Hey Duke!

\'Duke\'I didn\’t know who Duke was… I just knew this afternoon when it was included in our Java final exam. Who really cares about him. It\’s not even included in our syllabus!

Duke\’s first appearance was on September 3, 1992 in a PDA-like device called Star7. He is the smart agent that assists user in its application. Later, Duke became Java\’s friendly mascot. (Friendly?)

It\’s a shame that I didn\’t know its name earlier… -_-;


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Yet Another Mistake

I made a mistake in blogging recently and it\’s quite obvious — I didn\’t update my blog for more than a week, and I know some readers, no matter how few, would visit my blog without new articles or news to read. My ultimate goal for my blog is to get more readership in my own niche but how would I do that if I post irregularly? Yeah right… so I guess I have to post regularly no matter how busy I am.

See what happens when you don\’t update your blog:


My visitor hits are decreasing! :(

I want to share the stories about last week but I don\’t want to recollect anything concerning hell weak already. April\’s blog is a concrete evidence of our calvary last week. I\’m sure you\’ll find it very interesting… Just read entries from December 6 onwards. :D

Overall, this term is the lousiest preparation I have done in my entire academic life so far. As a matter of fact, it is my personal record — beating 2 major subject projects within 1 week with zero preparation, and keeping myself awake between 48 to 72 hours with the help of caffeinated drinks and lots of water. And best of all, programming a Java machine problem (MP) in one night. I don\’t know what\’s in your mind right now but I guarantee you, cramming is an art that I have perfected more than 5 years ago when I entered high school.

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IT Salary Guide in USA

I was digging for news when I found this at Digg.com.

Salary is one of the motivating factor in pursuing career — but not always. Anyway, here\’s the guide so that you can figure out what\’s the trend in America. The statistics are quite different in the Philippines because there are some gap between the latest technologies widely used in US compare to mainstream technologies used in the Philippines.

Direct link to pdf file

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The Spoke

I opened an account in The Spoke yesterday just to try it out. The first reason why I really don\’t like adopting hosted blogs is the limitation of its look and feel. It\’s hard to modify or it is not customizable at all. I still prefer customizing my own blog and writing anything under the sun in my very own domain name. The second reason is blogging in your own domain gives you some degree of authority in your own domain whereas you don\’t have that authority when you are just renting in a free hosted blog site.

I just didn\’t realize that most people there are Microsoft zealots, then I posted a news about Firefox 1.5 RC3 (similar to my previous entry here) … we\’ll guess what, The Spoke is probably not the best place to talk about non-Microsoft products but I don\’t give a damn. People shouldn\’t be close minded about these great softwares. That\’s all I can say for now.

Still, the Spoke is a great community to blog with. There are lots of bloggers and technology evangelists writing their own articles and opinions about the latest news and happenings in technology.


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I just came back from Philippine .NET User Group first general assembly. The officers where there and about 30 members attended the meeting. Our guest speaker was Mr. Warren Yu, and he demonstrated a simple ASP.NET 2.0 webpage using Visual Studio 2005. He\’s funny and he injected a lot of jokes in between his demo, so I thought it wasn\’t a demo at all. :P What\’s really funny was the explotion of the LCD projector\’s lense while he\’s in the middle of his presentation. It\’s my first time seeing that kind of demo. I pity Microsoft technicians because they just replaced the poor LCD\’s lense a day ago, and tonight it was busted again. And so, Mr. Warren Yu\’s presentation went on as if nothing had happened. It was a very casual presentation and I liked how he set a very friendly atmosphere. It was not really exciting, but it was not boring either.

Later, PhiNUG\’s president Mr. Punzalan showed some interesting plans about PhiNUG, and there\’s bunch of other activities to be planned after the official launching of Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk Server 2005. I was glad Jackie Fiesta was there. He\’s the publication officer and he knows the other officers so I was able to mingle more since I already know the guy (he\’s my senior). I also approached Mr. John Patrick Oliveros in order to confirm his attendance for our symposium for tomorrow. He also gave me 3 big \”Ready to Launch\” posters to showoff during the event tomorrow. :)

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Mild Flu

Tsk.. it is too troublesome. I was all ready and set this morning when I felt that my body was heavy. I was ignoring this feeling since yesterday but I could not push myself further. I really have a flu. I feel extremely tire, my head aches, and I have a runny nose accompanied with mild fever. I\’ve taken my medicine earlier so I should be fine… but I really feel heavy. I wanted to sleep and get some rest, and so I did this afternoon . (Sigh) I\’m supposed to help the events committee in our school today but I guess it can\’t be helped. I want to recover my strength for tomorrow\’s class and PhiNUG\’s general assembly. It\’s very important that I attend PhiNUG\’s general assembly tomorrow because I\’ll meet our speaker for the symposium I had prepaired on ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio and Windows Vista.

So, I have to sleep soon before my flu gets worse. x_x

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Philippine .NET Users Group

\'PhiNUG\'After attending Microsoft Dev Days 2005 I became more serious on Microsoft technologies. I became aware of its potentials including its strengths and weaknesses. Later that day, I signed up for Philippine .NET Users Group membership. I was very interested to get involved in its development and projects. Meanwhile, I found a familiar face there. He\’s Jackie Fiesta, my senior in Mapua Developers\’ Network who\’s already an alumni.

This month, we are having our 1st General Assembly on the 16th (Wednesday) from 5:00pm to 7:00 pm, at the Exchange Room in Microsoft Philippines office located at 22nd floor, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

I\’m anticipating this event because I want to know more about the community of .NET developers, and learn from them.

Groups: http://groups.msn.com/PhiNUG
Official Blog: http://msforums.ph/blogs/phinug
Official Forum: http://msforums.ph/forums/99/ShowForum.aspx
Philippine, .NET, Developer, PhiNUG

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