MSI-ECS Won 5 Prestigious Awards in Acer 5th Annual ePinnacle Awards

Below is a press release from MSI-ECS, Philippine IT distributor 


Every year since 2008, Acer Philippines gathers its distributors and channels to witness its ePinnacle Awards, a night of revelation where distributors and channels get to know its achievements vis-à-vis its competitors. In such a highly-competitive market, previous winners and hopefuls have one year to prove their market dominance. Based on sales performance, marketing strategies and customer support initiatives, this year’s awards were also based on votes gathered from Acer channels. Simply put, ePinnacle awards are not only gauged on sales performance but on customer relationship as well.

In the recently concluded 5th Annual ePinnacle Awards held last February 21, 2012 at the Grand Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Galleria Hotel in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, MSI-ECS has once again proven its leadership when it bagged 5 prestigious awards: Distributor of the Year, Consumer Sales – Notebooks and UMPC; Distributor of the Year, Consumer Sales – Projectors; Most Outstanding Master Authorized Service Partner of the Year; Product Manager of the Year – Consumer Notebooks; and Product Manager of the Year – Projectors. The awards were presented by Acer Philippines’ Mr. Manuel Wong, Country General Manager and Ms. Agnes Espino, Sales & Marketing Director.

MSI-ECS has been an authorized distributor and partner of Acer since 2004. To date, MSI-ECS is distributing the complete line-up of Acer products ranging from: consumer and commercial desktops, consumer and commercial notebooks, monitors, servers, tablets, smartphones, and projectors.

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Acer K330 – Portable Yet Powerful Projector

If you are looking for projector in the market now whether for office use or home theater, Acer K330 could be the one you are looking for. It has all the bells and whistles you need  from a good business projector and it works great as a home theater projector too.


Acer K330 combines both portability and excellent image quality in one package. It is not as small as pico and palmtop projector but it is lighter and smaller than standard lamp-powered projectors.  For the record, it is the first LED projector with 500 lumens of brightness. It should be bright enough to be used during  daytime.

The HD-ready 1280×800 (WXGA) native resolution with enhanced color saturation lets you enjoy 720P movies in full color.  You can also project without a PC or laptop – just use the 2GB internal memory, an SD card or a USB drive connected to the projector to project the media.

It has D-Sub and HDMI inputs and can accommodate at least two connectors so you can instantly switch from one input to another.

What\’s more interesting is it supports 3D when paired with a computer supporting 120Hz output so you can enjoy 3D movies anywhere you please.  Creating your own portable home theater  is now possible without breaking the bank.

For local pricing details, see full press release below.

A Portable yet Powerful Projector by Acer

Acer debuts the Acer K330, its first LED projector with 500 ANSI lumens of brightness for projecting vivid, clear images. The new Acer K330 projector also marries portability with excellent image output. It weighs less than three pounds and provides an HD-ready 1280×800 (WXGA) resolution with enhanced color saturation for brilliant color and clarity.

The Acer K330 ensures image accuracy with improved color saturation (60 to 130 percent NTSC) and a 4000:1 contrast ratio. As a result, the Acer K330 projects high-quality images in a wide range of natural, deep colors, making it the ideal projector for presentations and data, as well as digital entertainment including movies and photos.

Users making customer presentations with the Acer K330 can leave their notebook PC back at the office. Using the Acer K330’s “Presentations to Go” function, customers can use the SD card reader or USB 2.0 port to display high-quality videos, audio as well as standard office files and presentations from an SD card or USB drive, eliminating the need to carry a computer at all times.

The new Acer K330 projector is ideal for consumers as well as businesses and educational institutions that need an advanced projector that can easily be moved around the home or office. It weighs only 2.73 pounds and measures 8.6-inches (W) by 6.6-inches (D) by 1.8-inches (H).

Its native WXGA resolution of 1280×800 and 16:10 aspect ratio can be adjusted to support a maximum 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and changed to either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio for video content from Blu-ray Discs™, DVDs and other sources. It provides 24p Film Support and can project an image ranging in size from 30 to 100 inches diagonally from 2.5 to 8.3 feet away, so it’s ideal both for a home environment as well as conference rooms and board rooms. The Acer K330 takes advantage of the latest technologies. When paired with a computer supporting 120Hz output and 3D software along with 3D glasses, the Acer K330 can project 3D content to give entertainment an incredible boost. In addition, presenters may connect the Acer K330 wirelessly to a laptop, tablet or smart phone through an optional USB Wi-Fi dongle.

Acer K330 retails at Php 34,900. Acer is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For product information, pricing and availability, please contact Dimple Condes at [email protected] or +63 2 6883912.

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Fortinet Appoints MSI-ECS as Distributor

MSI-ECS marks Fortinet Distributor Appointment


Following its appointment as a Fortinet Distributor, MSI-ECS hosted a thanksgiving dinner to more than 100 channel partners last January 17, 2012 at the Dusit Thai Hotel, Makati City. With the appointment, MSI-ECS is authorized to cover all industry verticals and the full range of products in Fortinet\’s portfolio, including its flagship FortiGate integrated network security appliances and other solutions addressing, among other areas, wireless, messaging and database security. Photo shows (L-R), Jimmy Go, President/CEO, MSI-ECS and Jeff Castillo, Country Manager for the Philippines, Fortinet.

About Fortinet

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) is a worldwide provider of network security appliances and a market leader in unified threat management (UTM).

The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and specializes in network security appliances. Fortinet’s flagship product line is sold under the brand name of FortiGate.

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Cebu Pacific Error 5084: Can\’t Get Pass Seat Selection

Cebu Pacific Error on Ticket Booking


Piso Fare is over and I just had a great ticket deal despite the troublesome Cebu Pacific errors on ticket booking. Nothing new; it seems that the same thing is going on each year.

I always perceive that Cebu Pacific\’s greatest weakness is its online ticket reservation system because it crawls almost to a halt when people are booking for special promos. It creates a lot of frustration as well as bizarre errors caused by unresponsive server and overloaded payment processor.

I don\’t understand why their server scales so poorly when elastic cloud  server technologies are easily available these days. I can\’t see any improvement year after year. Sometimes I think that they don\’t really care to upgrade their systems to create artificial demand during promos — allegedly.

Going back to my main point, I\’m posting this as  a reference for other people who might encounter this weird error when booking Cebu Pacific Air tickets. I already reported this to helpdesk but who knows how soon they can fix this. Maybe they won\’t.

Error: 5084 Dynamic Warning

The \”dynamic warning\”  could happen for a number of reasons. On my case, this error happened because I was trying to reserve a seat for my wife who is boarding with our baby as guest (below 2 years old). Basically the error tells me that another customer with an infant just chose the row that I have selected  and I am not allowed to chose the seat on that same row because they only allow one infant per row.

I didn\’t know they have these kind rules but whatever.

I tried selecting different seats. I tried each row without success. I keep on getting the same error.


On a sidenote, I got this error even if the system had pre-selected the seats for me. Why would the system pre-allocate a seat when it should have known that I can\’t select it. It can easily allocate the seat that will not put two or more babies in a row. It ignores the rule and it doesn\’t help.


Work-around solution

Simply remove the seat allocation. This can be done by selecting the yellow seat and removing the seat allocated.

If you are traveling in a group this might be a bad idea because there\’s no guarantee that  you will be seated right next to each other. However if you can\’t get pass the seat selection and the only way to complete the transaction is to remove the seat reservations, you really have no other option but to remove them.

Seat reservation is an add-on. It\’s optional. It lets you select your preferred seat ahead of time but there is still no guarantee.

You can still reserve your seat after paying the ticket so I tried getting the add-on after paying the ticket. Unfortunately I still get the same error.

Cebu Pacific introduced web check-in lately and according to their old press release it also comes with free seat selection. Take note that web check-in is only available 48 hours up to 4 hours before the flight time. During this period it seems that you can still select your preferred seat free of charge. I received an email from Cebu Pacific advertising the free service so I hope it is still offered.

However, what good it will be if I\’ll get the same error? I might have to call customer support to get my preferred seats then.

Sometimes I ask myself, is the inconvenience really worth it?


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Google Wallet Fail: Broker Server Unable to Process Requests

Yesterday I wrote about how the transaction discrepancy in Android Market ruined my celebration  of Android 10B Downloads.  Today I encountered another odd behavior in the Android Market, a Google Wallet fail! I haven\’t encountered this kind of troubles in iTunes so that\’s good for Apple.

Google could be processing thousands or even millions of transaction each day with Google Checkout which is now effectively called Google Wallet, because of their push for NFC, so I don\’t understand why the Android Market place seems to be having problems in placing orders.

Users complain of getting this error message in their Google Wallet account:

failed: Oops – the broker server was unable to process your request


I could not place an order on $0.10 featured apps because of this error. Sometimes when I click on Transactions I get the list of transactions but most of the times I get the error above.

After trying several times buying on the web, I tried buying from mobile. Apparently I still can\’t buy without getting an error. The transaction will get through but you\’ll get a troublesome error saying that there is an error in processing your purchase.


There is no confirmation email confirming your purchase. However, after several minutes the transaction will be reflected on your Google Wall transaction lists.

You can do a search for the error on the web and there are many complains about this.

There are 4 more days of Android 10B Downloads celebration. Since Google is selling these apps for  very tiny amount, I guess we can\’t complain when we could not get it immediately. There is just a fear that you could get charged repeatedly if you try purchasing an app repeatedly. Hopefully this won\’t happen and Google Wallet will be able to prevent such thing from happening.

Also, I don\’t encounter this in buying the other not-for-sale apps, just the apps featured by Google on their 10B Downloads celebration.

Good luck getting the featured apps for the remaining days!



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Android 10B Downloads Celebration Annoyance and Transaction Discrepancy

I should make it clear first that I enjoy paid apps and I like both iOS and Android devices.

Sometimes I favor Android over iOS because of the flexibility it gives to users. Sometimes I favor iOS because the overall experience is more consistent. To be honest, I don\’t want to favor which technology is better (and so on and so forth..) because that\’s the time you get bias and start to look at products and services subjectively.

So I\’m done with my little disclaimer. Let me start telling you my experience in getting $0.10 apps from Android Market yesterday. It was weird and I was confused what actually happened.


I paid an app featured in 10B Celebration which is SketchBook Mobile (SBM).

Since the featured applications will be replaced after a day, I expected that the change will appear late in the morning, not late in the evening because I supposed the Android Market is following the US timezone (but I\’m not). So I went ahead and bought an app that I was interested.

In the middle of my transaction Google replaced the 10 featured apps. I didn\’t know that Google replaced the listed apps already; I just realized what happened after I have paid already and went back to the list of featured apps.

Here is the transaction:


I checked the status of the order and it looks that I still got the app for $0.10… However when I look at the real transaction registered on my credit card, it reflects that the amount processed was  $0.99. I got an SMS confirming the transaction so I know how much was processed immediately.

But I thought I bought it for $0.10? Where did the $0.99 price came from?

I did a little investigation. According to AppBrain, SketchBook Mobile was worth $1.99 before the sale and yesterday it was $0.10. So how come I was charged $0.99? It wasn\’t the normal price and the  last time it was worth $0.99 was back in Nov. 26, 2011.


Typically, to protect shoppers from price fluctuation the value of the product or service in the shopping cart is the basis of price on billing. I don\’t know how Google handles price fluctuations but I\’m not impressed because this $0.10 app turned out to be $0.99 — that\’s 10x higher than the promo price. I\’m not sure if this could happen outside promotions but it\’s something to worry about.

For your reference, the apps get replaced at around 01:00 PHT UTC +8 hours or 09:00 PST UTC -8 hours. I\’m not sure if this is true for all countries so let me know. This is just a heads up that if you are going to buy any app in the Android Market during the 10B Celebration promo (which runs until December 16, 2011) you should buy the featured apps an hour before Google replace the featured apps to avoid the problem that I encountered.

I know it was a measly amount but the discrepancy in the transaction value ruined the celebration experience for me and it was disturbing. What if this happens on my future normal transactions?

I emailed AutoDesk about this but after over 36 hours I haven\’t heard from them yet.


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