Segway Human Transporter

\'SegwayI just saw an actual Segway Human Transporter in action today in our school affairs — it\’s so cool! :D I\’ve seen Segway HT several times on display; seeing it in action just made me wanna ride one! Seriously, I really want to ride it. The darker side of me had the intention of grabbing one Segway HT from the lady circling around the courtyard but that would look so stupid and cruel. :lol:

Segway Human Transporter

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Is Mac For Everyone?


Well, I saw an Apple advertisement this afternoon along Skyway which goes like this: \”The truth is Mac is for everyone. Get a Mac today.\” I scratched my head and tried to understand its meaning. Obviously that\’s part of Apple\’s marketing, and marketing is not the most honest job available out there. Sometimes marketers sell products they don\’t even use!

If we consider the rise and fall of the Philippine economy, who would buy Mac these days? Not unless you really are dying for Mac. Maybe a handful of enthusiasts and solid supporters will never think of the price. It\’s an investment anway. Even though Macs are generally more powerful than a PC side-by-side when raw power is considered, not everyone is willing to trade their PC for a Mac because most Mac softwares available here in the Philippines are not found along sidewalks. If you\’re lucky enough to find one they are three to five times more expensive than an average PC CDs sold in Quiapo even if they are pirated. Take note that the prices of original softwares in Mac and PC are about the same.

An average Filipino would use their PC for assignments or office documents, surfing the internet, chatting with friends and occasional gaming. Oh, did I mention games? That\’s probably the downfall of Macs in the Philippines because most popular games here, specially those online games that reign the Philippine gaming market, run only in PC (Windows). Licensed softwares in Mac are considerably more expensive than PC and if you\’re one of the geeks who run Linux in your PC, then all your softwares are free. There are free softwares in Mac too, but there are more softwares in PC. That\’s one reason why PC achieved its dominance not only here in the Philippines, but also worldwide. In addition, upgrading your PC is relatively easy once you\’ve learned the basics. Not everyone is willing to shell out more money just to buy a beautiful box. More importantly, many Filipinos are kuripot (stingy).

I like Macs — they do the job well specially in graphics, video editing, design and development but they are not your average computer. Macs are more or less designed for technophiles, designers, and style-conscious computer users. Macs are not cheap so it attracts less buyers than PCs. I\’m very willing to buy a Power Mac G5 but I don\’t have the luxury yet. Practically any sub-20000-peso PC can do all the general computing tasks a Mac can do, so why buy a Mac? Getting in the Mac bandwagon is not the best reason to get a Mac either.

So, going back to the advertisement… \”The truth is mac is for everyone. Get a mac today.\” Nah… It can\’t be true. Yeah sure… Mac can be for everyone only if they have the budget, and if many Filipinos embrace authentic softwares. I\’ll bet that large percentage of computer users in the Philippines don\’t even know what Mac is until they see that advertisement. On top of that, I think that Apple is just using the popularity of iPod to sell Mac. In my opinion, even if iPods are selling like hot pancakes, Mac won\’t be able to compete against the popularity and practicality of PC in a country where most buyers are kuripot.

At the end of the day it all depends on you, the buyer.

P.S. I want to add that the most affordable Mac you can buy today is Mac mini which is about P40,000 (retail).

UPDATE: I try to be as fair as possible in writing this. I like Mac and I love to have one. If you are a poweruser, it\’s good to have both Mac and PC for development and testing purposes. The whole point of this entry is figuring out why the slogan does not fit with the current economic situation of our country. Even if the selling point of Apple is ease of use and beauty, they do not count on people with tight budget in mind.

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