200th Entry

Can\’t believe I made this far in blogging. Wow, I\’m actually blogging regularly. :P I feel more confortable in writing english articles now.

This is a cute little 80×15 button I made for this special post.


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Whatever It Is

I\’ve been reading lots of good articles lately and I have lots of great stuffs in my head that I want to discuss yet five days after my last post it seems that I cannot inject some juicy content here in my blog. Heh. I\’m not sure if this is writer\’s block, lack of inspiration or just plain laziness. Whatever the cause of this momentary absence in my blog, I just hope I\’ll be able to make it up.

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Stuffs Added

In my latest blog update, I added some usefull plugins including Auto Links, Moose Candy and WordPress Hashcash. I also included some Google Ads to make this blog somewhat profitable. I also added some promotional micro buttons. AFAIK, there\’s no official Animesuki promotional button so I created my own.

My favorite plugin right now is Auto Links because it\’s really cool… for instance, it links Harry Potter with my Amazon associate ID… so I get credits when you purchase any Harry Potter books. LOL. Unlike other auto link plugins, it never repeats linkage so it only hyperlinks one instance of the keyword. It\’s very good in personal blogs; using it in e-commerce blogs is better. ;)

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No Internet for 3 days

\"Thief\"It was Wednesday morning when our DSL suddenly disconnected. Then, I noticed the LED indicator for \”DSL\” of our modem was off. I suspected immediately that the DSL service was down but I was surprise to find out when I lifted the telephone, and that there was no dial tone too! What was happening?!

I told my father to report to 173 as soon as possible so that when I come back from school, I could finish my work already. Afterwards, my father informed me that the dial tone has been not restored yet. It was already late afternoon. I called 173 on my way back home. The automated telephone service prompted me to one of PLDT customer service representatives. The PLDT customer service representative was chatting with her colleague when I was connected to her line, and she didn\’t realize I\’m already online. I listened for a moment, waiting for the representative to notice that someone is already on the line. (Isn\’t it stupid to forget muting the mic?) Anyway… after a while, the representative had come back to earth and responded to my call. Of course, as a typical customer service representative, she had promised to let the repair crew know of the present situation. Blah blah blah….

Later on, I learned that the PLDT telephone cables in our area were actually pillaged by thieves. As a result, our subdivision did not have telephone and internet service for days. The scrap cables and wirings that the thieves took are quite profitable because the wirings are gold plated, as one of the repair PLDT crew told us. It has been their problem ever since the oppressed community learned that those can be sold in the black market. Easy money, eh? And It didn\’t happen once. In fact, they told me that it happened for the 6th time in our area already. Some people have already pointed who the culprits are, but there is no evidence so the people cannot just point fingers.

I asked the repair crew why this kind of incidents cannot be prevented easily and they told me that PLDT has no direct responsibility to watch every cablings they install, so the community should help them catch these thieves in order to protect the services offered to our community. It makes sense, but can\’t they go an extra mile to protect their investment?

The next day, I had to check my emails badly so I had to use a friend\’s internet shamelessly. I had no better choice. There was still no dial tone but I received good news from our neighbor: the wires were already set. The repair crew just needed a little more time to replace the wires.

At last, on the 3rd day, our dial tone was restored and our DSL was finally operational. I thought that the repair will stretch between 1 – 4 weeks. I\’m thankful that the worse case didn\’t happen.

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Delayed WordPress Updates

Well, I should have updated this blog sooner, only if I knew earlier that WordPress had released fixes for XSS exploits. Anyway, good thing that WP does not shows its version number in the index. That\’s a good obscure solution to prevent hackers knowing the WordPress from search engines :P

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No Time for Blog (Yeah Right…)

I used to think blogging is very easy… yeah right… if you don\’t really have much responsibilities and duties you might find blogging damn easy… but then, putting a lot of so-called content in this blog is something that I have not practiced very well since I\’m more focused on what I do in school and my social life, which usually results to time constraints to my blogging. In other words, I don\’t have much time to think about what to write because I\’m too preoccupied. Well, it\’s good that I can be more relaxed now… I blog more now that I\’ve got a broadband already. Geeeez…. I can\’t believe I\’m ranting after a long period of absense. :(

It\’s already late… I have to sleep now because tomorrow Im going to met Dave to arrange some company matters. :) Hopefully everything goes easy tomorrow.

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It’s Been A While

It\’s been a while since I posted in my blog because I\’ve been super busy with my career that I had no more time to post my thoughts in this blog.

It\’s really hard when you are young and you want to do almost everything. You are split between different tasks that you don\’t even know how to start with or how to deal with.

I was away for 3 months so don\’t be surprised if you stumbled bugs in this blog or if you didn\’t see any new content at all. I have to do some backlogs to catchup now. During this period I\’ll install different hacks in my blog. Btw, if you haven\’t noticed this, my blog was already upgraded from WP 1.2 to WP 1.5. I\’m very glad that the spambot screening was improved in this version because I had bad experience with those spambots before. >_< When I was away, my blog was infested with lots of spam comments which made me really irritated. Thankfully, WP 1.5 is already released and my blog is now protected from this spambots. For more security, I added an anti-spam image code so only real human can post comments.

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