Searching for Guest Speaker

Well, I was trying to get Mr. Stanley Tan to be our guest speaker for our upcoming seminar about Windows Vista (preview). His schedule seems to be so hectic because he only replied to me 2 days after I sent the invitation. Then this evening, I exchanged several emails regarding his availability. He\’s busy preparing for the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Knowing that he is too preoccupied, I just asked him to recommend any good Microsoft speaker for the org and he started asking me the number of estimated attendees and possible change of subject to ASP.NET 2.0. I was not sure about the latter so I told him to wait until tomorrow so that I can talk about this issue with other officers. I hope that he could be our guest speaker for our activity. :)

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Dev Days 2005

Should I attend this or should I not?

DevDays is Microsoft Philippines\’ largest annual event targeted at developers. It showcases Microsoft\’s current and latest technologies and this year will include topics on Visual Studio Team System, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

I wanted to see the new features of Visual Studio 2005. I have a Visual Studio 2003 student version and I\’m very interested in C# and ASP.NET development; however, looking at the targeted audience, the seminar is aimed at developers. Hmmm.. I\’m just an undergraduate student, but I develop my own simple/intermediate programs. Does that make me a developer already?

Btw, it\’s not free. It\’s worth P800 (early bird price, until Oct. 22). The normal price is worth P1000. Is it really worth it? I\’m doubtful…

If I would attend the event I would attend these topics:

  • A Lap Around Visual Studio 2005
  • Future Directions for Developing Rich Web Applications with Atlas
  • Windows Communication Foundation code-name \”Indigo\”
  • Windows Presentation Foundation code-name \”Avalon\”

Link: Dev Days 2005

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New Eyeglasses

\'mySeveral months after losing my first eyeglasses, I purchased my second one. These new pair of spectacles look sleeker than my previous eyewear because it has a bluish-silver lense-clip frame. The lenses are similar with my old lenses. They are multi-coated with anti-UV and anti-radiation. :)

Contrary to popular beliefs, I don\’t have a perfect eyesight. My eyeglasses degree is 25-25. Fortunately, my optometrist told me that my eyes are actually correcting themselves. I used to have a degree of \”50\” in my right eye, now it\’s just \”25\”.

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JPCS General Assembly \’05

I was in JPCS General Assembly today and the event was quite long — it started around 8:00 am and ended by 4:45 pm, held successfully in St. Paul University Quezon City (SPUQC). Many members attended and we actually envied some chapters having their own shirt. (We didn\’t have ours yet and we were all blaming our president, Marvin.) :P

Before we went inside SPUQC, we waited Glenn who was left behind somewhere in Cubao MRT station. He\’s supposed to come along with us but we didn\’t see him within Cubao MRT station\’s proximity, so we decided to go to SPUQC very soon, and went to jeepney station.

Of all the jeepneys that we have chosen to ride, we picked the-fast-and-the-furious one. Really, we were like racing for our lives inside that jeepney. While taking a treacherous curve on top of the bridge along Aurora Avenue, the jeep would tilt sideways that you definitely want to grip on something so you wouldn\’t skid. It was an early morning adrenaline rush.

Glenn arrived after several trains arrived in Gilmore station in MRT line 2. We just noticed that the train interval is longer than MRT line 3, so we assumed that\’s one of the reasons why Glenn took about 40 minutes to get there.

So now that we were complete, we entered the campus. The first thing that I observed was the light security. The security guards only inspected bags but they didn\’t take our IDs. Then, I noticed the LCD monitors in their computer lab right next to the entrance gate. Surely a lot of money was invested for those LCD monitors! Also, when you look inside their campus, you could find garden-like areas and greeneries, much like LaCo, but I didn\’t see any field. There\’s one big stadium where we held our activities, and it\’s big enough to enclose three full-sized basketball courts. I\’m sure that I only saw a fraction of SPUQC so I couldn\’t tell how big it was.

What was listed on our program was actually changed a bit. We played 2 group games in the morning which drained much of our energy (and bored some). The group dynamics were quite frustrating because for some people like me, I didn\’t see the importance of meeting other people just like that—you meet other chapter members for no apparent reason, other than hooking up. Perhaps it could have been more meaningful if there was a dedicated session for getting to know other members and organizing a brainstorming session to get more ideas for projects and other activities; however, it is almost impossible to facilitate that scale of activity due to big number of attendants. At this moment only national officers are privileged for bonding and team-building, so normal members don\’t get much team dynamics in general assembly, specially those \”out-of-place\”.

By the time we have finished messing up in games, most members look forward to lunch. We needed to hunt the nearest restaurant because we were only given 45 minutes for the lunch break. We knew that most people won\’t follow the instruction so we could have gone other places to find fast-food restaurants but we didn\’t want to wander off somewhere unfamiliar. We just went to Pizza Hut and ordered regular size pizza. Most of us ordered bottomless iced tea.

After lunch, the program resumed, and there was another game (I can\’t recall what game) there was \”Pinoy Ako\” song by Lemon and Orange, a Linux 101 seminar, which intermediate users like me won\’t really appreciate that much; It was interesting that he showed Xandros as his model though. The second seminar was more interesting because it was about Joomla / Mambo near the end of the program there were also oath taking of members, raffle draws, awarding, picture taking and live band. Blah blah…

I\’m too tired to give the details of the program already. IMHO, if you\’re a member of JPCS and you missed this activity, you missed quite a thing. Not much really, but it is worth to see how other colleges and universities value the membership and participation on JPCS events. After all, it\’s one of the most respected national organization aimed for young IT leaders.

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The Missing Book

\"Ethics Our professor in ethics wanted us to buy Ethics in Information Technology by George Reynolds as our reference book. It was not really required but most of our assignments, case studies and lessons are lifted directly from that book, if not all. I was very irritated when I couldn\’t find the book from any National Bookstore, so I asked the customer service assistant to search the book from their central database. Guess what, the book is nowhere to be found in any National Bookstore branch. My friends and I searched the book in other bookstores in Metro Manila without luck.

I called The Thomson (Philippines) Corp., out of frustration, to ask about the availability of the book. They told me that the book has no reprints and no distributor has ordered bulk from them to issue this book as a textbook. Here\’s the best part… the last distributor who ordered this book bought only 7 copies!!

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Post-it Notes

I just bought Post-it Notes for my lectures. This time I\’m going back to my original style of jotting down notes directly on textbook with Post-it notes. I learned this style when I was in Singapore (when I was there for 2 years scholarship)… and from my experience, it works best on subjects with heavy regurgitation of information and memorization — like Humanities and Sciences. Since I am taking Ethics this quarter, I\’ll do it again to see if it works very well. :)

Obviously, this won\’t work on programming language subjects.

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2nd Term, 05-06

First day of 2nd term, SY 2005-2006 is quite normal. I like the teachers for my current subjects, except the Java professor who I do not know yet.

For this term:

  • CCNA 3
  • Ethics for IT Practioner
  • Network Management
  • Java Programming 1

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