Disappearing Act

After 2 weeks lurking in my room, writing thesis documentation, reading technical journals and practically sleeping whenever there was a chance, I\’m finally back blogging again :)

Who would have guessed I\’m still alive. I thought I would be dead by the end of \”thesis 1\” because of stress, pressure and emotional problems. The main reason is no matter how much I organize my life (schedule, studies, relationship, etc) it generally ends up disorganized as if my life is meant to be at the edge of chaos. Nevertheless, I am very thankful to God because no matter how difficult things are, the sweat, tears and blood that I put into my hardwork seems to be paying off. I\’m very grateful to be here, alive and kicking.

Let’s talk about my college experience with my professors. I think I just developed hatred to one of my professors because of HER stupidity. However, I\’m still doubtful if I would be really angry towards her or I would show pity for her. I don\’t want to sound arrogant but I don\’t want to lie about the truth anyway. I really lost interest in her subject because of her incompetence. Don\’t you think it is pathetic when more than two-thirds of the class does not even bother listening to her when she\’s reading the lecture? It\’s a big insult that she could not handle our class properly yet she didn\’t mind reading the lectures again. I personally couldn\’t stomach her reading in front of our class. I understand the lessons much better if I read them on my own rather than attending her class. She\’s not even helpful in the laboratory. Everything is self-help as if there\’s an invisible instructor at the back of the lab.

Anyway I would stop my ranting and I\’ll just move on to our thesis panelists and adviser. It\’s really funny how we convinced our thesis adviser to help us in our thesis proposal. At first we thought that having an advisor with technical expertise in .NET would help us a lot in decision making and program logic so we took a professor who was trained in .NET. Later, we realized that we have to ditch him because he\’s too preoccupied that we could not get any help from him. So we choose Sir Kelly to be our thesis advisor. He\’s a system administrator and the faculty ambassador to Microsoft Philippines. It\’s really awkward that we have to change our thesis advisor halfway but we really have to do it for our sake. It\’s really worth it because Sir Kelly really helped us improve the content of our documentation and set the goals of our thesis properly. Choosing our panelists is more interesting. We worked on their schedule first in order to avoid difficulty in reserving defense schedule, and we also intentionally chose those professors who have vacant periods in Thursday and Friday afternoons because we want to reserve our thesis defense later, either on the Thursday or Friday to give us more time in preparation. We only have 4 choices but we have to remove one professor from the list because he\’s only available on Saturday. So we took their approval and made them our thesis panelists. Surprisingly, during our defense we were not bombarded by questions. I think that our panelists were satisfied to what they saw in our proposal. They were really excited to use a working protocol already. In fact, one of them had mistaken that we were defending a thesis prototype implementation (thesis 2). They \”demanded\” several additional features so we needed to revise our documentation for those on-demand features. I\’m very glad that they didn\’t trash our ideas. After all, our thesis is for the benefit of our school so they better give us a motivating grade. :P

That\’s it. I have cleared all the requirements for this term and I\’m anticipating my grades already. Everything should be fine.

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Long Time no Post

Jeeezzz… thesis documentation is one of the most time consuming write up I have ever done. Seriously, I didn\’t imagine that it would take that much time just to complete about 50% of the documentation.

It\’s quite problematic when we were required to do our own Data Flow Diagram when it was not even discussed to us. Those who are taking Information Management have tackled this before. Unfortunately, we, the hapless students enrolled in IT didn\’t have a chance to learn it from one of our subjects… Well anyway we had to do some self-study before doing our DFDs.

Signing off.

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It\’s Good to be Back

Lately I have been concentrating on programming and writing thesis documentation so I missed blogging for several days (or is it a week??) I had been restless specially in completing our thesis documentation because it seems to be going nowhere this week. Searching for related literature isn\’t easy you know.

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Stuck With Database Design

I\’m stuck with the database design I\’m working on. It has been dragging for several days already… and I don\’t know whether I should consult more pre-existing database or should I just ignore the design patterns and do it my own style.

I\’m not a database designer to begin with. I\’m a programmer. More appropriately a developer (web developer or software developer) so I shouldn\’t be designing our database model. However, we only have one \”database person\” in our team so I\’m also manipulating the model so that we can start with a good database design. Fortunately dealing with database is not new to me. I had several projects dealing with database design but I had never designed a database this big. How will I know if this will scale well with our application? Fine tuning and stress testing is just troublesome.

Everything is troublesome. Argh! Let me vent for a while….

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My Dale Carnegie Certificate

\"DaleAfter 10 months, I finally received my certificate from Dale Carnegie Training. Actually I should have picked this up at P&G office in Ayala as early as September 2005 but I was so busy for the last 2 school terms, I missed every chance to fetch it last year.

Anyway this is a certificate of achievement for \”The Leadership Advantage\” as set forth by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. I\’m proud to be one of the P&G scholar who participated in this training. It\’s one of the best training I had. First of all it\’s paid by P&G. Second, it was held in Manila Peninsula Hotel and lastly, we\’re all pampered by our scholarship officer. I\’m looking forward to our upcoming training this summer. :D I also want to apply what I have learned from this training in the near future. So far I have applied key concepts of leadership in my personal life… and I know I still have to pursue more.

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.NET Programmers in Demand

CNN reported few days ago that .NET programmers are highly in demand in 2006.This is generally true in the big cities in America. The trend is about the same in the Philippine and yes, .NET programmers are in demand but high pay seekers in the Philippines will be disappointed to know that .NET programmers\’ salary in the Philippines is far from our American counterparts. There\’s no wonder why brain drain in the taking place in the Philippines as more programmers gamble their talents abroad. :(

CNN: 5 careers: Big demand, big pay
CNN, .NET, programmer, Philippines, brain+drain

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Code Red

I\’m really surprised this morning when my groupmates in thesis namely Frederick and Jeremiah were wearing red. Hmmm… we didn\’t make any special arrangement but we were all wearing red. Even Glenn who was seating next to us in Cisco lab was wearing a red jacket. Then I saw Jed, who was working on the student module of our thesis, was also wearing a red jacket. Even Edison was wearing red! W00t! So everyone who attended the meating last night was wearing red even though we didn\’t plan on what to wear today. What a coincidence. Everyone was joking about it as if we really planned it. Whatever is the reason perhaps we should celebrate since we\’re all in red. :P

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