally used in Japanese drama series \”Friends\”.

Anyway here\’s the lyrics for the song. :)


Title: One
Artist: So Jung Lee

When I saw you for the first time
I knew you were the one
You didn\’t say a word to me
But love was in the air
Then, you held my hand
And pulled me into your world
From then on, my life has changed for good
Now I\’ll never feel lonely again \’cause you are in my life.

Love, how can I explain to you
The way I feel inside when I think of you.
I thank you for everything that you\’ve showed me.
Don\’t you ever forget that
I love you

Love, I know that someday real soon
You\’ll be right next to me
Holding me so tight, so I will always be yours
Although we can\’t be together now
Remember I am here for you
And I know you\’re there for me.

Whenever I long to be with you,
I just close my eyes and pretend you\’re here
I see you, I touch you, I feel you, like real
Nothing can ever change
When I feel inside.

How long must I be far away from you
I don\’t know dear, but I know
We are one.

Many years had passed since I posted this in my blog and I still get quite a lot of questions about this song.  I don\’t know how to play this in the piano but I can play this in flute and bass using the music sheet I found somewhere. Let me know if there is a better source. Anyway, just grab this music sheet below before it\’s gone. Good luck.


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Rising Force Online – Philippines

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Adobe – Macromedia New Software Bundles

\'AdobeHave you recently visited Macromedia\’s website? The dark gray website of Macromedia now sports a whitish website complementing Adobe.

Adobe had completed its acquisition of Macromedia on December 5, 2005. You can read the press release here.

Soon after the completion of the acquisition, Adobe released Adobe Design bundle which combines Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium software with Flash 8 software, worth $1599. Adobe also combined Creative Suite 2 Premium software with Studio 8 softwares in Adobe Web bundle, worth $1899.

If you purchase CS2 ($1,199) and Studio 8 ($999) separately it would cost you $2,198 while buying CS2 and Flash Professional 8 ($699) would cost you $1899. Therefore you save $299 when you buy these new bundles. :)

Press release: Adobe Completes Acquisition of Macromedia

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Yet Another Mistake

I made a mistake in blogging recently and it\’s quite obvious — I didn\’t update my blog for more than a week, and I know some readers, no matter how few, would visit my blog without new articles or news to read. My ultimate goal for my blog is to get more readership in my own niche but how would I do that if I post irregularly? Yeah right… so I guess I have to post regularly no matter how busy I am.

See what happens when you don\’t update your blog:


My visitor hits are decreasing! :(

I want to share the stories about last week but I don\’t want to recollect anything concerning hell weak already. April\’s blog is a concrete evidence of our calvary last week. I\’m sure you\’ll find it very interesting… Just read entries from December 6 onwards. :D

Overall, this term is the lousiest preparation I have done in my entire academic life so far. As a matter of fact, it is my personal record — beating 2 major subject projects within 1 week with zero preparation, and keeping myself awake between 48 to 72 hours with the help of caffeinated drinks and lots of water. And best of all, programming a Java machine problem (MP) in one night. I don\’t know what\’s in your mind right now but I guarantee you, cramming is an art that I have perfected more than 5 years ago when I entered high school.

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