Kindle Comparison Chart – Kindle Fire vs. Others


Update (September 7, 2012): If you are looking for Kindle Fire HD, I have updated the Kindle Comparison Charts featuring the new Kindle Fire HD vs. the latest premium tablets.

Amazon did not only unveil the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire tablet yesterday but it also revealed 3 new e-ink Kindles – the new $79 Kindle, $99 Kindle Touch and $149 Kindle Touch 3G. That\’s right, there are 4 new Amazon gadgets that are very competitively priced. Don\’t know the best one for you? You can find the Kindle Comparison Chart below.

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, \”There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.\”

If you\’ll do the math you can buy Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch 3G and the Kindle Touch, all in for the price on one iPad 2 tablet. And to think that you can read your e-book in all devices, that offers a lot of value for digital nomads and bookworms around the world.


If you compare Kindle Fire against iPad 2, you will immediately see that is it not really a direct competitor but it is a competitor nonetheless. Kindle Fire is directly competing against Barnes and Noble Nook which at this point looks very outdated compared to the current offer of Amazon.

Take note that many features were removed from Amazon Kindle Fire to trim down the price of this device. It has no camera and no 3G, but you get a wi-fi connectivity anyway.

Look at the comparison chart for Kindle, iPad 2 and Nook to get the picture (from The Verge). The comparison between Nook and iPad is very much the same with Kindle Fire except that Kindle Fire has a faster processor than Nook.



I am a little disappointed with the short battery life of Kindle Fire compared to its e-ink siblings. Obviously, Kindle Fire is not just an e-book reader. It can play games, playback music and videos and do pretty much every Android table can.

If you are just inclined in reading e-books or magazine, look no further than Kindle Touch 3G if you want to download e-books anywhere in the world. The $149 Kindle Touch 3G is cheap because it has special offers and sponsored screensavers.  In other words, it has ads. But for any e-book lover this is the best Kindle you can get with the longest battery life.

For all the keyboard lover, the old Kindle is renamed as Kindle Keyboard and is still available at a discounted price.

So after looking at the Kindle comparison chart, if you haven\’t got a Kindle yet, which one will you buy?


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Next Generation Portable (NGP): 7 Great Things About PSP2

With the recent announcement of PlayStation Next Generation Portable (NGP), there is a lot of coverage for this new gaming device lately. Facing big competition with other game handheld and portable devices like iPhone, it seems that Sony included almost everything in the package, including the kitchen sink!

Before anything else, I like to comment on the super oval design. It looks great and it does not resemble the horrendous PSP Go at all. Just look how sleek it is. Good decision Sony.


I can\’t believe we have to wait almost eternity to buy this because it will be only available on holidays of 2011 — and most probably in Japan first. For now let me share my list of 7 great things about NGP that I look forward to:

1. Quad-core CPU and GPU
It is the first mobile gaming device to boast a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and quad-core GPU as well. With all that power packed in a small form factor, perhaps Sony is right when they said NGP is as powerful as PS3. Of course it\’s hard to interpret that literally because it will be no match for PS3 at all. Perhaps what they meant was, the graphics will be as good looking as the current generation consoles if scaled down on a handheld device. Now imagine how long this thing can operate in a single charge. If Sony can at least match the battery life of the PSP battery, it\’s okay. I really hope battery life won\’t disappoint.

2. Big 5-inch OLED screen
NGP will sport a resolution of 960×544 – 4X more pixels than the previous PSP models which only have 480×272 resolution. And because it is OLED (organic light emitting diode) I expect that it will be very bright and vivid. I never used my PSP to watch movies but when NGP hits the store, I might do it this time around just for the eye candy.

3. Dual Analog sticks
Finally! After years of long wait, Sony finally listened. The original Sony Playstation controller wouldn’t be so epic without its pair of analog stick. Now that NGP has 2 nubs, we can finally enjoy those old PSPone classics in full analog controls. Game developers could now map those camera controls for the second stick like in FPS and adventure games. Also, the analog sticks and the d-pad are positioned higher. Hopefully this gives the player a better grip.

4. Front and back touch panel
The OLED screen serves as a multi-touch pad and the back features a unique back touch panel too. I know it sounds odd. Touch panel at the back? You have to watch the game demo for Uncharted and Little Deviants to understand it more. These, and the addition of six-axis motion sensor, allows you to interact with the game using three-dimensional actions including touch, trace, push and pull. With this features, NGP can easily get light-hearted games that uses touch input similar to NDS.


5. Wi-Fi + 3G Connectivity
With the combination of the front touch panel, good browser software and powerful hardware, NGP could even rival other wireless devices with browsers like iPhone. All I can say now is it’s too early to tell how it will compare with the competition. For those who are not after 3G, Sony announced that there will be at least 2 SKU for NGP: one with Wi-Fi only, and one with both and Wi-Fi and 3G.

6. Value-added Services
I am just curious how these things will work in PSP2. LiveArea is a replacement for XMB and has social networking element thrown into it where you brag about your trophies, message friends and shop. There is also Near which is service for location-based interaction and content (yes, NGP has digital compass too). While both may add unique NGP experience, LiveArea and Near are two features that could only be successful if there are many NGP owners around you. Let’s see how it will unfold.

7. New and Old Games
Sony has one of the largest library of games if not the largest. If games from PSone classics, PSP and PSN will be available for NGP, that will be a lot to begin with. Right now there are at least 16 games announced for NGP including Uncharted, WipeOut, Little Deviant, Killzone and Little Big Planet.

There will be more things to uncover with Sony\’s new handheld gaming device. While you wait, save up now or you may pre-order from your favorite game store.

For those who have not seen the PlayStation Meeting 2011 where NGP was announced, enjoy the video below. You may want to skip to 6:00 to jump straight to NGP.

Official announcement: Introducing NGP – The Next Generation Of Portable Gaming

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E-book Reader Face-off

Gizmodo compares Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader. They have many differences and I don\’t think none of them is the perfect e-book reader, for now.

If I pattern this to my trend in buying gadgets, I won\’t purchase any of these until a 2nd-generation model comes up or it has become terribly cheap. I like books on paper and reading e-books on LCD monitor isn\’t that bad either. I just think that this kind of e-book reader will be popular when marketed to gadget-frenzy people who likes reading books as well. However, I don\’t see these gadgets appealing to bookworms or hardcore book readers. I\’ve asked many friends before — they all prefer book novels in paper. Some people won\’t even read e-books unless it is the last resort. On the other hand, my colleagues like e-books for reference materials and IT publications. It is very convenient when searching for terms and specific keywords.

Now, I don\’t want to spoil your reading so you might as well head to the source of the article.

Link: Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader

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No Gphone Yet

\"OpenThere\’s a lot of buzz going in the internet about the so-called \”Gphone\” since late December 2006. Google is yet to reveal a true Google phone. For now, we get the Android platformwhich is part of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) that was announced yesterday.

What is Android? From what I know so far, it is an OS, middleware and key mobile applications. In other words, it\’s a software stack. It\’s open source. It\’s based from Linux kernel. It should be able to optimize and maximize the potential of the mobile phone\’s hardware resources. There\’s an SDK to be released so users (more or less developers) can customize the phone in different ways they can imagine. It will enable the phone to access the web. It can combine information from the web with the individual\’s mobile phone to create relevant user experience. Android can also provide access to many libraries and tools that can be used to develop rich applications such as a P2P social application on your phone.


Now that you have a platform, partner that with a stunning touch-sensitive mobile phone and you\’ve got a true iPhone competitor. Way to go Google. I\’m not a fan of Apple iPhone so Android is definitely welcome. It\’s just disappointing that after all the hype, news and raves about Google finally releasing the \”Gphone,\” that we only get to see the tip of the iceberg. If Android becomes a success, and if the Open Handset Alliance lives up to its expectation, I\’ll buy it.

I think what\’s more exciting is how many enthusiasts will create application for OHA, and will OHA create a new revolution in cellphone industry much like how Linux competed with Microsoft in desktops and servers? Only time will tell.

Open Handset Alliance
Google Blog: Where\’s my Gphone?

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N73 Firmware Update

\"UpdaterSo I finally got the latest firmware update in Nokia Software Updater (NSU) after painstakingly waiting months for the official update to appear. I tried to update NSU several times but it seemed to be not working at all. But tonight, after I rebooted my PC and reinstalled NSU, I managed to make NSU work!

Anyway, the update process was quite scary because if you accidentally pulled out the cable or disconnected the bluetooth, your phone might be damaged and be rendered unusable. I\’m so careful while updating my phone that I really got mad when someone tried to go near my PC. When my N73 firmware update was completed, my phone rebooted and every file in my phone was wiped out. That\’s true. Thank God there is a backup tool that comes with Nokia PC Suite, restoring backed-up files was a breeze. So, don\’t forget to backup your phone when updating firmware so that you can keep everything in your phone intact.

I know that there are still bugs in the latest firmware version but hopefully they are less troublesome than what I used to experience. These bugs are somewhat tolerable but I hope that firmware v4.x for N73 will come out very soon to fix whatever was left out in the bug-fixes. After updating the firmware of my phone, I could feel that the applications run faster and the transition is smoother while switching between apps. I\’m sure that other S60 phones in Symbian OS 9.1 had some issues in the pass, too, but firmware updates like this made those phones more stable.

Here\’s a screenshot of my phone with the latest firmware.


To get NSU, just go to Nokia Phone Software Updater website.

Nokia, N73, firmware, Symbian OS 9.1

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Optical Mouse-phone for Skype

\"SonyThere\’s a new concept mouse from Sony — VN-CX1 is a USB optical mouse-phone compatible with Skype which combines phone and mouse in one. I really like the idea and it looks stylish too. I just think it\’s better if it is wireless or bluetooth-enabled, not wired.

When there\’s a call in Skype you simply flip it open and it instantly becomes a USB phone. Flip it back and you can use it as a mouse again. The scroll wheel serves as the volume regulator during phone-mode. It doesn\’t look ergonomic or comfortable because of its shape but it\’s very trendy. :)

Sony VN-CX1: Skype Mouse Phone [ via Share Skype ]
Skype, Sony, optical+mouse, mouse

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MacBook Pro

\"MacBookI\’m really impressed with this new Mac laptop powered by Intel Core Duo processor. It\’s called MacBook Pro, a new brand name to celebrate the very first Apple laptop with Intel mobile processor. The new Intel logo also looks different on the MacBook Pro — sleek, black and shiny.

The MacBook Pro 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo is 4 times faster than a 15-inch PowerBook G4 1.67GHz. It will run Windows with some hacking and it\’s thinner than the original PowerBook — it\’s just an inch thick and weights only 5.6 pounds.

MacBook Pro At a Glance

  • 15.4-inch widescreen display
  • 1.67 or 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo
  • 667MHz frontside bus and main memory
  • PCI Express architecture
  • Up to 120GB Serial ATA hard drive
  • ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with up to 256MB memory on 16-lane PCI Express
  • ExpressCard/34 slot
  • Dual-link DVI, VGA adapter included
  • One FireWire 400 port, two USB 2.0 ports
  • Optical digital and analog audio I/O, built-in microphone and stereo speakers
  • Slot-loading SuperDrive
  • Illuminated keyboard, Scrolling TrackPad
  • Built-in AirPort Extreme (802.11g), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Mac OS X Tiger with iLife ’06 featuring iWeb, iWork ’06 trial, and more

For the complete package you can check the complete specification of MacBook Pro.

$1,999.00 for 15.4-inch 1.67GHz Intel Core Duo
$2,499.00 for 15.4-inch 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo

Apple: MacBook Pro
Apple, MacBook, MacBook+Pro, PowerBook, Mac+Intel

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