The House of One-Moment

\"MaisonDays had passed and I didn\’t blog anything for several days. I have a perfect excuse anyway. :) Guess what, I spent 4 days watching Maison Ikkoku, an anime originally created by Rumiko Takahashi. I\’m so absorbed with it that I temporarily shut myself from the outside world in order to enjoy this series to the fullest. (It\’s really great to have a very long vacation isn\’t it?) It has 96 episodes, about 26 minutes each. That\’s about 41 hours of continuous playback filled with bitter sweet romantic comedy. It\’s an epitome of romantic-comedy genre in anime. Seriously, this is an anime that I wanted to watch as early as 2002 but I didn\’t have any resource to get it. Even when I was studying in Singapore, I was not able to find this vintage anime. After all I\’m only a year older than this series. It was produced in 1986 and was concluded in 1988.

I\’m not going to discuss what Maison Ikkoku is all about. Even if you don\’t watch anime, consider Maison Ikkoku as a drama and you\’ll probably like it too. I can\’t even call myself a die-hard fan of anime. I just love watching something Japanese and learn more about Japanese culture. Some background: I\’ve been interested in Japanese culture since my father went in Japan for 6 months training when I was still 6 years old. Since then, I really wanted to read and write Japanese since most of my toys had Japanese symbols and writings on them.

So after a long intro, let\’s get into business. I really want to express how this series endeared to me so much. I really enjoyed watching it. I\’ve watched about 60-70 anime (I didn\’t finish all) but Maison Ikkoku is the most I\’ve enjoyed among them. First of all, Maison Ikkoku means \”The House of One-Moment\” where \”Maison\” (めぞん) is a French word meaning house and Ikkoku (一刻) which means one moment, one minute or an instant. It\’s a shabby apartment where the romance of Yusaku Godai and Kyoko Otonashi developed. I must emphasize: I\’m not really into anime romance or anything along that line. Actually I prefer action and science fiction like Ghost in the Shell or Gundam but Maison Ikkoku is one of those very few anime that captures true human emotions. It\’s a very moving anime, IMHO.

I\’ll quote one of the most memorable lines in Maison Ikkoku by Kyoko Otonashi: Please, even if it\’s just one day, live longer than me… Because… I don\’t think I could live alone again…. Kyoko is just a fictitious lead female character of Maison Ikkoku yet Rumiko Takahashi had developed her emotional depth that viewers can relate very well. There\’s even a full-pledged website dedicated to Kyoko — Too bad she\’s just a two dimensional character.

Rumiko Takahashi is also well-known for her other works like Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha.

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Super Mario Brothers Soundpack

\"SuperI found this link from Old school gamers should all know Super Mario Brothers. Who would miss the good old Nintendo Famicom anyway.

If you ever want to get the soundtrack of Super Mario Brothers and its sound effects then head to this flash site. Running the background music and hitting the sound effects create an illusion of the gameplay. You\’ll feel nostalgic. :P

Super Mario Brothers soundpack
Super+Mario+Brothers, Famicom

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Jeon Ji Hyun, PS3 Model???


I saw this picture from Rumors say that Sony would be using Japanese models for PS3 yet that model in the picture is Korean. I smell something fishy here.

I recognize the girl in the picture as The Girl from the Korean movie \”The Sassy Girl\”. Her name is Jeon Ji Hyun, a Korean actress/model. There\’s a bigger picture here if you want to look closer. A quick search in Google Image reveals the unedited photo of Jeon Ji Hyun.

It seems that someone had cooked this picture up. I\’m not sure if this is official but it looks cool. :)

Links: PS3 Apparently Released Next Sept in Europe
Sony, PS3, Jeon Ji Hyun

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King Kong

I just came back home after watching King Kong . Even though the movie got mixed reviews, I was really hooked by this gigantic-gorilla-falling-in-love-with-a-frail-blonde-actress movie. It\’s a classic. :D

The movie is really long; about the length of LOTR — 3 hours. What can you expect of Peter Jackson? It\’s done in purpose to get the most out of your viewing pleasure. I watched the movie because I knew he directed the movie, and who would miss the marvelous CGs in the movie? Kong looks so real. The main cast is also superb starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody.

The movie started in New York. I was really amazed how the crew of King Kong managed to recreate the old New York. Everything looks so 1930\’s. I won\’t describe the acting. I think all the actors and actresses did their job well, specially Naomi Watts for giving life to Ann Darrow. Anyway, I\’ll just jump to my favorite part of the movie… these are the most disturbing scenes in the movie. Firstly, the attack of Skull Island natives. They are so morbid because of all those piercings, ugly outfits and eerie chants — it\’s really sickening. Secondly, the supersized centipedes, bugs, spiders and creepy clawlies with saw-like teeth around the mouth. WTF. Those were so disturbing that I didn\’t look directly on screen. It was like 3 times more disturbing than Fear Factor \”food\” challenges. Thirdly, Kong\’s struggle on Empire State Building. I pity the big ape but I can\’t symphatize with his dumbness… of course I already knew the story of King Kong. I don\’t really think it\’s a good idea to climb up there. It\’s not even noble just to see the beautiful sunrise, die, and fall flat on the ground. Just my two cents.

Even if I have criticized Kong I really enjoyed the movie very much and I like to see more Peter Jackson movies! :D

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Rising Force Online Love Song

I\’ve been playing the open beta of Rising Force Online – Philippines a.k.a. RF Online – Philippines or RFO-Ph. Whenever you launch the game there are 3 music that play randomly when you open the login interface and one of them includes lovely lyrics in english. The other 2 music are instrumental renditions — a piano solo and a symphonic version. I was intrigued so I searched for the title of the song. I transcribed the lyrics that I could understand and I googled it. Alas, I found it! The name of the song is \”One\”. In fact the title is already in the filename of the MP3 background music that comes with the game under C:\\Program Files\\RF Online\\Snd\\Bgm\\1_RF_Online_ONE.mp3. (Maybe it\’s not there anymore. It could have changed.) It was sung by So Jung Lee and it was originally used in Japanese drama series \”Friends\”.

Anyway here\’s the lyrics for the song. :)


Title: One
Artist: So Jung Lee

When I saw you for the first time
I knew you were the one
You didn\’t say a word to me
But love was in the air
Then, you held my hand
And pulled me into your world
From then on, my life has changed for good
Now I\’ll never feel lonely again \’cause you are in my life.

Love, how can I explain to you
The way I feel inside when I think of you.
I thank you for everything that you\’ve showed me.
Don\’t you ever forget that
I love you

Love, I know that someday real soon
You\’ll be right next to me
Holding me so tight, so I will always be yours
Although we can\’t be together now
Remember I am here for you
And I know you\’re there for me.

Whenever I long to be with you,
I just close my eyes and pretend you\’re here
I see you, I touch you, I feel you, like real
Nothing can ever change
When I feel inside.

How long must I be far away from you
I don\’t know dear, but I know
We are one.

Many years had passed since I posted this in my blog and I still get quite a lot of questions about this song.  I don\’t know how to play this in the piano but I can play this in flute and bass using the music sheet I found somewhere. Let me know if there is a better source. Anyway, just grab this music sheet below before it\’s gone. Good luck.


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NFS Most Wanted

\'NFSNeed for Speed: Most Wanted is the best NFS game I have played so far. I downloaded and played the demo, and it\’s stuck in my head. In this game, cars are like weapons; they can be lethal. As the title suggests, this is a speedy car-chase driving simulation game which is more than a sequel to NFS Underground 2. Police are everywhere and they stop at nothing to pursue you. This game is a fusion of Underground and Hot Pursuit series.

In NFS Most Wanted you\’ll have an option to do races and milestones. Races are similar to previous NFS titles where you need to prove your car performance in Sprint, Circuit or Knockout races. Milestones are more aggressive type of race that gives your car bad reputation so that your name will be added more easily in the blacklist. When you win races you get cash and when you defeat a Blacklist racer you\’ll get unique upgrades and special incentives (jail pass, extra cash, etc). Your goal is to beat Blacklist # 1 – RAZOR who nearly ended your career in underground racing.

NFS Most Wanted features Josie Maran as Mia Townsend, your lovely guide and your number one motivator in the game. Most CGs are shown in cutscenes which are very flashy with grunge and graffiti artwork. The graphics is crisp even though I am using a lousy video card. Surely those gamers with powerful graphics card and processor will appreciate this game much more.

The gameplay you learned in NSF Underground 2 could be easily used in NFS Most Wanted because there are certain elements in the game that are very similar in both titles – the upgrade system, open road / openworld driving, and messaging system. The innovations that were added gives this title a Max Payne effect. EA call it Game Breaker. It runs the game in slow motion and split second timing for several seconds, making wild turns and aggressive evasion easier. The police and racers\’ AI should have been better, but that would make the game harder. I think this game is more difficult than NFS Underground 2 because all escapes need tactical mastery and highly skilled eye-hand coordination.

This game is already available in PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and GBA.

Official website:

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