Leveraging Virtual Offices Technology to Test a New Market Location


This guest post is by Gerard Harris of  Servcorp UK.

When it comes to building a business to take on international growth, virtual offices technology has a lot of potential as a flexible approach to globalisation. However, as with any technology application, it’s how you use it that will decide its success. A big factor in how you leverage the technology available through virtual office packages is what you want to use the technology for. If you’re looking to test the potential of entering a new market you would use the technology in a subtly different way to how you’d use it to manage a network of global location.

If you’re new to international expansion, you might want to test the water before jumping in with both feet. Virtual office technology gives you the opportunity to have a local telephone number and address in your target country as standard, whether you’re looking at London, New York, Sydney or Dubai. However, providers with more advanced technology can also allow you to coordinate your international activity through virtual receptionist capabilities all controlled through an online portal. This gives companies the ability to change call answering options with much greater flexibility.

It’s also good to try to find a technology provider with professional, multilingual receptionists to give your new venture the added distinction needed to succeed in international expansion.
Online portals also allow you to access voicemail services easily for target operations, as well as setting up and coordinating fax to email instructions to ensure that new business opportunities in your target country are managed professionally and don’t slip through the net. The last thing you want is for an important call out of office hours or a signed contract fax to be overlooked, so having the ability to control elements like this will help you to be more responsive to business opportunities as they arise.

If you’re testing a market for international expansion through virtual office technology, it’s important to consider the implications of having face to face meetings in-country, as well as being able to work from a comfortable business location during scoping visits. Ideally, both of these activities will be delivered by your virtual office provider making it easy to join up all of your market entry activity through one organisation. There are a good number of companies that have physical locations in-country to give you access to boardrooms for larger meetings, smaller meeting rooms and flexible workspace to base yourself during time in your target location.

This guest blog was written by Gerard Harris, who works with Servcorp UK, specialists in virtual offices London.

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Top 14 Social Media Apps for Smartphones

This guest post is by Spencer Hogg of Broadband Expert.

Social networking has taken the world by storm and the combination of smart phones plus mobile broadband deals has made it easier than ever to stay in touch. The following list highlights the top apps and their platform availability.

Social Media Apps for Smartphones


Facebook\’s app is available on nearly all smart phones and is free of charge. The app allows for updating status, uploading pictures and sending messages, making it simple to keep up with friends and family while on the go.


Of the many clients available for Twitter, the official app is still the most used. It has all the features of Twitter and is also offered free for all platforms.


Skype broke new ground with its desktop VoIP client and has now expanded into mobile territory. Using either a Wi-Fi network or 3G, this free app provides video or voice calling.


Yelp started out as a review site and is now more convenient as a free mobile app. Also available in the UK, it offers the ability to create instant reviews and ratings.


This app innovatively allows the exchange of information, photos and contacts by bumping two smartphones together. It is an excellent tool for networking and is free for the iPhone and Android.


The iPhone\’s popular Visual Voicemail migrates to the Android with this free app and simplifies access by eliminating tiresome menus.


Much like Skype, Fring brings VoIP to the iPhone and Android platforms, with the added bonus of popular IM networks, such as MSN and Yahoo. This app is free and goes well with mobile broadband deals.

\"What\'sWhat\’s App

An easy way to stay in touch and save money while traveling, this app allows for the exchange of SMS messages, including those with pictures. For all platforms, it costs a low $.99 US and £.59 UK.


A free IM app that is extremely easy to use, it also connects with Facebook chat, available on all platforms.


Designed for those frustrated with small mobile keyboards, the free Swiftkey app predicts commonly used words for Android users.


Designed specifically for Blackberry phones, this free Twitter app intelligently organizes timelines, notifications and unread messages.


This Twitter app is built for the iPhone and is one of the few that allows multiple account management. It also offers push notifications. The cost is $1.99 US and £1.79 UK, with a free Lite version that has fewer features.


Seesmic is best known for its desktop Twitter client, which is now available as a free app for the Android platform. It offers management for multiple accounts, as well as posting to all accounts at the same time. It also utilizes Oauth, which is a much more secure way of using Twitter.


This interesting and free app for Symbian allows for management of Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. It also gives access to weather, sports and news all within the app. This is a battery saver, as the user does not need to keep switching apps.

No matter what platform a smart phone is using, there are many apps available for the savvy social media user. The addition of mobile broadband deals makes smart phone plus social media even more attractive.


Article written by Spencer Hogg from Broadband Expert where mobile broadband deals can be found.

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