I just arrived at home from Makati… Quite amazing how I\’m able to keep up even though it\’s too late. Caffeine works like charm.

We were waiting for Edison, our project coordinator, as early as 6 PM but he was caught in heavy traffic so we waited until 7:50 PM. We ate our dinner fast and headed to Starbuck Alfaro where we held our group meeting. We still managed to pull some string and had the initial database plan done even though we started late. I thought we couldn\’t get a decent place to discuss our project because when we entered Starbucks there weren\’t any good seats available. The coffee shop was crowded but we spotted a table at the back. It\’s somewhat confined and separated from the rest of the Starbucks seats; however, there were two foreign students who occupied the table before us. We kindly asked if we could share the table and it was okay with them. I think they were Korean. I couldn\’t recognize any single word they spoke so they definitely weren\’t Japanese or Chinese. They stayed at the table corner until 11 PM, studying and cuddling, so we only had a chance to take over the whole table for one hour.

All of us brought our laptops which really amused me. Everyone\’s mobile. It seems to be the trend in our school now. Or it is just because of our thesis that most students opt for mobility? It\’s logical to take your stuffs anywhere you go so that you can do something whenever you like to.

Anyway, I ordered my Coffee Jelly Frappuccino during our group dynamics and I could still feel its effect hence I\’m still up. Trivia: Don\’t you know that there are 77 Starbucks branches in Metro Manila alone? Makati is on top of the list with 28 branches.

It feels like the effect of Frappucino is wearing off soon… so, I\’m off to bed now. Zzz…

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Help! My Brain is Bleeding!

It\’s hard to study two programming languages when they both suck most of my brain juices. On the red corner — Java; on the blue corner — .NET. W00t! It feels like Pacquiao and Morales boxing in my head. I can\’t seem to grasp everything that I do in Java GUI when I turn my back to .NET… and vice versa. What\’s irritating is that I have to learn advance Swing components in Java to make my Java machine problem as interactive as possible. I just can\’t ignore it because I might suffer the consequences later. On the other hand I have to learn more .NET because my group is jumpstarting an ASP.NET 2.0 web app for our thesis. How ironic that my specialization is Java but my thesis is built on .NET. It feels good to be a multilingual programmer but what\’s the point when you can\’t master one? Beats me like hell. Who needs a jack of all trades these days. I certainly have to forfeit one of them later on to raise my standards. Will it be Java or .NET… I don\’t know yet. It\’s a though choice. To make matters worse, I have to continue mastering PHP regardless of Java or .NET because I love open source. Crap… my brain is bleeding! x_x

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Old Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2

I have two (2) Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 DVDs right now. I fetched it from Microsoft Philippines this afternooon to test it at my own risk. Quite outdated since there\’s already a final version of VS 2005 but it\’s the best way to get it free of charge for our thesis. That\’s really annoying because the .NET 2.0 framework might conflict — of course there\’s no guarantee that two conflicting versions will work in harmony specially when the former is \”beta\” and the latter is \”final\”. I actually don\’t want to install Team System Beta 2 right now because having Visual Studio Express edition of Web Developer does the job… for now. I just want to use the load testing and profiling feature of Team System edition of Visual Studio for our beta testing phase. And one more thing — this beta release of Visual Studio 2005 is intended for evaluation only. It is time-sensitive and will cease functioning after May 1, 2006. We still have some time to play around with our codes, so hopefully we can use Team System beta 2 to test our web application before it expires.

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Ta-da List Collaboration

We are writing the documentation for our thesis right now and I find it really convenient to share to-do list with my peers. Using shared to-do list can streamline our work much better than we do it traditionally (round-robin) because shared to-do list provide us preemptive approach. We could have used a project manager tool but Ta-da list provides a simple interface to manage our tasks — good enough for organizing small group of people and short term goals.


Ta-da makes it easy to…

  • Keep track of all the little things you need to get done
  • Make lists for other people (co-workers, friends, family)
  • Share lists with the world (\”My favorite movies of 2004\”)
  • Subscribe to your lists in RSS so you\’re always on track
  • …and more!


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PHINUG General Assembly on January 2006

\"MSCLUBThe Philippine .NET User Group (PHINUG) will be having its first General Assembly this year on January 21, 2006 at AVR1, 2nd floor, Mapua Institute of Technology – Makati Campus, #333 MITC Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City.

There will be a free technical talk, activity updates and information about the upcoming \”.NET Fest\” event that is slated on January 28, 2006 at Astoria Hotel, Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City.

If you are not a member of PHINUG yet, go ahead and register at and join PHINUG. For more information you may visit Microsoft Philippines Community Site.

Microsoft+Philippines, PHINUG, .NET+User+Group, MSClub

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Retarded Security Guard

And the lesson for today is — always have black and white to support your argument.

I don\’t know if it was funny or just dumb. This afternoon, my groupmates in thesis and I were watching video tutorials for our web programming when one of the security officer in our school burst inside the room and took our IDs for a retraction that we didn\’t commit: illegal use of Information Technology Research & Development (ITRD) room. And so we were bullied by the security guard because there\’s no person in charge to verify our legitimate use of the room — it just so happened that all the students in charged of ITRD were all out for the meantime. There\’s no other choice but to surrender our IDs. We were caught by surprise. The moment I handed him my ID, I starred at him badly…. that security guard is a pain in the ass! Argh! And I couldn\’t stomach his face!

We didn\’t have the chance to argue because we didn\’t have the document that will support our claim. As we have reasoned out, we were all inside the ITRD room because we were left by the students in charge for a while. Besides we were supposedly allowed to use ITRD room as much as we can so long as we do project-related stuffs. Unfortunately, no one has a copy of that signed document.

I don\’t know if the security guard just wanted to ruin our day…but he was very successful anyway. We all condemned him! Thanks to his initiative, we were all sent to the Office of Student Affairs. Luckily we got the support from the student council and our so-called \”retraction\” were dismissed by the Head of Security.

I just hope that we learned something very important here. Documents shouldn\’t be taken for granted because there\’s no such thing as verbal agreement between the authorities of our school and the security guards. They all follow the printed guidelines. There are some considerate security guards… but most of the times there are retarded security guards.

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The Almighty Diskette

Diskettes never fail to amaze me. They are still used today ever since floppy disk technology was introduced in 1971. That\’s 35 years of computer history and they still live on. The 3½-inches microfloppy diskette HD (high density) is probably one of the most popular floppy disk format and is the most expensive storage medium per megabyte today. A generic CD-R costs less than P10 while a floppy diskette normally costs around P25…. w00t!

And I always contemplate why diskettes endure to last for over three decades… Today, I realize it\’s still useful.

Our Java laboratory is not linked in the internet which made it impossible for us, students and professors alike, to upload our exercises and laboratory files elsewhere. The expensive Sun Blade sparc 64-bit PCs do not even have a CD-writer. My classmates and I tried to plug our USB flash disks but no one has successfully mounted one. You see, our Java and Solaris laboratory is \”prestigious\” because only a number of students are priveleged to get hands on experience with one of the Sun Blades…. It\’s just so pathetic that we can only use diskette to backup our laboratory files.

I thank Glenn for his almighty diskette, I managed to retrieve my laboratory files today that is very much needed for our test next week. :)

diskette, floppy, cd-r

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