Holiday Plans

Here\’s my plans for thw holidays:

1.) Finish the registration of our biz this week
2.) Explore ASP.NET
3.) Try to setup Slackware (although I\’d prefer Gentoo if only I have the ISO. I have SuSe but my ISO isn\’t working, too) :???:
4.) Setup a local server
5.) (at last!)
6.) Enroll for the next term on Dec. 22
7.) Spend the Christmas with my family
8.) PearPC OS X emulation

Hmmm… :???: I need to do all these

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:evil: My morning was nearly ruined when my friend Frederick made fun of me this morning. :mad:

We were scheduled to register our specialization electives this week. I tried to register last Saturday but the registrar office was close so I went to college this morning, around 10:00 AM. While I was riding bus to Makati Frederick (P4) sent a text message that goes along this line: He and Jeremiah already got their registration form, and there was NO MORE SLOTS FOR JAVA. He even added he was fortunate to get the last slot! And since there was no more slot for Java, they put me in HP-UX. (that\’s the last thing I would do!) :shock: Of course I was surprised. There was no announcent whatsover that Java is offered only to limited number of slots. I violently reacted to P4\’s message. It was so unfair and I ranted that they should have informed me sooner. I was relieved to know it was only a joke… a bad one though. :neutral:

I just smiled after the revelation but I was badly irritated. :neutral: You got me there P4! :mrgreen:

Later on I happily registered Java as my specialization, together with Jeremiah and P4 :) we dubbed ourselves as Java-man since all of us are getting that elective. :D

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Shortest Path

:mrgreen: I just got the shortest path to passing my Discrete Mathematics. Do you know why? Our project was hand-picked by our professor and those who made the best project(s) will be exempted from the final exam! Woooh! :razz:

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Same Old Dude

On my way to school this morning I stumbled upon my long lost friend Martin. We were very good friends back in elementary and I was very glad he has not forgotten me. I found out that he was enrolled in UST, then transferred to TUP later. He preferred TUP because he\’s majoring in E.E. and TUP offers a lot of practicals in there.

We didn\’t have much time to chat because we need to ride separate buses already. Too bad his cellphone was broken. I planned to get his contact number. Anyway, Friendster is always there. Well, he\’s the same dude I knew back in grade school but he is taller than me now. LOL. :razz:

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Stable Once More!

Today I replaced my power supply unit in my Pentium 4 system to prevent it from abnormal shut downs. It seemed that the old PSU already broke down and caused over heating after several hours of usage. (due to abuse) Aside from that, :razz: remember my fanless MX 440? Well, my Kuya Roy managed to fix it. He only needed oil to lubricate the fan and it worked like magic! My GPU fan is already working! Hehe.. I feel stupid because I attempted to oil it but I didn\’t continue. :razz: I guess I have to learn from the master first to do it the proper way… :grin: Anyway, what\’s important is that my PC is already stable. :mrgreen:

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Here we go again… no class. The Visual Basic lab was postponed due to our professor\’s unexpected absence (quite disturbing since he already missed our class quite a lot…) :???:

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Fanless MX 440

I swapped my old ATI Radeon 7000 with an Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 440 for $0.00 this afternoon. :mrgreen: I know it\’s quite old but it\’s more powerful than my previous graphics card.

After installing my new GPU I noticed that its fan was broken. :neutral: It was not spinning. Well, even though MX 440 doesn\’t generate much heat I\’m still worried that its chipset might get damaged. It already made my system quite unstable. I\’ve been experiencing some automatic system [improper] shutdown. I will purchase a new fan this weekend to save my computer from trouble.

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