Google Search Education Makes You a Better Googler (Part 1)

Google Search Education

If you have used Google a lot, you might be seasoned enough to know how to get the best search results but even if you are using Google for a very long time you might be using the wrong approach in your searches.

I have participated in the first Power Searching class with Google Search Education. It is the first of its kind combining online classes with Google+ hang out activities and forums to have interactive search education. If you happen to participate on early registration last month, you probably got a certificate. However, even without a certificate this is worth your time.

I have taken down notes and summarized the entire curriculum. Now, read on.

Learn the Basics of Google Search

Class 1 talks about how filtering image searches by color, how Google search works and the art of keyword choices.

Searching images is an easy task but if there are many options available it gets a little challenging. Color gives you filtering options that you may not find in the text associated with the image. It gives you information only available to the eye. For example, if you are searching for old photographs, you may want to use black and white so that only old photos will appear.

The art of keyword choices can be learned and you just need is:

  1. think what you are trying to find,
  2. choose words that you think will appear on the page and…
  3. put yourself in the mindset of the author of those words.
The words you use will influence the kinds of results  you will get from search. This is might be common sense  but some people don\’t alter the search term a little bit to get what they are looking for.
In the example given by Google, notice how you can get the best search results by changing a simple phrase.

Bad: What was the old city in san francisco bay called?

Better:  old city san francisco bay

Best: ghost town san francisco bay


The best option is to use an  alternative term for old city, which is \”ghost town\”, giving you a precise target on old towns and cities. Also note that you have to get rid of unimportant words that doesn\’t help with the search at all.

Word Order Matters

Every word matters in your query and even the word order matters for common phrases. For example, try searching for sky blue and blue sky. You\’ll get very different results.


What does not matter in Google searches

  • Capitalization
  • Most special characters: § ¶ ¥ £ € © ® ≅ ≠ √
  • With a few exceptions like C++. C#. #hashtag, Google+, $100

Control-F / Command-F

Find functionality is in your browser and it helps speed up in finding what you want to search from a particular web page. This is kind of surprising but according to Google, only 10% of all searches knew about using CTRL+F or Command+F.

That\’s the end of class 1. Now for class 2, the main subject is interpreting results.

Using search result suggestion

There are several ways in which Google search results can help you suggest what you are trying to find.

Panels on the right hand side

The results here are often taken from from Wikipedia.

With the addition of Google Knowledge Graph, the right panel helps you provide answer. Google is now able to identify entities and it knows the nodes and relationships of different information. It is very useful for a very popular entity. Google compiles information about persons, animals, books, movies, etc


It a great way to sense the kind of things other people have been looking for. Sometimes the suggestions in autocomplete can help you get unstuck as you search, or get new ideas about how to approach finding something you want.


It works in tandem  with autocomplete search. Search-as-you-type gives you search results without you needing to figure out a whole query.

Related searches

For me, this is very useful in searching because it can give you a different approach in finding what you are trying to find.

Thinking more deeply about your search

Another method to build more targeted queries is to learn new, more precise terms to describe what you seek. Often, these terms show up somewhere in your search results, and if you are attuned to noticing them, you can use them to help you find information faster.

For example if you are looking for [immigrate send money home]

You may notice the word remittance.


You can use dictionary in Google using the syntax below:

define [word]


Understanding Different Media

When you do search in Google, you are not only confined with the classic text search. You can explore different modes in Google  searches: images, videos, shopping, etc.

Sometimes the best answers is in images so when suggestions comes up for that, go check it out. If you are looking for how-to instructions a video instruction might be the best reference you are looking for instead of images. If you are looking for the price of a gadget, look for shopping. If you are looking for scholarly materials for research papers and thesis, use Google Scholar.

Sometimes, using other Google products such as Google Maps can help you plan your travel by utilizing street view.

All these are available at the left panel.

Reading Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

Using Page Preview

Apart from skimming the results, you can use this to check what can be found inside the webpage from search engine result pages.  Instead of visiting each links you can hover the guillemets  or the sideway chevron when you hover at the search result block.


Understanding Individual Search Result

I\’ve mentioned result block awhile ago. So do you know the parts of a search block?

Here it is:


Page title is in blue, web address is green and snippet in black.

Take note that the snippet is generated by Google algorithm and it could contain different part of the page content. You have to watch out for the ellipsis because it means that other text before or after it are truncated.

If you are searching a relatively large website, a box right below in the SERP will appear. In essence it gives you the option to search right within the site.  It is similar to using  the site: operator to restrict results to a domain, website or directory.

Using the entire results page

Sometimes you are presented with contradicting information so you must understand what you are looking for first before jumping to a conclusion. Like if you are searching for different types of cats. There are several organizations that categorizes cats so the exact number of breeds would vary for each organization. If you do not try to understand this first, you will be confused why there are different count for cat breeds on your search results.

Different kinds of content

Previously, we looked at different media available through Google such as images, videos, news, etc. There are more such as blogs, discussions, recipes, patents, books, 3D models, and legal documents.

Take note that the left panel does not appear on tablet computers (iPads and Android devices).

That concludes class 2. Class 3 covers advance techniques using operators.

Advanced Techniques using operators

Here are the different operators that you can use in Google


The site: operator restricts the searches on a particular website or web page.

filetype: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, txt, csv, dat, kml

If you are interested on a specific filetype, you can use the filetype operator to get only filetypes you are interested.

minus operator removes search results we are not interested in.

Original query:
[ salsa ]

To remove “salsa as dancing” we use:
[ salsa –dancing ]

To remove the vegetable too:
[ salsa –dancing –tomatoes ]

OR and quotes

Use quotes to do phrase search and use OR if you want to combine ideas together, like if you are searching with synonymous words.

Take note: you must use OR in all capital letters. Otherwise it will not work.

1. OR is all capital letters
Effective: [uk OR england]
Ineffective: [uk Or england]
Ineffective: [uk or england]

2. OR acts on the words touching it
Effective: [“tesla coil” OR “jacobs ladder”]
Ineffective: [tesla coil OR jacobs ladder]
Generally, OR only applies to the words directly on either side of it, so search engines read [tesla coil OR jacobs ladder] with the OR only applying to coil and jacobs.
Google interprets this query to mean that you want all the pages to have the words tesla and ladder, since they are not next to an OR. Only putting the two names in quotes, you make the OR apply to tesla coil and jacobs ladder as set phrases.


It allows you to find pages that have a specific word in the body of the text somewhere–it forces inclusion on the page.

When you search for multiple terms on it, some terms my drop out because they are not frequent enough. If you want to force the inclusion of that word on the page, you use intext.


[coral bleaching intext:geophysics]

If you  need more advance search options, you can always use the advance search (gear menu) found at upper right side.


That\’s the summary of classes 1 to 3 of Power Search course by Google Search Education. I will cover classes 4 to 6 on my next post.

Read part 2 here: Google Search Education Makes You a Better Googler (Part 2)


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OS X Mountain Lion Resources for Apple Newcomers


OS X Mountain Lion

It is a great week for Apple. The ninth major release of OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8) was finally made available in Apple App Store on July 25, 2012. It has many features inspired from iOS including notifications, game center, iMessage, Twitter and Facebook integration,  familiar applications such as Reminders and Notes, and  more than 200 other new features.

Those who recently ditched Windows for an Apple MacBook or iMac should be really excited to experience the best OS X experience Apple can give to date.

I gathered the resources that I think should be of great use to any beginners out there as well as seasoned OS X users who wants to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion.



If you bought a new machine recently pre-installed with OS X 10.7 Lion, you can get Mountain Lion for under $20. I wish every OS upgrade would be as cheap as this. Seriously there\’s no way you can complain for that price.

Make sure you read the pre-requisites from Apple website.

Your Mac must be one of the following models:

  • iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
  • Xserve (Early 2009)

Wonder why older machines are not supported? It appears to be the graphics drivers so if you think of getting a second-hand Mac, take note of the hardware limitation.

Make sure you have Lion or the latest version of Snow Leopard before you download OS X Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store.

Free Upgrade

You can save yourself $20 if you purchased your Mac from Apple, an Apple Authorized Reseller or an Apple Certified Refurbished computer after June 11, 2012. Check the details here.

Software Compatibility

You can check App Compatibility Table by RoaringApps for the list of applications that works with OS X Mountain Lion. It is important to check this so that you you won\’t be surprised when some of your old programs do not work properly after the upgrade.

New Installation

If you want a clean fresh install of OS X Mountain Lion, you will need to burn the installer to a DVD or a bootable USB drive.

You can install your copy to as many Macs as you want as long as your machines share the same Apple ID. Now, if you have another Mac that doesn\’t share the same Apple ID you can use a work-around to add a new Admin account on that machine and use it to login using the same Apple ID you use to buy Mountain Lion.

Install Best Mac Apps


There are some good apps that comes pre-installed in OS X but you definitely need more apps. You can find here the best 100+ Mac applications for all your needs. Some of them are linked to Mac App Store.

Setup iMessage, tweak some settings to get the most of the new Mountain Lion featuresget rid of some annoyances, add OS X Server if you wish.

Book Reference


OS X Mountain Lion, The Missing Manual covers OS X 10.8 and iCloud. It is perfect for newcomers because you can get crystal-clear, jargon-free introduction to OS X and then you can go in-depth with new key features such as Messages, Reminders, Notification Center, Gatekeeper, AirPlay Mirroring, Share Sheets, and more.


OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide is a handy guide with all the details you need to know on OS X system preferences, built-in applications, utilities, and other features. It can be a great resource for problem-solving and troubleshooting on the fly.

Further readings

If you wish to read a detailed review, I recommend you read this very long Ars Technica article about OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion review. If you want to read something shorter perhaps this review from The Verge will do. Both articles will give you a taste of what OS X Mountain Lion can do.

For any PC owners out there, you may want to try creating your own Hackintosh. Tech Erra has  a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to run OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on a PC. Of course, nothing beats having your own authentic Mac.

What else are you waiting for? Dive in, read these resources, and let me know if I missed any important resource here.


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I\’ve discovered 2-3 years ago. I remember being fascinated by it….for about 3 minutes. And then never returning to it ever again. Why?

What is

If you already know, you can skip this section.

From their About page, they say that is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.

How Does It Work?

Really, really easy.

You sign in with Twitter and click to create your own newspaper. Amazing! AMAZING! Technology.

If this technology existed in the 90s, it would have put NewYorkTimes (and all other newspaper-y blogs) our of business.

How It\’s Used

People usually use it as a self-promotional tool. This is natural, of course. Humans ARE Attention-seeking animals.

I have never, EVER, clicked on someone\’s link to check out what they\’ve \”curated\”. I will explain why in a minute.

How It Should Be Used

I think it would be way more effective if you shined a spotlight on someone else, and hyper-focused it on one subject.

For example, a god way to generate your own is to include people who are authorities in a particular subject. Pulling all of their work into your paper on weekly basis might come in kinda handy.

Why It Doesn\’t Work

The thing is, no matter what you do, it\’s not going to result in any tangible benefit, and here\’s why.

The people you\’ve included in your paper are not going to feel thankful and reciprocate simple because it takes no effort what-so-ever for you to feature them in your paper.

Potential readers are not going to read it because:

  1. They also know it took no work what-so-ever to generate this page
  2. Since it\’s SO EASY to generate your own paper, if they want to keep an eye on certain folks, they can just create the paper of their own

Humans are willing to pay more money for hand-made products rather than mass-produced ones. Because we understand, deep down inside, that one is worth more than the other not because it\’s better necessarily, but because it took longer to produce.

How To Fix It

Make it harder.

There\’s an apocryphal tale of Betty Crocker\’s initial failure (in the early 1950s) to appeal to housewives because it provided a ready-made cake mix with everything you need to make your family a delicious cake.

This marketing campaign, which focused on the easy of use, failed miserably.

The sales were sluggish, and the appeal of the product was abysmal.

So, General Mills -the company behind the Betty Crocker brand- put a psychologist to work who came back with an idea. Make it harder, he said.

Remove the egg-mix from the box and have housewives add eggs themselves. This will make them feel like they are part of the process and that they had higher degree of involvement with the baking process.

The theory goes — and it turned out to be correct- that if Betty Crocker does all the work, then she gets all the credit. But if the housewife adds the egg, then that tiny, little small step allows her to see her self as a crucial player in the cake-baking process.

Therefore the satisfaction the family gets from eating the delicious cake goes to the wife, not to Betty Crocker.

Sure enough. Betty Crocker removed the egg-mix, and launched a new marketing campaign focused on the pivotal role of the matriarch in the cake-baking process.

Note the focus on the \”homemade goodness\”, and \”YOU add the eggs\”.

Find Yer Egg

I think needs to find its egg.

Maybe they pull the free version and make it unavailable to all. Turn their technology into a WordPress premium plugin and sell it to businesses who are dying for a good curation-solution.

It has the be a plugin because I want the curated content on my blog, not on And no, embedding on my blog is not enough.

I admire the fact that they developed this technology and they have stuck with their basic model from the get go. I think the basic model is hurting them now.

They need to make it more exclusive. Customer focused (instead of focused which is currently the case), and they need to find their egg.

Too Easy

I\’ve said it before, and I\’ll say it again. Making things too easy can backfire.

Here\’s a 2 part question gor you.

  • How can you make things more difficult for your customer whilst improving their experience?
  • How can do the same?

Dino Dogan

Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery.
Twitter: dino_dogan

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New YouTube Dashboard Unveiled

This guest post about the new YouTube Dashboard is re-blogged from Paul Wolfe

New YouTube Dashboard

So I was just prepping a tutorial on Playlists for my upcoming course The Content Marketers Video Playbook.  And I noticed this in my Video Manager:


So the fact that it had \’New\’ plastered next to it, and the fact that I\’d never heard of a \’Dashboard\’ made me automatically click on it.

Introducing The Dashboard

So here\’s what the dashboard looks like:


So what you get is a convenient page where you can:

  • check out your Video views
  • check out your latest comments and answer them
  • check out your latest analytics
  • plus the What\’s New section tells you about new features and the like.

So if you\’re a YouTube kind of a guy or gal, then go to your video dashboard and check out your new Dashboard!

YouTube Is Constantly Updating Its Look And Features

Youtube is constantly changing things up – it\’s changed more in the last 6 months than the previous 6 years.  (OK, maybe that\’s a little exaggeration, but you get the point).

I\’ll be keeping you updated on all that\’s new with the \’Toob as soon as I see it!


Paul Wolfe

Content Marketing. Blogging. Writing. eBooks. Deliberate Practice. Video Marketing.

Twitter: Paul_Wolfe

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iGoogle Alternatives – Find a New Start Page Before Google Shutdowns iGoogle in 2013

It\’s a sad day for iGooglers because Google is going to axe iGoogle in November 1, 2013. Google gave  iGooglers 16 months to move on and find a new start page. There are only few worthy iGoogle alternatives left in 2012 unlike 5 years ago.


I still remember between 2005 and 2007 — these AJAX start pages keep on popping up like wild mushrooms and I know there will come a point that the bubble will burst. The decline seemed gradual as more mobile devices replaced desktop.

Google wants to focus on Chrome and Android platform in giving personalized information or dashboard and I agree with Google that today\’s web and mobile apps gives you more personalized real-time information at your fingertips and you don\’t need to look at your start page most of the time, or it totally replaced the need for start pages or home pages. This is the reason I predominantly use Android — widgets.  However, for the majority who are still using desktop as their primary tool in getting things done, there is still room for iGoogle alternatives.

iGoogle Alternatives

The following are some  iGoogle Alternatives that is worth reviewing if you are coming from iGoogle.



From (re)mix everything to dashboard everything, Netvibes remains my number favorite in start page / personal dashboard website. In fact I have been using Netvibes since 2005 and it remains my top choice in this category.

There are many things that make Netvibes unique from all other start pages because it supports  premium features for dashboard intelligence. It gives you tools for collaboration, curation, sentiments analysis and analytics. I think they coined the term \”dashboard intelligence\”  to position their service along business intelligence. With real-time monitoring it can be used for brand monitoring, e-reputation management, product marketing, community portals and just about everything where you want to use dashboard.



Protopage is a decent iGoogle alternative based in London, UK. It still has a beta feel to it even though it\’s about 7 years old now. You can say that it has survived the test of time and still thriving.

If you are looking for widgets and feed aggregation, Protopage got it all.



MyYahoo is the only remaining portal/start page coming from a major media and internet company. Microsoft already closed Live ( way back in March 2010. iGoogle will follow soon in November 2013. If you are using Yahoo services, it is still a great alternative to iGoogle but you are limited with Yahoo services  only.

Some of the lesser known alternatives are and

The Start Pages Deadpool

Wonder what happened to other start pages? They are dead.

  • Eskobo
  • Goowy
  • Live (
  • Pageflakes
  • Zoozio

Pageflakes is one of the promising competitor out there but due to several outages, lagging behind competition and stale product development, it was discontinued on January 2012.

I am sure more AJAX start pages will join the graveyard soon but iGoogle will join the party sooner.


I think iGoogle should have been transformed into a new product or service. With the explosion of big data and the increase number of new media, there is still a need for a place or dashboard to aggregate these pieces and chunk of information. By filtering the noise and giving options customization it could serve as a personal dashboard.

Maybe Google has a bigger plan. Who knows?

What\’s your thought about this? Is start pages and personal dashboard dead?

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Integrate Your Cloud Apps in One Activity Stream with Hojoki

Hojoki Review


I have used Hojoki during its private beta period but now it\’s already in public beta so you can sign up and try it yourself. My first reaction is that it has a weird name. Well… not really, I know its Japanese but I learned more about on Hojoki\’s about page. The name originated from a popular Japanese book which revolutionized how people thought about the flow of life way back in 1212. Hojoki aims to revolutionize how people think about the flow of work.

Take note that Hojoki is still work in progress. When I was testing it, some of the features are not yet perfect. For example, some of the connections to 3rd party apps may not work. This is expected because it is still in beta but quality of apps integration should be better after beta. Due to a number of API Hojoki has to support I can\’t imagine how they are going to keep all those apps working 100%.

You can experiment on how you may use it. On my experience, Hojoki could be a great tool to aggregate all your online content (like a back-up) where you can search your tweets, bookmarks and files in one place. If you have a team of bloggers working on an article, setting up a Workplace where you can share references could be a better way to collaborate on real-time.

Think Hojoki as a FriendFeed for your cloud apps and you can imagine fun ways to use it.

Hojoki Features

Hojoki make all your cloud apps work as one and by that it means that you get one fee of all your productivity apps and other social apps. It gives you a central hub to see what\’s happening on these apps so you could monitor everything in one place. It saves you time by eliminating the need to manage different tabs. You can create several workplaces where you can discuss everything happening on that workplace. For example, a developer workplace may include Pivotal Tracker, Github and Basecamp. If you are managing a project, you can easily glance on the activity streams and get a general idea on what\’s happening with the development without looking at different web apps. In a way, you get to monitor all their activities without even spying them.

Business owners can also use Hojoki to discuss work and manage files to keep your team members well-informed. A business workplace in Hojoki would likely have Google Drive for online documents, Dropbox for file-sharing , Ta-da Lists for to-do or task management, and Google Calendar for event scheduling. These are just a few examples of different apps that you can connect in Hojoki that you integrate to work as one.

Furthermore, Hojoki can give you updates. Several apps provide direct link to shared content. You can see who shared it, what was shared and when. I\’m not sure if Hojoki will also support location-based services in the future to support where.

Collaboration is made possible on the activity streams. You can assign an application to a workspace and you can further define what can be shared to these workspaces. For example, you can define a shared folder for Dropbox that you wish to share to your Hojoki workspace. Only the updates on your shared folder will appear on that workspace. When you add files on your private folders, they will not appear in Hojoki.

Tagging and mentions are also supported; You can use them to filter content and drill down to specific items.

Supported Apps


At the moment there are 20 supported apps in Hojoki:

  • Basecamp
  • Basecamp classic
  • Beanstalk
  • Box
  • CloudApp
  • Delicious
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Github
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Drive and Docs
  • Google Reader
  • Highrise
  • Mendeley
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Ta-da Lists
  • Twitter
  • Zendesk

And to make it better, future support for these web apps are planned:

  • Lighthouse
  • Skydrive
  • Trello
  • Yammer

Mobile Apps

Hojoki is also available in iOS and Android.

Martin Böhringer, Co-Founder & CEO of Hojoki, shared in Quora that the mobile apps reuses parts of the web app which are entirely built using JavaScript and HTML5 code then they use to convert them into native iOS and Android apps.

As you can see, both iOS and Android version are virtually the same.

I find the mobile app quite limited in functionality. You can only refresh the activity streams, connect apps and reply the shared items but you can\’t search. It\’s great for knowing what is happening and reply to current updates but you can\’t do much with the mobile app now. I hope they include more features found in the web app to the mobile app.


Hojoki Alternatives / Competition

Cloud aggregation is getting momentum because there are so many things you can on the web and keeping your files in one place is almost impossible to do now that we are almost living in the cloud. It only takes another app to make all these data source connected and linked together to make it more manageable.

Hojoki is doing something more than just aggregating data. It is giving users a new way to work with cloud apps but several apps like and are doing almost the same thing. So far Hojoki is leading with the most number of supported applications and appears to be the most popular.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I would like to see more up-coming cloud apps to be integrated with Hojoki. I fancy that Hojoki would support moving or copying files from one source to another but Hojoki can only \”broadcast\” activities now. You can\’t manage the files that you are working on connected cloud apps yet.  Some services actually do this already so the talented team in Hojoki might as well do the same in the future. It seems that the focus now is to support more web apps. If they plan to add more  management features, it could be a killer-app for everyone.

It\’s good to know that Hojoki will always have a free version. I hope the freemium business model  will work for them and I look forward to see better ways to manage cloud apps using services like Hojoki.

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Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R Stylus for iPad and Tablets


When I saw Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R at first I thought you can assign different colors on your iPad for each stylus because the video ads (as seen below) shows different stylus color for different digital pen color. It is a bit misleading though. It can also do what your finger can do on  a flat surface; only better.

\”Color your rainbow with refills\” is a little vague as a marketing slogan but It could only mean you can replace the tip of the stylus and you can choose different colors from different body colors available. It\’s really just a stylus that comes in different colors and you can color your rainbow with matching colored stylus tip. I\’m not sure what inspired \”color your rainbow\” thing because the choice of stylus colors are not ROYGBIV colors at all from the website.  It comes in pink, purple, sky blue,  brown, yellow-green, white and black. However, the other images from the marketing materials that I got tells me otherwise so maybe there are more colors available. You can also buy 10  colorful tip refill in different rainbow colors instead of the standard black stylus tip.

What you will get in Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R are 2 extra replaceable stylus tips so it\’s like buying 3 stylus in one package. You can even buy refills if you need more replacements. You will get 1 stylus body with triangular prism body shape for easy grip. It\’s great for children learning to write.

This is a great stylus and one of the very few stylus that offers tip replacement. Instead of buying a new stylus when the tip is worn out, you just buy a new refill.  Refer to the press release below for more information about the availability in the local market.


O!tool Stylus-R, Colors Your Rainbow with Refills

Enjoy drawing on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with Ozaki’s O!tool Stylus-R. The new replaceable tips design will help you create your idea and splash colors into your life.

Having a hard time to control your conventional stylus? OZAKI understands your concerns, and that is why they designed the O!tool Stylus-R with a triangular prism shape. Its unique design can help you manipulate the stylus more easily, drawing ideas as you want. Worrying about kids who like to damage stylus while drawing? Don’t fret as it has a durable replaceable refill tips to extend the life of the stylus and provide an excellent experience for drawing and writing.

According to research, traditional stylus users usually purchase a whole new stylus within half year because of the fast degradation of the stylus’ tip. Although the other parts of the stylus are still new, users still have to throw their stylus away. That is why Ozaki, a company with a mission to create products that have the least amount of impact on the environment, came up with O!tool Stylus-R and refills package. Now, users only need to change the tip, and then they can have a brand-new-like stylus gliding extremely smoothly on their iOS devices.

Unlike other conventional styluses, O!tool Stylus-R comes with 10-color matches just like your crayon, so that you can color your rainbow with the beautiful color matches. Furthermore, you can purchase additional refill tips package in your favorite colors. With O!tool Stylus-R, you will find that drawing and writing could be so enjoyable.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Smoother and more accurate tip
  • Up to 10-color choices
  • Buy 1 get 3 replaceable tips
  • Triangular prism shape design for easy and full control
  • Lightweight

OZAKI O!tool Stylus-R retails at Php 995. Ozaki is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more inquiries, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

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