Motivating Myself for This Term Exam

It\’s crap… CRAP.

I don\’t have the motivation to study because my professors aren\’t that good this school term. (I won\’t drop any names, ok?) :roll:

Firstly, my prof in one of science subject is a [email protected]#$ing old lady who does not teach half as effective as the other professors. She rather spit whatever is in the book and does not pace her lesson plan well. Most of the times I find my class boring and our activities insipid… there are lots of senseless exercises. I bet even elementary students can make a perfect score out of her daily quizzes. In other words she\’s very lenient that\’s why I pity myself she became my prof. Worse, she\’s also my professor in Philippine Goverment and Constitution! w00t! I really want to commend my classmates because even if we don\’t have a good experience with our professor, at least, we had a good experience together. The debates and issues tackled inside our classrooms are all awe-inspiring.

Secondly, I don\’t have a problem with the prof in another science subject… she\’s okay and she does not require too much from us. However when it comes to her teaching styles, she really lacks what it makes to be a good professor. She easily gets distracted and because of that, most of her lessons are disoriented and not cohesive. She would give us quizzes with topics not discussed properly and would not give any hints… she\’s either a devil in disguise or she just don\’t know how to give any consideration at all. I feel very unlucky. I envy my friends who are fortunately not in her class. :neutral:

Lastly, because out of four subjects, three of them are handled by \”not-so-good\” profs, I guess it sums up that whatever I do this term, it will only bring disappointment to my grades. But I hope not!

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Short Mild Earthquake

Wow… I felt a very short mild earthquake… that was 3:11 AM on my PC clock :shock: My PC table was shaking a few minutes ago… and I thought it\’s just me. I called my mom and confirmed it WAS an earthquake. Thanks God it\’s only mild.

Ok, I heard this officially on the radio: The origin of the earthquake is tectonic and the epicenter was the fault line that moved in Mindoro, originally part of the Manila Trench (magnitude 6.5). The intensity of the earthquake ranges from 3 – 4 Richter in Metro Manila. :eek: imagine that. :shock:

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Just Forget It

I thought exams and projects are the worst times in my life (so far)… but this morning, pass 12 midnight I felt so exhausted, tired and sick of running community that I just want to stop running it. This is the breaking point. I hate hypocrites. :sad:

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Dear… (oh dear!)

Wed, 8 Sep 2004 16:26:31 +0800

Dear sir,

Thank you for your email. We would like to apologize for the delay in the processing of your DSL application. Based on the latest feedback we received from our Central Office, several technical configurations are still needed from our end to activate the DSL service in your area. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any particular date yet as to when will this be completed. Nevertheless, your application remains to be active in our files and the moment the said configurations can already be implemented, we shall put your application into our priority list for DSL installation.

We will keep you posted on further developments.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused you. Rest assured that PLDT is doing its best to continuously find ways to serve you better. Thank you.



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Troll Madness

Since I was exposed to the internet, I was very interested in community forums. I have joined different board with themes starting from animes to movies, computers to teen-talks and back. I have learned so much from, one of the most active anime community back in 2000. It is rule of thumb not to let forum members flame each other; otherwise, the community will be in total chaos. I remember back then two factions emerged in the forums and the admin (Tom) couldn\’t handle the pressure from different parties. That\’s the version I know, but even if the details I know are incomplete, I know he closed because of personal and online community problems. is now just a history…

It all started with trolls picking and flaming others. A lot of bashing was happening back then but I stepped aside and didn\’t side with any group. Sometimes it\’s cool to be neutral. :)

After years of troll-free posting in forums, yesterday in one of the forums that I administer, a troll claimed that I don\’t know proper netiquette. :neutral: and that I was rude when in fact I was only asking a question on my previous reply to the original question. The question is \”What\’s your point\”. :neutral: It\’s very common in everyday English language. In other words, \”What do you really mean\” or \”Can you highlight your subject\”. It was misinterpreted by a troll in my forum and he reacted violently by posting a page of insulting words addressed to me. I was stupefied. People are getting too sensitive, harsh and rather unintelligent because they put themselves in a very shameful position. I pity them. As long as my conscience is clean, I have nothing to explain about. I can simply ban them from the forums whenever I like because they are breaking several rules already. After all, trolls are better left out of our online community.

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It Seems…

Ok, it seems that I have gotten 100 points in our Math quiz but then my answers were corrected and from 100, my points sank down to 80. :neutral: @#$%! It\’s all ready a perfect score but I lost it! WHAT THE… :mad:

Ok, calm down, calm down.. it\’s okay, it\’s alright. :D

I have to concentrate on our Logic Circuit project until tomorrow because we have to finish the circuit by this week. It\’s quite funny because from what I have observed we are the only group in our class that has a complete diagrammatic sketch of 555 [0-999] counter. It\’s not really easy because we have to complete the circuit ourselves (no professional help or mentoring at all)… and I put tremendous effort researching it even if it is not completely prepared. Of course we haven\’t tested the circuit yet so that\’s what we\’re going to do tomorrow…. I hope we\’ll be successful. :???:

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No Lab Today

We don\’t have Circuit Logic Lab today.. so I\’m here… wasting some time with my computer. :???: Quite boring.

By the way, the book I ordered from arrived today. I only flipped through the pages because I have no time to read the entire book yet. It\’s not thick at all but I hope it\’s packed with a lot of information. I can finish it in one sitting so I hope I get what I paid for. :)

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