My friends and I formed a team and this team shall remain nameless. We have started several projects and some of these projects are still on-going. Suddenly, most of them gone missing.

I don\’t know what\’s wrong with them. I\’m left thinking about their inactivity in the internet. Hmmm… I really don\’t know if they are in the province, playing games all day long, taking a week-long break or they are just slacking off. I wouldn\’t know. Wala man lang notice kung saan sila lupalop ng mundo napadpad. I think that for some kind of formality, at least, they should have sent a short private message telling me where they have been or what\’s their plan for the holidays so that I am clueless on our project timelines. Maybe I am not in the right position to know their whereabouts but I think I deserve a bit more respect.

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Hey Mickey!

No, it\’s not the song… this post is about GM Mickey.

For starters, I play Rose Online as a sub-pilot for my brother\’s avatar/character. We are lucky to see a GM this morning and we stalked her like hell. :) The server was always full and we were disconnected several times. Logging in was very difficult. Even worse, the server was very laggy because too many players crowd together. But it was alright. We\’ve seen very strong mobs that GM Mickey summoned while many players crowd beside her. I was able to take a clear screenshot of her avatar. Take a look.

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Problem With E-mail Piping Continued!

Yes, the problem continued, but this time it was a bit modest. :D It didn\’t have any impact to the server because the support system script simply sent out warning inside the admin panel. About 72 warnings appeared telling me that the message wasn\’t delivered because the user\’s email box was full. ;) Now I learned why setting inbox quota is VERY important. It\’s better to have my inbox full than having our server hard drive choke!

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Trouble With Email Piping

I needed to go out yesterday and I did not worry about our server because everything was running fine before I left.

Then I went back home last night, plugged the computer and do my routine… I checked the server with a big surprise. I was terrified when I clicked an email and viewed a long list of reply history, in loop! I don\’t know what happened but it\’s probably because of the email configuration that I made the other day. It triggered an email loop that made the CPU load of our server terribly high this evening. The email loop inside was \”piped\” in an email system and 4 hours or endless loop, it resulted to 2.8 gigabytes of redundant data.

If you don\’t know Piping is a technology that immediately query an email right inside the database for storage. In other words, it \”capture\” the email for instant logging or input. So in simpler words, in every loop, the email was stored repeatedly in our database as it snowballed.

I\’m quite amazed that our Linux server still managed to survive this kind of stress test! It was able to withstand 100% CPU utilization for 4 hours without crashing. It proved that our server is powerful enough to host heavy loads without immediate risk of system failure.

This incident not only tested the power of our server but also my patience. Luckily we have the hardware to support this kind of abuse and I was not pushed to my limits.

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Poor… Grades

Yes, now I actually feel that this term wasn\’t good at all. It\’s all messed up due to bad school administration… damned boycotts… and so-called student leaders. -_-

I\’ve learned my lesson and it\’s enough to depress me the whole week. Now, this should be the first and last time that I\’ll be getting a \”just-pass\” mark in my report card. I could do much better than that. I have to remind myself that I have a scholarship to work for. Right now I\’ve been erased from Dean\’s list again. :( What a bummer… but that\’s life. I really hope that next term will be a much better term. I really need to pull myself up together and get serious about my academic life. This time I should have no excuses because my next load of subjects are all interesting. Database, Economics and Accounting, Data Communication and Networking 1 and Rizal. :)

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Logo Techniques

I worked on some logo today. I didn\’t have much idea when I started but after browsing some pages of logo sets I was inspired and the blurry picture in my mind slowly formed a concrete design idea. However I forgot how to do some techniques in Photoshop so I looked up some tutorial websites. Thanks goodness there are lots of them around so I was able to do some nifty tricks in my design. I worked on this for more or less… 3 hours? :neutral: It\’s not too complicated, just a plain logo. It took me more time to conceptualize it than doing it in Photoshop.

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