Genius SP-i165 Portable Speaker

This press release is a guest post from MSI-ECS, distributor of Genius products.


Genius Marries Portability and Design with Its Latest Speaker

Genius presents a new portable speaker, SP-i165 for enjoying music anywhere. It has a cute artsy design that can bring you great enjoyment. SP-i165 uses a 40mm speaker driver for enhanced bass. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you listen to your favorite music with family and friends anywhere for a long time. Charging is simple; just plug it into the USB port of a PC/laptop. You can use SP-i165 with any iPad, iPod, iPhone, cellphone, notebook, MP3/MP4 player or CD player that has a standard 3.5mm audio input. It comes in three attractive colors: black, white or red. Also added are a quick charge USB cable and a pouch for storage.


  • Portable speaker for smart phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC, notebook, mp3/mp4 player
  • 40mm driver for clear sound and deeper bass
  • LED indicator: Blue – working, red – low power/charging
  • Built-in lithium battery; quick charge by USB
  • Up to eight hours working time
  • Color options: Black, White, or Red
  • Pouch included

Genius SP-i165 portable speaker retails at only Php 750 and is locally distributed by MSI-ECS. For product inquiries, email [email protected] or call 632 688-3181.

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Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y iPad Case Puts Smart Cover to Shame

If you think that iPad Smart cover is smart enough, think again.


Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y is a Reddot Design Award Winner for 2012 due to its insanely good multi-angle smart case design for iPad (3rd generation).

It serves as a smart case, stand and stylus holder all in one. If you are for the hunt for that perfect case, this might be it.

When using the original iPad and iPad 2 Smart cover, you have to swipe your fingers lightly if you put it on a steeper angle because you could knock it over if you are not careful.

On  iCoat Slim-Y, you can put your iPad on stand and even if you exert more pressure while typing on it or when using stylus, it won\’t move. Finally, a case that is very stable. I know a  lot of people are looking for this kind feature so I recommend that you check this out on your favorite stores.

It can also hold the iPad at different angles and orientation, portrait or landscape, by turning it 90, 180 even 360 degrees and it will stand any way you like it. It\’s simply unique and very creative.

It has a detachable stylus holder that slides in and out of the sleeves and any standard stylus will fit it.

If you want to learn more about iCoat Slim-Y watch the demo video and read the local press release below.

Ozaki launches an innovative smart case for the new iPad

iCoat Slim-Y, a Reddot Design Award Winner for 2012, exceeds the limit of the smart case and gives the freedom to stand your iPad either in landscape or portrait mode supported by a 360 degree stability. The ‘Y’ shape creates a tri-axial stand, offering four more angles and a stable platform. Don’t be afraid challenging the screen with heavy typing/touching, your iPad won’t move an inch. iCoat Slim-Y allows you to switch from portrait to landscape in just one flip, to position the screen at a lower or higher angle in just one simple motion. It provides the freedom to display, view, play or work on your content – just to name a few things – easily, effortlessly and with maximum comfort. iCoat Slim-Y is with no doubt the 2012 best business and practical iPad case on the market.
Ozaki continued on, releasing a clean-modern look with four sophisticated Saffiano leather colors: black, white, red and brown and includes a detachable stylus holder in the back, to fit your professional life.
If you ever wanted a modern-looking protective shell with a built-in portrait and landscape stand, without adding extra weight to your iPad, iCoat Slim-Y fits perfectly. iCoat Slim-Y won’t let you down and fall, it becomes your best partner!

  • Front and back protection
  • Slim size with both portrait and landscape view
  • Adjustable multi-angle viewing mode for landscape view
  • Stands steadily even when playing a touch screen game
  • With a detachable stylus holder (stylus not included)

Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y retails at Php 2,995. Ozaki is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information and availability, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

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Genius MousePen M508WX – Wireless Drawing Tablet


If you are the creative type and wants to enjoy creative freedom you will like the new wireless Genius MousePen M508WX. It has 5 x 8 inches drawing area, 2048 levels of pressure, pen, and cordless mouse. It has four control buttons for undo, delete, zoom in and zoom out. In addition, there are 13 customizable shortcuts on top of the drawing area. It is great for creating digital drawings, photo manipulation and other creative productions.

Genius MousePen M508WX  comes with bundled software to take advantage of the hardware. PenDrawer (Windows only) lets you take notes on images, PenSign lets you create digital signature easily and Pen Toolbar lets you edit documents and create handwritten notes.

For the complete specs, read the local press release below.

Infinite Creativity and Seamless Execution with Genius’ Newest Graphic Tablet

Enjoy unlimited freedom for your design and art work with this wireless tablet from Genius – MousePen M508WX. The 2.4GHz 5” x 8” tablet offers an easy, more natural way to create your designs. Now you can just sit on a sofa or the floor and create your graphic inspirations without worrying about distance or any connection problems. With a palm rest around the entire working area, you can work long hours to finish any type of project you are working on.

The 5120 LPI high resolution and 2048 level pressure sensitivity pen meet your most professional graphic demands. MousePen M508WX has four express keys for instant access to undo, eraser, and zoom in / out functions. It’s the most ideal tablet for artists and designers who want to create amazing designs effortlessly.


  • 5” x 8” switchable working area for wide/4:3 screen user’s needs, with auto mapping function when connected
  • 2.4GHz wireless connection provides 10 meter working distance
  • 5120 LPI high accuracy and sensitivity for a highly reactive cursor
  • 2048-level pressure sensitivity for all shapes and thickness control for complete and accurate control
  • Cordless mouse and pen give you unlimited freedom.
  • Four express keys (undo, eraser, zoom in/zoom out) increase design efficiency
  • Ideal for 2D Sketch & Drawing, Professional 3D industrial and Animation graphic design

MousePen M508WX retails at Php 9,200. Genius is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

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iPad Resolution: 7 Good Reasons You are Not Buying or Upgrading to the New iPad

This post is not just about iPad resolution but your own resolution. If you are still weighing your options and you don\’t have a firm decision not to buy the 3rd generation iPad yet, here is a list of reasons why you should really not buy the new iPad.

Of course there are many wonderful features on the 3rd generation iPad but that is not the point. Notice how Apple is marketing the new iPad, it\’s more of the aesthetics that is highlighted not much on the functionality. I will focus on what the new iPad is and what it is not so you\’ll know whether it\’s for you and if you really need to buy it.

1. Retina display is too much

Sure, it is gorgeous but do you need it?

To give you a perspective let\’s use Apple\’s comparison.


With 3145728 pixels packed on a 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy IPS display, it has 4x pixel density than the older iPad 2. The new iPad resolution is called QXGA  – it still has 4:3 aspect ratio, and it is NOT wide screen. Apple puts \”widescreen\” on the specification but it\’s not wide screen at all.


QXGA is currently the highest non-experimental and non-widescreen resolution — not very common but it will be, soon, due to iPad. The only other company that I know to release a mobile device with QXGA resolution  is NEC which sold laptops with QXGA monitors in the Japanese market.

If you watch non-HD Youtube videos, expect it to appear blocky. Think watching SD television on your HDTV.

If you play mobile HD games, watch HD videos on the go, browse ultra high resolution photographs from DSLR outdoors then perhaps it is worth the upgrade from iPad 2 alone. Otherwise the retina display is probably too much for you.

Also if you do not have the tools to edit or produce great materials from the new iPad, you might as well do those activities on a desktop computer.

2. You\’re not savvy on tablets or not a power user

If you intend to use the new iPad mostly for note-taking, using Facebook, browsing the internet, playing Angry Birds, reading novels or recipe, showing interactive stories to your kid or anything that does not require HD at all, then iPad 2 or any other tablet will serve you for quite a long while.

This boils down to what you really need. If you just need a simple tablet then you are probably better off using Kindle Fire. It\’s cheap and it does what a typical 7\” tablet can do.

3. Looks the same but heavier and thicker!


Disappointing? Yes, to a certain extent.

It might be necessary for the new 11,666 mAh battery inside to support the IPS display power requirement but are you kidding me? This makes iPad 2 more attractive.

Although  every major features were upgraded, the 3rd generation iPad is virtually the same as the older iPad 2 but the new iPad seems to be downgraded because it\’s ticker by 0.6 mm and heavier by 51  g  (Wi-Fi only model).

Get an iPad 2 if you are after the thinnest and lightest iPad available.

4. 4G LTE what?

Maybe having 4G is compelling enough reason to buy the new iPad but are you willing to pay the premium? Take note that you are most likely going to download bigger files from the Apple app store due to increased resolution, and it\’s probably the reason why Apple included 4G LTE on the new iPad anyway.

The new iPad uses either 700 Mhz and 2100 Mhz frequencies for 4G and for some countries that means 4G LTE is not supported at all. Your best hope is that it is compatible with HSPA+ network on your carrier. Apple needs to make separate models to support different 4G frequencies in US alone and it is misleading that 4G is supported worldwide. Again, it\’s not!

The good thing is, Apple still sells Wi-Fi only iPad and you can totally avoid the frequency mess.

If you can get unlimited and unthrottled data plan it might be a great deal but your battery probably won\’t last longer on 4G anyway so you might wish you have bought the Wi-Fi only version or probably something else.

5. You already bought an iPad 2 or other tablet

If you are happy with what you already bought and you don\’t wish to dive  immediately on a new purchase, that\’s totally fine. It is safer to wait and see what other consumers think of the new device after it is used and tested by typical consumers like you and me.

Also, you might wish to get more mileage out your device if it is less than 6 months. Don\’t pity yourself if you are not getting the new iPad soon. You\’re just fine without it.

6. No Siri


I don\’t blame you if you love Siri so much. The new iPad has a dictation feature but it is not as flashy or entertaining as Siri could be. Maybe it is coming to iPad in the feature but if you are dying to see Siri in the new iPad, better luck next time.

7. Need to save money

Let\’s make this quick. If you don\’t have enough money then don\’t buy the new iPad. You can consider iPad 2 because it is cheaper now and the awesomeness to price ratio is still relatively high compared to other tablets.

If you really want to save, why are you even looking at the new iPad?


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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, New Cutting-Edge Laptop Series


Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

Having used Lenovo laptops before, I am very familiar on its reliability  and durability. The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge line-up is a new series which combines power saving processor, portability and a daring new style with classic ThinkPad engineering.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E120 is the smallest ThinkPad to date — featuring only 11.6\”  HD glossy LCD monitor (LED back-lit) with 1366×768 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. It features Intel HD3000 integrated graphics, 2GB DDR3 memory (upgradable up to 8GB) and 6-cell battery.  It is powered by Intel Core i3-2357M dual-core processor (1.30 GHz)

It comes in two variants locally, one with 320 GB HDD and the other one with 500 GB HDD.

The 12.5-inch model, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220S aside from having a bigger monitor also packs faster Intel Core i5-2537M dual-core processor (1.40 GHz) with Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading, and bigger 4GB memory by default.

Despite its departure from the standard look ThinkPad Edge series keep the durability and reliability of the ThinkPad models. You will not worry with the spill-resistant chiclet keyboard and magnesium-aluminium construction with reinforced metal hinges.

Read the local press-release and watch the promotion video below.

A Cutting-edge Laptop Series by Lenovo

Lenovo revolutionized a new ThinkPad laptop series designed to push ThinkPad design and innovation to the edge. Simply called “ThinkPad Edge,” the 13, 14 and 15 inch models are designed specifically for small to medium sized business (SMB) customers. The 13 inch model represents the first ThinkPad laptop to offer AMD dual core processor technology and to be offered on AMD’s VISION Pro Technology. In addition to performance, the new laptops are designed with style and affordability in mind for today’s budget-conscious customers.

“Small to medium business customers tell us they want PCs with bold yet professional designs, uncompromising durability and reliability with the latest technologies that meet their budgets,” said Fran O’Sullivan, senior vice president, Think Product Group, Lenovo. “Our answer is the new ThinkPad Edge family of laptops. They deliver stunning technology and powerful performance at an unprecedented value.”

Sophisticated and Simple Design

The ThinkPad Edge Series laptops reflect a new progressive and strikingly clean appearance while retaining ThinkPad durability and reliability. For example, the laptops include spill-resistant keyboards and value-added ThinkVantage Technologies like the Active Protection System and Rescue and Recovery.

However, the new laptops blend expressive design and ease of use in several new ways:

  • Contemporary Keyboard – A new contemporary keyboard gives the laptop a clean and inviting look. Uniform black keys and removal of the embedded number pad also help create a modern design. The Function keys have even been re-designed so that users only need to use one finger to access multimedia functions and more. Other rarely used keys like System Request have been removed. Additionally, select models of the ThinkPad Edge 14 and 15 inch versions will come with illuminated keyboards for visibility in low light conditions while adding a touch of elegance to the keyboard.
  • Expanded Touchpad – A large multitouch touchpad provides an oversized landing pad for fingers to pinch, zoom and scroll.
  • Expressive, Colorful Palette – Midnight Black in either gloss or soft finishes remain the traditional color for business, but for those who want to make a statement, ThinkPad Edge laptops come in Heatwave Red too. Additionally, a sleek silver band frames the exterior of the laptop.

SMB Performance Gets New Edge

SMBs “are a 24 x 7 business,” and their PC technology reflects their personal brand. Lenovo designed the ThinkPad Edge Series specifically to give these customers stylish and eye-catching designs with high performance, reliability and the latest technologies including:

  • Great performance with choices of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Turion and Athlon Neo dual core processors or Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage and standard dual core processors
  • Optimized for Windows 7 under Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience program
  • Long battery life of over eight hours
  • Wireless connectivity technologies including WiFi and optional Bluetooth, 3G and WiMAX
  • Crisp and clear voice over Internet protocol with Skype™ software, high definition speakers, high resolution, low light sensitivity cameras and microphone and camera mute keys
  • Commitment to green technology. The laptops carry a Gold rating from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and meet Energy Star 5.0. The Edge laptops\’ packaging contains no foam and uses many materials which are derived from 100 percent recycled content, such as thermoplastic, sugarcane or sorghum

“Expanding our relationship with Lenovo to include ThinkPad laptops represents a turning point for AMD’s commercial client business and creates enormous opportunity for both companies,” said Leslie Sobon, vice president, Product Marketing, AMD. “By basing these laptops on VISION Pro Technology, Lenovo is enabling customers to gain a competitive advantage with performance you can see on today’s collaboration and visual productivity applications, unbeatable value at every price point and a means of eliminating IT headaches through open standards manageability and security features.”

ThinkPad Edge series retail at Php 30,000 for E120 (320GB SATA 5400rpm HDD), Php 32,500 for E120 (500GB SATA 5400rpm HDD) and Php 54,500 for E220S.

MSI-ECS is an authorized distributor of Lenovo notebooks. For product information and availability, please contact Beth Fung at +63 2 6883913 or [email protected]

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Ozaki O! Photo Gear: iPhone Case for Photographers

If you\’ve always wanted to take photos in iPhone like a pro, there are few iPhone 4S phone cases out there that takes iPhone photography seriously. Now, there\’s one more from Ozaki - Ozaki O! Photo Gear.


Ozaki O! Photo Gear is an iPhone phone case with standard tripod screw thread hole at bottom so it can be attached to all tripod with or without a base plate.


It also comes with an anti-drop lanyard that connects to the screw thread hole. Now you can wear your iPhone 4 or 4S proud and with confidence as the lanyard has a 15kg load-bearing strength. You can wear it onto your neck like how you would wear a typical camera. With Ozaki O! Photo Gear, there\’s no more worry dropping or slipping your iPhone off your hands.

Watch the demo below after the local press release.

Capture Perfect Photos With Your iPhone

Everyone loves using their iPhone as a camera to capture beautiful scenes and anything under the sun. Now that iPhone 4s has upgraded to an all-new 8MP camera and more cool photography apps are available, it has become a favorite past time of everyone. Impress your friends with fantastic photos using Ozaki O! Photo Gear for iPhone 4 and 4s.

The integration of the case and the omnipotent lock-hole is designed so that people can easily attach it to a tripod. Be worry-free as it comes with a lanyard to avoid hand slippery. This can also be ideal for your active lifestyle. Say no to blurry photos as you can now catch better scenes with faster speed. It retails at only Php 1,895.


  • Connects to all tripods
  • Gives your iPhone with a soft and cozy hand feel
  • Prevents your iPhone against dust and damages
  • Secures your iPhone with anti-drop lanyard with a 15kg load-bearing strength
  • Offers complete front and back protection
  • Comes in red, white, grey, yellow, and black

Ozaki is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information and other inquiries, email [email protected], or call 688-3180 to 83.

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Dell Vostro 3450 Laptop

If you want a solid notebook for everyday work, Dell Vostro 3450 is one of the most suitable laptop that I can recommend. It weighs about 2.28kg and the battery life is reasonable as it can last about 3 hours with a mix of browsing the web, streaming music and doing some Word documents on wireless connection.

What I really like about Dell Vostro 3450 is its AMD switchable graphics because it helps prolong the battery life while still run decent games and applications demanding a dedicated graphics card. It can run Sims 3 at high settings and StarCraft 2 runs just fine at medium settings. You won\’t be able enjoy Battlefield 3 with this laptop but I think you already know that. Overall, this a good work device.


Read the local press release below.

Work virtually anywhere, anytime with Dell Vostro 3450

Specially designed for small business, the durable, portable Vostro™ 3450 laptop helps you stay connected and in control, with style and confidence. With its 14\” screen, you get the mobile productivity your business demands, without sacrificing the power you need.

Users can experience a noticeable smooth multitasking and lightning-fast performance with DDR3 memory and Intel® 2nd-generation Core™ processor with an upgrade to Windows® 7 Professional operating system. Outfitted with AMD Switchable Graphics technology, the Dell Vostro 3450 automatically switches to the Intel integrated HD graphics—helping deliver more performance on a single battery charge. For added productivity, it comes with two USB 3.0 ports enabling data transfers at up to 10x the speed of USB 2.0. Your Vostro laptop also includes Bluetooth® 3.0, which transfers at up to 24 Mbps, allowing you to move large files in a jiffy.

And when you need to collaborate from the road, Dell Vostro 3450 feature an HD webcam, digital array microphones to reduce background noise, preinstalled Skype™ and SRS Premium Voice Pro software for state-of-the-art collaboration. With an optional backlit keyboard, 3450 is the ultimate productivity tool—day or night. It even comes with a fingerprint reader, Trend Micro virus protection and optional Absolute Lojack to track your laptop if it’s stolen to keep your data safe.

Dell Vostro 3450 is distributed by MSI-ECS. For product information and availability, please call 688-3181 or email [email protected]

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