:evil: I got my score in Discrete Mathematics today and I failed because of one silly question. :evil: That\’s worth 20 points so I argued my point to my professor. I was reasonable in defending my answer because I strictly followed the instruction. I approached the problem set the way it was required; whoever, the way my professor and some of my classmates approached it was beyond my logical reasoning. Either they did not follow the \”proper instruction\”or they used a totally different logic to come up with their answer. It was so frustrating . :evil:

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Useless Floppy

I learned today that you can actually create a start up CD-ROM, making start up floppy diskette useless. I don\’t even want to bother using floppies again :mrgreen: No wonder there are some branded computers that totally get rid of floppy drive. :smile:

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Teh Format

:neutral: I\’m in the process of formatting my computer because it\’s already full of crap. Since the day I bought my PC, it has been fed with a lot of trial softwares, spywares, virus, etc. It\’s time to do it over again. :razz: However, I\’m having a bad time backing up all my valuable datas because I have at least 30-50 gigabytes to backup. I didn\’t want to burn them to CDRWs because it costs too much… even if I had a DVD-RW -/+ I wouldn\’t burn my backup. They are not cheap… :neutral: so I simply used my laptop\’s HD for storing all the important files from my PC. :???: It\’s darn tedious.

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The Notebook

This is not about the novel. It\’s about notebook computer.

My father bought me a laptop today. :mrgreen: It\’s an Asus L4500R mainstream notebook. It weigh about 3 kg but it feels light when carried using a back pack. This is a bargain because it has 0% interest. We couldn\’t afford it if we pay it by cash. This isn\’t the best laptop on the market but this is the best deal I could find. :smile: I\’m satisfied to own this model. The specs are decent enough. 1.5 Ghz Pentium M with 2mb L2 cache (Dothan). It also comes with ATI Mobility Radeon 9100… it\’s not really designed for graphic intensive games but I could play a couple of good games using the low-res mode (800×600) like Warcraft 3, Sims 2 and NFS Underground (just to name a few). By default it only has 256mb DDR of RAM but I cranked it up to 512mb to give some performance boost. I also asked for a bigger hard disk. Normally this model would come with 40gb but mine came with 80gb. :) I\’d prefer larger HD so I\’ll have larger capacity to put all my datas into it.

Tomorrow, I\’ll install more applications… I\’ll also upgrade to Windows XP SP2 as soon as my friend return my copy of SP2 CD. I\’m also planning to put Linux into it but I\’m having second thoughts about it since it requires too much tweaking to work. Oh well… :roll:

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Part-time Job

Yes… finally I got a part-time job. Now, I can hone one of my skill during my spare time so that I can earn some money. :mrgreen:

I was hired as a graphic artist but it seems that what I\’m doing is a job description of a photo editor.

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Motivating Myself for This Term Exam

It\’s crap… CRAP.

I don\’t have the motivation to study because my professors aren\’t that good this school term. (I won\’t drop any names, ok?) :roll:

Firstly, my prof in one of science subject is a [email protected]#$ing old lady who does not teach half as effective as the other professors. She rather spit whatever is in the book and does not pace her lesson plan well. Most of the times I find my class boring and our activities insipid… there are lots of senseless exercises. I bet even elementary students can make a perfect score out of her daily quizzes. In other words she\’s very lenient that\’s why I pity myself she became my prof. Worse, she\’s also my professor in Philippine Goverment and Constitution! w00t! I really want to commend my classmates because even if we don\’t have a good experience with our professor, at least, we had a good experience together. The debates and issues tackled inside our classrooms are all awe-inspiring.

Secondly, I don\’t have a problem with the prof in another science subject… she\’s okay and she does not require too much from us. However when it comes to her teaching styles, she really lacks what it makes to be a good professor. She easily gets distracted and because of that, most of her lessons are disoriented and not cohesive. She would give us quizzes with topics not discussed properly and would not give any hints… she\’s either a devil in disguise or she just don\’t know how to give any consideration at all. I feel very unlucky. I envy my friends who are fortunately not in her class. :neutral:

Lastly, because out of four subjects, three of them are handled by \”not-so-good\” profs, I guess it sums up that whatever I do this term, it will only bring disappointment to my grades. But I hope not!

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