Buffalo AirStation Pro 802.11n – Business-Class Wireless AP

Buffalo AirStation Pro 802.11n

Two new Buffalo business-class wireless access points are now available locally – Bufallo AirStation Pro 802.11n Gigabit Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point and AirStation Pro 802.11n Gigabit Concurrent Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point.

You probably don\’t need these in your house unless you live in a mansion. However, if you own a business you should consider getting a business-class wireless Access Point (simply wireless AP).

I think this is the first time I mentioned AP in my blog so let\’s define what is an AP first.

We are used to having a modem, router and access point rolled into one device that comes with our DSL or cable internet connection so no one cares what an AP or a router is, unless you\’re a geek. Technically speaking a wireless AP will only extend your wireless range so that you can connect to a network and get internet access. By itself, an AP cannot connect to the internet. Router on the other hand is the device responsible to your internet connection and can be configured as an AP or it comes with a wireless AP attached to it so that you can connect wirelessly. An AP cannot function as a router.


When you go to malls or big offices and you see boxy devices hanging from the ceiling with antenna, they are most-likely wireless AP.

Going back to Bufallo AirStation Pro, the only real difference between the two Buffalo AirStation Pro 802.11n AP models is that the first one has selectable Dual band support which means you can select either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz frequencies at 300 MBbps max. The other one has a concurrent dual band technology, or in other terms MIMO, that creates  two separate wireless network on 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz frequencies at 300 MBbps max each.

These Buffalo AirStation wireless AP also feature plenum-rated chassis which means you can place these wireless AP inside a plenum (air vents or just about any place up the ceiling where air circulates). That also means they are extra though. They also support Power over Ethernet (PoE) so you can power these devices with Ethernet cables where power  cables can\’t reach.

Buffalo expands wireless offering with new business-class wireless access points

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of wired and wireless networking and network and direct attached storage solutions, today announced two new enterprise-class wireless access points, AirStation Pro 802.11n Gigabit Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point and AirStation Pro 802.11n Gigabit Concurrent Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point. Designed for professional deployments, these AirStation Pro wireless APs offer robust and secure dual band wireless networks with business-class features and the convenience of Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Buffalo\’s AirStation Pro 802.11n Gigabit Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point provides high performance 802.11n speeds and coverage, with selectable operation on one of two available bands, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. The AirStation Pro 802.11n Gigabit Concurrent Dual Band PoE Wireless Access Point offers simultaneous operation on two concurrent bands for greater networking capacity and flexibility. AirStation Pro wireless APs are designed for deployment in professional settings and offer users a lineup of business-class features:

  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE): 802.11af PoE allows the device to be powered without an AC power source for easy installation and placement, even on high ceilings, drop ceilings, walls and other locations where power may not be available. By using a PoE switch, users can install the AP anywhere they can run an Ethernet cable.
  • Plenum-Rated Chassis: AirStation Pro APs feature plenum-rated chassis and multiple mounting options for greater flexibility in installation locations, enabling users to safely install these units above ceiling tiles.
  • Multi-SSID / VLAN Tagging: Administrators can easily create multiple SSIDs with different security passphrases for easy network segmentation and added security. Network administrators can assign each SSID a VLAN tag to specify what network access that SSID receives.
  • Wireless Distribution System: WDS allows users to easily extend coverage of their wireless network by interconnecting multiple access points. Easily bridge a WLAN spanning multiple buildings or expand coverage in a home to hard to reach locations.
  • Removable Antennas: Easily add high gain antennas for longer range, wireless bridging or backhaul solutions. AirStation Pro APs use industry-standard RP-SMA connectors, compatible with readily available third-party solutions.
  • 802.1X RADIUS Authentication Support: Provides enterprise-grade access restrictions, helping to keep unauthorized users out. By moving authentication to a backend RADIUS server, only specified and authorized wireless devices are permitted to connect to the wireless network.

Buffalo AirStation wireless access points are available through MSI-ECS Phils. Inc.  For availability and pricing, please call 688-3180 or email [email protected]

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Acer Veriton M6620G Desktop


There are many options in the market when you are buying a desktop for your company. While there are countless features to choose from, one of the most important factor in choosing a corporate desktop is the management suite that comes with it. Acer Veriton M6620G has a lot of security and management features in one clean user interface.

It comes with Intel vPro and AMT 7.0 that makes managing software and hardware assets easier. Acer also included recovery functionality that makes backing up and restoring PC data easier.

One thing that I like about this desktop is its solid capacitor motherboard — this is important if you want your corporate desktop to have a longer system life. I always buy motherboards with solid capacitor because it is more reliable.

Take a look on the detailed specifications of Acer Veriton M6620G below.


New Acer Veriton M6620G Commercial Desktop Simplifies System Management for the Enterprise

Veriton M6620G, Acer’s newest commercial desktop PC is expected to draw interest among corporate customers, government agencies and educational institutions with its advanced features including Acer Proshield Security and Acer Office Manager that combine security and manageability features within a single user interface. Acer Proshield includes an encrypted hidden drive for confidential files, a file shredder to wipe sensitive material from the system, and a BIOS import and export tool that streamlines system management while Acer Office Manager allows organization to deploy security policies, monitor IT assets, and schedule maintenance tasks in one simple manageability package. And through Acer’s One-Button Recovery (OBR) function backing up and/or restoring a PC’s data is now a breeze.

Also, it comes with Intel vPro with Active Management Technology (AMT) 7.0, which enables in-house or outsourced IT to easily manage software and hardware assets, troubleshoot issues remotely and guard against software attacks.

As  a TPM 1.2 compliant, the system adheres to corporate-level security requirements and lowers total cost of ownership.  Veriton M6620G comes loaded with  Acer Veriton Control Center suite of management tool features:

  • Acer eLock Management, locks removable data devices, optical drives and other interfaces with a password.
  • Acer eSettings Management offers complete system control: view system information; change boot options; monitor important system components.
  • Acer PowerSaver allows setup of ideal power level for energy usage: low power for energy-saving and normal use, and high power for great performance.
  • SmartBoot for automatically loading frequently used programs in the system tray at start-up.

The Acer Veriton M6620G features a 100 percent solid capacitor mainboard design to prolong system life as well as optional inside and outside built-in dust filters to keep the system clean and operating smoothly.

Quick Specs:

Veriton M6620G Micro Tower Desktop

  • Intel® Core™ i5-3570 Processor (6M Cache, 3.40 GHz)
  • Intel® Q77 Express Chipset
  • 2GB DDRIII 1333MHZ Memory, with Four memory slots (Up to 16 GB of DDR3 1333/1600 MHz SDRAM )
  • 500GB SATAIII 7200RPM
  • 16X Super Multi Drive
  • Intel® integrated graphics solution, featuring:• Intel® HD Graphics• Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology (Intel® DVMT) supports PCI Express® 2.0 x16 graphics card support
  • Two 5.25\” drive bays , Six 3.5\” drive bays (two external, four internal)
  • One PCI Express® 2.0 x16 slot One PCI Express® 2.0 x1 slot One PCI™ v2.3 (5 V) slot (Two USB 2.0 ports,  Multi-in-1 card reader, High-definition headphone and microphone jacks, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, Serial port, DVI-I port, Two DisplayPort™ ports, Four USB 2.0 ports, Two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet (RJ-45) port and Three audio ports)
  • USB Keyboard and USB Optical Mouse,
  • Integrated High-definition audio with 5.1-channel surround sound,
  • Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built-in speaker, Card reader
  • PC 2001, ENERGY STAR® 5.0, EPEAT®,DMTF, GS, Intel® vPro™ technology (Intel® AMT 8.0) Compliant
  • 3 years parts and labor,(3-3-0) Warranty

SRP: 28,300

For availability and additional information, please email [email protected]

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What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

This article is a guest post from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


Back then, all your files were stored on hardware. Today, you store your photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Picasa. You even use your email as storage by sending yourself emails with attachments! You know that your files are out there, but where?

These files are in the cloud. The cloud is where you access services that help store, or run software applications anywhere in the world when needed. Imagine having infinite, secure storage for your backup data at a reasonable price. These are just some of the reasons why people are moving their data to the cloud.

The cloud can be used in different ways. Services like Dropbox, iCloud, and Box give you free limited storage with an option to pay for more. Some operating systems provide cloud backup and restore services in case your device crashes or is stolen, or your data somehow gets deleted. You can also communicate and mingle through the cloud! Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have apps you can use. Other services include media storage and playback; banking and finance; and note-taking and bookmarking, among others.

There are many reasons to move to the cloud. Data backed up in the cloud means less hardware for you. There’s no need to update multiple copies anymore. It’s also easy to share your data in public, or even to a select few. Like they say, there’s an app for that!

It’s important to note that there are storms you have to brave in the cloud. It’s possible to lose your entire digital life in under an hour. You should be alert for threat campaigns, flaws in the system, additional costs, access woes, provider data leakage, the human factor, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Dropbox users were once spammed because of third-party sites linked to the service.

Being proactive when it comes to cloud security can protect you from these storms. Always update your apps. App developers address service bugs and fix flaws through updates. Use cloud-based services that automatically encrypt data you upload like Trend Micro™ SafeSync™. Don’t click links or open attachments from suspicious-looking emails. Same goes for IMs and private messages on social networking sites. Use mobile security programs like the Trend Micro™ Mobile Security to block malicious apps. Change simple passwords into phrases that are hard for others to remember. Don’t recycle passwords or refer to popular media when creating new ones. Password managers like Trend Micro™ DirectPass™ allow you to use one master password for all your accounts. Back up you mobile data with services like Trend Micro™ Mobile Backup and Restore. This will come in handy when your device crashes or is stolen. These are just a few ways of finding the silver lining in the cloud.

To find out more on how you can keep your personal data safe in the cloud through the Trend Micro Digital Life E-guide, please visit “Files in Flight: What You Need to Know about Cloud Storage.”

Trend Micro security solutions are distributed in the Philippines thru MSI-ECS Phils Inc.  For more information, please contact [email protected]

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Intermec Introduces Industry’s Smallest, Lightest Mobile Receipt Printers

Mobile printers are not new technology. You see it around all the time. Workers use them for inventory replenishment, on-site services, remote POS and issuing tickets. In the Philippines you see these mobile printers a lot when you commute in public buses, at least in most modern provincial and city buses. I never really thought about the technology behind it. Watch the video below and learn more about Intermec\’s smallest and lightest mobile receipt printers.



Press release:

Intermec, Inc. recently announced the new PR2 and PR3 mobile receipt printers – the smallest, lightest and most durable receipt printers in their class. Designed for all day comfort for mobile field professionals in direct store delivery (DSD) route accounting, field service, mobile point of sale and electronic citation, the two-inch PR2 and three-inchPR3mobile printers provide the ideal companion to Intermec’s broad portfolio of mobile computers with shared charging, docking, accessories and remote management capabilities for a lower total cost of ownership and increased efficiencies.

Enterprises are able to tailor the printers to their unique business environments with a complete line of modular accessories, while also delivering competitive advantage with invoice printing and secure payment capture capabilities. Additionally, the printers are fast, with the fastest time to first receipt in their class. They are also built for all day comfort and reliability –easily worn all day using the included belt clip, optional belt loop or shoulder strap for additional ease.

“Intermec is committed to providing fast, flexible solutions that offer mobile field workers the tools they need to transform business operations and reduce infrastructure costs, driving bottom line results,” said Chuck Dourlet, Intermec Vice President of Printers & Media. “The flexibility of the new PR2 and PR3 mobile receipt printers offers businesses unique value and a future-proofed

Offering the ultimate in flexibility

Compatible with Intermec’s FlexDock system, the PR2 and PR3 offer a new level of efficiency to docking and charging. The PR2 and PR3 mobile printers are able to share the same FlexDock base with Intermec’s mobile computers, enabling multiple alternatives for data communications and charging solutions. Additionally, the modular docking design can offer up to a 20 percent cost savings during initial roll-outs compared to conventional docking solutions and up to 70 percent savings during future technology refreshes.

“VDC’s research shows that the impact of expenditures on device infrastructure, such as communication docks, battery chargers and the associated facilities, can be as much as 12 percent of the total cost of an enterprise mobility deployment,” said Richa Gupta, Barcode Analyst at VDC Research Group. “By integrating the latest line of mobile printers with its FlexDock modular docking system, Intermec is directly addressing the growing need for end-user enterprises to reduce their current and ongoing infrastructure costs.”

Providing innovative smart battery monitoring to minimize replacement costs and increase workforce productivity, the PR2 and PR3offer valuable insight into battery usage and replacement needs before the battery runs out. Field-replaceable batteries can be charged independently of the printer to further maximize convenience and uptime – reducing battery replacement costs by as much as 50 percent over the life of the device.

The PR2 and PR3also save enterprise customers time and money by fitting into existing infrastructures and interfacing seamlessly via secure Bluetooth® 2.0, USB or IrDA with select Intermec devices or other mobile computers, tablets and smartphones on the market. In addition, the new PR2 and PR3 are the only printers to offer optional integrated PCI compatible MSR and AES encryption, enabling secure payment capture on the go.

With the introduction of the PR2 and PR3, Intermec has further extended its unique printer solutions designed specifically for field mobility customers. Other offerings in this category include the newly enhanced 6822 full-page printer and PW50 four-inch work board printer, which were upgraded to support on-board charging and an integrated vehicle mounting option for CN70 mobile computers.
The new PR2 and PR3 mobile receipt printers are available in the Philippines through MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.approach to managing their overall enterprise mobility solution.”

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HP ProLiant ML110 G7 – Perfect Server for your Business at Desktop Price

This article is a press release from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


Leverage your start-up business with HP ProLiant ML110 G7

The HP ProLiant ML110 G7 is the perfect first server for growing business. It provides an affordable and functional solution to small/medium businesses that are budget-conscious and who have basic or no in-house IT resources.

With proven ProLiant reliability, support for the latest Intel® Xeon®, Core™ i3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors, an optional redundant power supply (RPS), and two NICs, the ML110 G7 provides the ideal solution for the expanding business. A mix of PCI-Express slots, DIMM slots, drive bays, and server options delivers the expandability needed. Integrated iLO3 remote management drives down the operational costs by reducing the number of physical visits. An HP Smart Start CD enhances the installation process. Optional TPM provides an additional level of security, and a high efficiency power supply is available to further reduce power consumption.

What\’s new

  • Latest Intel Xeon E3 4 core, Core i3 2 core, Pentium and Celeron 2 core processors
  • iLO 3 GLP remote management support
  • HP Smart Start CD
  • Two Intel Hartwell 82574 Gigabit NICs
  • More expandability (four NHP / HP LFF HDDs, eight SFF HDDs, 10 USB ports, four PCIe 2.0 slots)
  • Efficient redundant power supply (RPS)


Proven HP Dependability and Support

  • HP has built a reputation of dependability by conducting some of the most rigorous and thorough testing in the industry
  • ProLiant quality starts with design and is optimized in manufacturing
  • Tireless work on system testing and process control ensures only the most dependable products for the customers
  • Worldwide network of HP trained service professionals

Easy to Expand and Grow with Changing Business Needs

  • This powerful, yet simple platform, provides all the relevant server features in an easy-to-use and easy-to-afford package
  • Growth and adaptability are achieved through 2 NICs, DDR3 memory, HDDs, USB ports and PCI card expandability, and RPS giving the server headroom to grow with your business
  • The modular design of ML110 G7 requires less upfront investment and allows for expandability as needed. All major components are designed to be removed or installed with minimal effort.
  • Companies with remote locations or branch offices can take advantage of the integrated iLO3 remote management to decrease server/company downtime and increase productivity
  • Rack mountable for space saving

A True Server at a Desktop Price

  • The HP ProLiant ML110 G7 server incorporates features for small/medium businesses and remote site locations
  • The focus on design provides a flexible server for low cost expansion
  • Improved processor and memory performance along with the support for efficient power supply reduce overall operational costs
  • iLO3 remote management drives down the cost of managing the servers by reducing visits while decreasing the need for multiple remote management solutions

Proven ProLiant Reliability and Data Protection

  • ECC memory protects businesses from data loss and unplanned system downtime
  • Smart Array options provide businesses RAID mirroring and striping capability to protect critical data
  • iLO3 remote management decreases server downtime
  • Trusted Platform Module provides an option for advance data security with hardware-based encryption and authentication
  • Redundant PSU for more security and essential productivity backup

HP ProLiant ML110 G7 retails at Php 45,500and is available in the Philippines through MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

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FortiGate 300C – Accelerated Security for the Mid-Enterprise and Branch Office



FortiGate 300C offers consolidated security and switching speeds for mid-sized organizations. It has one of the highest port densities and price/performance ratios in any management, analysis and reporting appliances.

FortiGate 300C provides up to 8 Gbps firewall throughput with 10 x 1GbE interfaces,  “single pane of glass” management console for easy deployment and management, consolidated network security features, IPv6-ready platform and it integrates with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances. On-board storage provides localized event logging, content archiving, or WAN optimization as well.

For detailed specs, Fortigate 300C datasheet can be found here.

Read the full local press release below:

FortiGate™-300C Delivers Price/Performance Breakthrough to Provide Highly Flexible Unified Threat Management Deployment Options in Single Appliance

Fortinet, a leading network security provider and the worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions, launched the newest member of its FortiGate™ multi-threat security appliance product family. The FortiGate-300C is specifically designed for mid-sized organizations and large-scale enterprises with strategic branch offices requiring optimal security protection capable of keeping pace with today\’s volatile threat landscape. The highly versatile FortiGate-300C features one of the highest port densities and price/performance ratios of any product in its class to deliver advanced firewall, VPN, application control and intrusion prevention system functionality in a single appliance.

The FortiGate-300C is powerful enough to be deployed as the main security gateway for VPN termination and application control in mid-sized enterprises when combined with Fortinet\’s FortiClient software, and/or as a high-performance, multi-threat security appliance in large branch offices and remote locations requiring high-speed network connections.

Designed with eight FortiASIC-accelerated ports for maximum throughput, the new appliance delivers wire-speed firewall and IPSec VPN performance as well as application control acceleration to provide optimized security capabilities without imposing latency in high-speed network environments. For example, eight Gbps firewall throughput can support one million concurrent sessions. And with the ability to support 4.5 Gbps of IPSec throughput, 10,000 client-to-gateway and 6,000 gateway-to-gateway IPSec tunnels can be supported with a single device.

To help organizations protect their assets and network infrastructures in the face of the constantly evolving threat landscape, the eight accelerated ports on the FortiGate-300C facilitate the creation and enforcement of segmented security zones with policy control previously available only within larger-scale solutions.

The FortiGate-300C is also designed to evolve with organizations that consistently re-architect their networks for greater performance across distributed environments by integrating onboard storage for WAN optimization. In addition, the new appliance features advanced local logging and reporting capabilities that complement the optional integration with Fortinet\’s FortiManager™ and FortiAnalyzer™ systems for centralized management and advanced forensics.

Fortinet\’s Broad Product Line Enhances Security Coverage

Fortinet\’s broad security product line, including today\’s announced FortiGate-300C, consolidates security functionality across wired and wireless architectures in enterprises, managed security service providers (MSSPs) and telecommunications carriers for higher performance and a lower total cost of ownership than cobbling together different vendors and disparate point products. From the FortiGate 30 Series, which offers 30 Mbps firewall throughput, up to the FortiGate 1200 Series, which offers 40 Gbps firewall throughput, and all products in between those series deliver a price/performance that cannot be beat today. Demanding organizations that require between 120 Gbps and 480 Gbps throughput can get the best performing security from the FortiGate-3000 Series and FortiGate-5000 Series appliances.

Fortinet\’s uniquely accelerated performance comes from custom FortiASIC™ processors that greatly improve the throughput of an appliance\’s integrated UTM security features; including antivirus, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, as well as many other security and networking functions, such as Web filtering, anti-spam, WAN optimization and data leakage prevention (DLP). FortiGate systems provide constant security protection through updates by Fortinet\’s FortiGuard™ Network, which guards against the most damaging threats, such as viruses, worms, advanced intrusions and other unwanted network traffic – around the clock and around the world. FortiGate appliances are integrated with a broad security ecosystem product offering that includes messaging, Web application firewall, database security, management and analysis systems and endpoint security solutions. FortiGate appliances also contain a wireless controller, enabling wired and wireless infrastructures to be simply implemented and more secure through a single security platform. The entire security environment can be easily managed and reported using enterprise-scale FortiManager and ForiAnalyzer.

\”Our mid-sized and large-scale enterprise customers have been looking for new opportunities to apply the benefits of unified threat management in strategic gateway and remote location deployments with more aggressive price/performance levels,\” said Michael Xie, founder, CTO and vice president of engineering at Fortinet. \”And once again, we\’re responding to pent up customer demand for solutions that combat the constantly changing threat landscape at an affordable price without sacrificing network performance. The introduction of the FortiGate-300C meets this trifecta of customer needs head on.\”

Fortinet is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

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MSI-ECS Outwins Competition, Bags 2 HP Distributor Awards

This article is a press release from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


MSI-ECS, the leading IT distributor in the Philippines, came out triumphant when it bagged the 2 much-coveted awards from HP Philippines, namely ESSN (Enterprise Server, Storage and Networking) and ISS (Industry Standard Server) Distributor of the Year in the recently concluded HP ESSN Channel Partner Kick-Off 2012 with the theme “Survivor – Outdo, Outsell, Outsmart” held last February 22 – 24, 2012 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City. The event was attended by HP distributors and partners. MSI-ECS’ Aida Elcano – Product Manager for HP ProLiant Servers and BCS accepted the awards presented by Ryan Guadalquiver – HP Phils. Country Managing Director, Hans Bayaborda – HP Phils. ESSN Country Manager & Suresh Tampi – HP Regional Channels Director, OSEA.

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