System Path Workaround for javac

I\’m writing this short guide for reference. This is only applicable for Windows 2000, XP Home/Pro and 2003. I\’m still digging how to do this in Linux though. :P

To get started, by default you cannot use javac on the console / ms-dos, that is because the java compiler is part of jdk directory structure and is not added automatically in windows system path. Typically you want to compile anywhere in your machine, so you may want to add the jdk bin directory to your system path.

In order to do that, right click My Computer and click Properties. Go to (1) Advanced tab and click (2) Environment Variables. Then add new user variable by clicking (3) New. Supply the variable name \”path\” and the variable value. If you are using J2SE 5.0 Update 5, the default would be \”C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.5.0_05\\bin\”. Use the exact path where you installed the JDK. For reference, use the figure below.


Now, you can compile your Java code anywhere. This is applicable for single user only. If you are going to logon in a different username on the same machine, then you have to repeat this process again. Please, be careful NOT to delete or edit the default system path. You don\’t want your PC to screw up, so be careful.

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Garbage Pile

It\’s really hard to get rid of old files and documents when you think they have sentimental value. At first, you think it\’s ok to archive them then you\’ll realize that it is becoming more and more difficult to organize as more files and documents age. If worse comes to worst, these old files and documents pile up so quickly that they become a burden to organize… You want to sort everything but you could not! That\’s the hardest part IMHO. Unfortunately, I\’m in that situation right now. :(


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Dresscode in IT

This afternoon, I was looking for polo for my formal wear collection. I\’m already preparing for the real world even if it\’s 8-9 months before graduation. So, I went to SM Makati to look for a decent polo brand after buying a Fribella umbrella (it was raining heavily that afternoon). I was amazed because there is a wide range of formal wear collection in 2nd floor, most of them tagged with a decent price as well. Most polos are not dirt cheap anyway.

Then after window shopping, I went home straight to my computer, browsed forums and read news, etc. It was very timely that I saw a topic about dressing properly in IT and it links to a news article by Otto Stern regarding geek wearing real clothes. His article is very frank and straight-forward. If you\’re in the IT industry, you can relate to his article. To read the full article, click the link below.

Link: CEOs should follow NBA and make geeks wear real clothes

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Introduction to .NET @ Microsoft Philippines

I\’m supposed to be in a meeting tomorrow but I was wait-listed because…. or rather booted out of the listing because…

… we can not confirm your attendance as we are currently accommodating IT Professionals and Microsoft Customers only. Should space be made available prior to the event, we will inform you and send you a separate letter.

We do apologize for this; however our limited seating capacity prompts us to give priority to specific audiences first.

:( We\’ll I\’m disappointed because I\’m a Microsoft customer as well, considering that I bought my laptop with a licensed Windows XP… and I am an MSDN Connection bronze member now after going to Dev Days 2005 yesterday. I also think that students shouldn\’t be left out in this kind of events because it\’s about \”introduction\” to .NET anyway; IT professionals should have an idea what it is already. Besides, my main purpose is to invite Mr. Oliveros to be our guest speaker, as Mr. Tan recommended. Mr. Oliveros is currently an Associate Academic Developer Evangelist, Developer and Platform Group of Microsoft Philippines.

The priority for IT professionals is really lame…

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After Dev Days…

\'DevI\’m browsing at the moment and I can recognize some of the active members there. After Dev Days 2005, I realized that there\’s really a big market for the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. I\’m sure that having those skills before or after I graduate will make me more competitive in the industry.

I really like the new VS.NET 2005… developers virtually can code less and concentrate more on the functionality and program design. The dubbed \”Avalon\” and \”Indigo\” are also promising.

What I didn\’t like on Dev Days 2005 is that MS Philippines underestimated the attendance this year, and so there are shortage of seats. During breaks and moving in between rooms, it seemed very disorganize down on the hallway. Apparently, even the online registration for MSDN Connect is not fast / many enough to accomodate the volume of registrants.

Mr. Stanley Tan was there. His demos and speeches on stage are among the best. Some speakers are ok, but he\’s outstanding. Overall, the event is very satisfactory. I\’ve got freebies and my first-time experience seeing the new technologies is just amazing.

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Call Center Offer x_x

Ok, I\’m sitting in front of my PC at this very moment and a few minutes ago a lady called on my cellphone asking if I\’m interested on their job opening for a call center company in graveyard shift… (if I heard it correctly, the company is eTelecare). I was skeptical at first, but she told me that she found my resume in Yehey, I was amused. (I remember that I posted my resume there when I was hunting for part-time job last year) Well, this particular job offer is not for me, so I declined.

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