Video Hosting Battlegrounds

This guest post is written by Ruben Corbo from Broadband Expert.

With the prevalence of the Internet in every household, mostly in the form of high speed broadband, content delivery has changed. Video in particular is streamed all over the web. Between broadband and the widespread use of Adobe\’s Flash Player, there are a number of services available for streaming, sharing and watching Flash videos.

The popularity that video sharing enjoys has created stiff competition on the web. It\’s a potentially lucrative slice of the web media pie, and everyone wants a bite. Though many services have come and gone, three in particular have taken positions as leaders in the field. These three are YouTube, Vimeo, and Oculu. Each has their pros and cons, and seem poised to fight on the Internet video hosting battleground.

YouTube is one of the first and largest video streaming sites to hit the web. It\’s well known and is often the go-to site of choice for users. It has a gigantic community that allows any video uploaded the potential to find a massive audience. Free users can upload unlimited videos in high-definition, up to 1 gigabyte in size. While that will make some Internet service providers choke, today\’s broadband can handle it.

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YouTube has its critics, however. Because the site is so old and so large, there\’s a virtual flood of videos and it\’s harder for any one to reach the public eye and gain popularity without outside help. Low quality and small videos suffer from compression artifacts that distort it, sometimes to unwatchable levels. YouTube also watermarks their videos. On top of all that, YouTube limits the length of videos that can be posted.

Vimeo became the main YouTube competitor because of exactly these criticisms. Vimeo offers higher quality video playback, without the compression issues YouTube suffers from. It doesn\’t watermark anything and it\’s video player itself is small and unobtrusive. More and more it\’s become the site of choice for independent filmmakers, and you can often find indy work hosted there.

Vimeo is not without its restrictions. Free users are limited to only 500 megs of uploads per week, with only one of them in HD. Anything more requires an upgraded account, which comes at the high fee of $60 a year. Vimeo\’s community is also much smaller, and comes with a lower number of hits on a video than YouTube might accumulate. On top of that, Vimeo doesn\’t allow promotional video, commercials or other content designed to sell. (See notes below)

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The battle between Vimeo and YouTube is what spawned the third competitor, Oculu. Oculu offers much more than simple video hosting for those whose Internet service providers allow it. It\’s more for professional users than the average person. It offers the high quality video of Vimeo, without the restrictions on promotional content. The only restriction on Oculu\’s video content is no pornography — a limitation shared by YouTube and Vimeo.

Oculu offers much more. They have multiple options for playback, no-advertising hosting, and real human customer support. Search engine optimization isn\’t limited to video tags. You\’re offered detailed video statistics and reports. It even allows you to customize the embedded video player so it matches your website.

That\’s not to say Oculu is the perfect service or the YouTube killer. It doesn\’t offer basic accounts, for one thing. There\’s no free option. To use Oculu, you\’ll have to pay a fee. However, it\’s still the best option when it comes to uploading high quality, high-definition content without the restrictions and limitations imposed by YouTube and Vimeo. Personal choice determines which is right for you, but Oculu is an option.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your wireless internet necessities.

EDITORIAL: As pointed in Twitter, Vimeo is now offering PRO account which lets you promote products or services for $199/year.


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HP ProLiant ML110 G7 – Perfect Server for your Business at Desktop Price

This article is a press release from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


Leverage your start-up business with HP ProLiant ML110 G7

The HP ProLiant ML110 G7 is the perfect first server for growing business. It provides an affordable and functional solution to small/medium businesses that are budget-conscious and who have basic or no in-house IT resources.

With proven ProLiant reliability, support for the latest Intel® Xeon®, Core™ i3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors, an optional redundant power supply (RPS), and two NICs, the ML110 G7 provides the ideal solution for the expanding business. A mix of PCI-Express slots, DIMM slots, drive bays, and server options delivers the expandability needed. Integrated iLO3 remote management drives down the operational costs by reducing the number of physical visits. An HP Smart Start CD enhances the installation process. Optional TPM provides an additional level of security, and a high efficiency power supply is available to further reduce power consumption.

What\’s new

  • Latest Intel Xeon E3 4 core, Core i3 2 core, Pentium and Celeron 2 core processors
  • iLO 3 GLP remote management support
  • HP Smart Start CD
  • Two Intel Hartwell 82574 Gigabit NICs
  • More expandability (four NHP / HP LFF HDDs, eight SFF HDDs, 10 USB ports, four PCIe 2.0 slots)
  • Efficient redundant power supply (RPS)


Proven HP Dependability and Support

  • HP has built a reputation of dependability by conducting some of the most rigorous and thorough testing in the industry
  • ProLiant quality starts with design and is optimized in manufacturing
  • Tireless work on system testing and process control ensures only the most dependable products for the customers
  • Worldwide network of HP trained service professionals

Easy to Expand and Grow with Changing Business Needs

  • This powerful, yet simple platform, provides all the relevant server features in an easy-to-use and easy-to-afford package
  • Growth and adaptability are achieved through 2 NICs, DDR3 memory, HDDs, USB ports and PCI card expandability, and RPS giving the server headroom to grow with your business
  • The modular design of ML110 G7 requires less upfront investment and allows for expandability as needed. All major components are designed to be removed or installed with minimal effort.
  • Companies with remote locations or branch offices can take advantage of the integrated iLO3 remote management to decrease server/company downtime and increase productivity
  • Rack mountable for space saving

A True Server at a Desktop Price

  • The HP ProLiant ML110 G7 server incorporates features for small/medium businesses and remote site locations
  • The focus on design provides a flexible server for low cost expansion
  • Improved processor and memory performance along with the support for efficient power supply reduce overall operational costs
  • iLO3 remote management drives down the cost of managing the servers by reducing visits while decreasing the need for multiple remote management solutions

Proven ProLiant Reliability and Data Protection

  • ECC memory protects businesses from data loss and unplanned system downtime
  • Smart Array options provide businesses RAID mirroring and striping capability to protect critical data
  • iLO3 remote management decreases server downtime
  • Trusted Platform Module provides an option for advance data security with hardware-based encryption and authentication
  • Redundant PSU for more security and essential productivity backup

HP ProLiant ML110 G7 retails at Php 45,500and is available in the Philippines through MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

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MSI-ECS Outwins Competition, Bags 2 HP Distributor Awards

This article is a press release from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


MSI-ECS, the leading IT distributor in the Philippines, came out triumphant when it bagged the 2 much-coveted awards from HP Philippines, namely ESSN (Enterprise Server, Storage and Networking) and ISS (Industry Standard Server) Distributor of the Year in the recently concluded HP ESSN Channel Partner Kick-Off 2012 with the theme “Survivor – Outdo, Outsell, Outsmart” held last February 22 – 24, 2012 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City. The event was attended by HP distributors and partners. MSI-ECS’ Aida Elcano – Product Manager for HP ProLiant Servers and BCS accepted the awards presented by Ryan Guadalquiver – HP Phils. Country Managing Director, Hans Bayaborda – HP Phils. ESSN Country Manager & Suresh Tampi – HP Regional Channels Director, OSEA.

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Malware Spreads like Wild Fire in Syrian Conflict

This article is a press release from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.



A new nasty piece of malware is now being used in the ongoing conflict in Syria, with the ability to take over an infected computer or steal documents from it.

Computer security firm Trend Micro cited reports that the malware, dubbed as DarkComet, is being used against supporters of the Syrian opposition movement.

\”The malware used in the attacks reportedly spreads through Skype chats. Once users execute the malware, it connects to a (command and control) server in Syria … which belongs to an IP range assigned to the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment,\” Trend Micro said in a blog post.

It noted this could be a response to the opposition\’s increasing use of platforms such as Facebook to organize and spread their message.

Other supporters of the regime like the “Syrian Electronic Army” had sought to disrupt the opposition\’s activities by defacing websites and spamming Facebook pages.

Trend Micro said DarkComet is considered a widely available Remote Access Trojan (RAT).

It said DarkComet is a full-featured RAT that has the ability to take pictures via webcam, listen in on conversations via a microphone attached to a PC, and gain full control of the infected machine.

\”But the features attracting most people using this RAT are the keylogging and file transfer functionality. This way, an attacker can load any files onto the infected machine or even steal documents,\” it said.

Removal tool

Trend Micro said DarkComet, created by a coder using the handle DarkCoderSc, is still being developed and version 5 was released last January 15.

\”Since the reports of its use in connection with events in Syria, the author of DarkComet has expressed regret and while he will continue developing the RAT, he plans to make a DarkComet detector/remover available to the Syrian people,\” Trend Micro said.

Infection via Skype chats

Trend Micro said the malware bearing a Facebook icon was reportedly distributed through Skype chats.

One sample, which Trend Micro detects as BKDR_ZAPCHAST.SG, is DarkComet 5.

But another sample obtained by Trend Micro behaves differently, and involves an initial executable, which is detected by Trend Micro as BKDR_BREUT.A.

This drops two executable files, with the first file displayed to the compromised user as a Mac Address Changer tool.

But this appears to be a simple decoy because while this is displayed, the second executable then connects to a server and downloads another file.

\”These developments illustrate that targeted attacks can be conducted with widely available DIY malware tools. These tools possess all the \’complex\’ functionality attackers need to compromise their targets,\” Trend Micro said.

Trend Micro products are distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For product information, pricing and availability, please contact Leo Vallente at +63 2 6883708 or [email protected]

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MSI-ECS Won 5 Prestigious Awards in Acer 5th Annual ePinnacle Awards

Below is a press release from MSI-ECS, Philippine IT distributor 


Every year since 2008, Acer Philippines gathers its distributors and channels to witness its ePinnacle Awards, a night of revelation where distributors and channels get to know its achievements vis-à-vis its competitors. In such a highly-competitive market, previous winners and hopefuls have one year to prove their market dominance. Based on sales performance, marketing strategies and customer support initiatives, this year’s awards were also based on votes gathered from Acer channels. Simply put, ePinnacle awards are not only gauged on sales performance but on customer relationship as well.

In the recently concluded 5th Annual ePinnacle Awards held last February 21, 2012 at the Grand Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Galleria Hotel in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, MSI-ECS has once again proven its leadership when it bagged 5 prestigious awards: Distributor of the Year, Consumer Sales – Notebooks and UMPC; Distributor of the Year, Consumer Sales – Projectors; Most Outstanding Master Authorized Service Partner of the Year; Product Manager of the Year – Consumer Notebooks; and Product Manager of the Year – Projectors. The awards were presented by Acer Philippines’ Mr. Manuel Wong, Country General Manager and Ms. Agnes Espino, Sales & Marketing Director.

MSI-ECS has been an authorized distributor and partner of Acer since 2004. To date, MSI-ECS is distributing the complete line-up of Acer products ranging from: consumer and commercial desktops, consumer and commercial notebooks, monitors, servers, tablets, smartphones, and projectors.

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New Virus on Whitney Houston’s Death Attacks Social Networking Sites

This article is a guest post from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


With the sudden demise of singer Whitney Houston at age 48 yesterday, the online community is once again flooded by countless tweets, Facebook wallposts and online news, as is with every celebrity deaths. And with the massive attention that Houston’s death is generating, cybercriminals are once again taking advantage.

Trend Micro Inc., a global cloud security leader, has uncovered two web threats shortly after the news broke out. According to Talampas, Trend Micro Fraud Analyst, \”The first attack TrendLabs found was a clickjacking on Facebook, and the other one was a suspicious link circulating on Twitter.\” TrendLabs is the global R&D and technical support center of Trend Micro.

On Facebook, the post, which has the subject, \”I Cried watching this video. RIP Whitney Houston.\”, come in the form of a wall post with a link to the supposed video. Once users click on the video, it leads them to a Facebook page that contains a link to the video. However, clicking the said link only leads to several other redirections until users are lead to the usual survey scam site. Upon further investigation on the domains involved, TrendLabs also found 101 more survey scam domains registered on the same IP where the domains are hosted.

On Twitter, Trend Micro has also found tweets with malicious links that also took advantage of the tag RIP Whitney Houston, which was trending worldwide on Twitter. The said tweets contain a link to a supposed particular blog dedicated to Whitney Houston. Users viewing the page are then redirected to another website, even without them having to click on anything. The succeeding page is a site that supposedly features several Whitney Houston wallpapers what the users can download. However, once they decide to download the wallpaper, a pop-up window appears asking the users to download Whitney Houston ringtones. Whatever users choose—whether to leave or stay on the page, they will be redirected to the survey site that asks for mobile numbers.

“Facebook and Twitter are great sites to get the latest news and express your views but we highly encourage users to be wary of whatever they click in there. Celebrity deaths are almost always baits used by cybercriminals to get you,” adds Talampas. Moreover, he advises, “it’s times like these when a beefed security software whose core focus is protecting your online life is key.” .”

Trend MicroTitaniumCloud Edition Maximum Security 2012, the latest security solution from Trend Micro, is based in the cloud and offers robust protection against all malicious threats, no matter how they are delivered, where they try to hide, or what connected device is in use.

A new feature in Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Cloud Edition Maximum Security 2012 is a tool that visually identifies safe and malicious links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The software also offers mobile security for smartphones and tablets, including robust tools for Android devices with Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Android™ Personal Edition and file and folder synchronization and backup through Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ online service.

Trend Micro products are distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For product information, pricing and availability, please contact Leo Vallente at +63 2 6883708 or [email protected]

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Malware Attacks Facebook Profiles this Valentine’s Season

This article is a guest post from MSI-ECS, distributor of Trend Micro products.


As love is already in the air, cybercrooks are hooking in victims with a supposed Valentine\’s Day theme for their Facebook profiles.

Computer security firm Trend Micro said the new attack begins with a post on affected users’ walls inviting other users to install the theme into their profiles.


\”Clicking the Install button on the page will prompt the download of the malicious file, FacebookChrome.crx, which Trend Micro detects as TROJ_FOOKBACE.A. When executed, TROJ_FOOKBACE.A executes a script that is capable of displaying ads from certain websites,\” Trend Micro said in a blog post.

Trend Micro noted the attack works only on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Once the malicious browser extension is installed, it will monitor the users’ browsing activities and redirect their page to a survey page asking them for their mobile number. Users who clicked on the post using Internet Explorer (IE) will be redirected to the same survey, without them being asked to download anything.

Trend Micro said that while there is monitoring of browser activity, TROJ_FOOKBACE.A so far does not seem to have any information theft techniques.

\”It fits the criteria of a clickjacking attack more, where it automatically ‘likes’ several Facebook pages as well as automatically posts a message on the affected user’s wall,\” it said.

Trend Micro protects users from this attack via Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ that detects the malicious file and blocks all related malicious URLs.

Trend Micro products are distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For product information, pricing and availability, please contact +63 2 6883708 or email [email protected]

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